As the government solves the problem of alcoholism in civilization?

As the government solves the problem of alcoholism in a nation?As throughout the modern history of our country, the authorities have tried to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages by our countrymen. To do this, sometimes even taken very positive steps. For example, at the height of the anti-alcohol campaign of the 70s in the USSR even removed from the rental movies or do not allow films to a mass audience, if in the film contained scenes of consumption Spirits. The apogee of this campaign, we can assume that, in the light could not get the picture "Irony of Fate", which, as we all know, the scene of consumption of alcoholic beverages in the bath is in fact the case, central to everything the movie by Eldar Ryazanov. But movie Yet there was, besides, was the beloved Christmas comedy in the country.

Now in the wake of the country's struggle for sober civilization uses in some places similar to what is described above, the methods. A law which prohibits the advertising of alcoholic beverages on television. Preparing to adopt a bill to prohibit the advertising of different Spirits (Right up to the beer) on the Web. Also has a law prohibiting the sale of alcohol at night. Now in any shop, stall or kiosk can not buy alcoholic drinks from 23:00 to 8:00. This prohibition applies even now mega beer.

By the way, those measures on the part of the country has led to positive results. For the near future consumption Spirits Russians fell, and ran across our country on the 4th place on this indicator in the world. Moldova occupies a leading position where every inhabitant (taking into account the neonates and the elderly deepest) per year uses about 18.5 liters. untainted by alcohol. Most of the products consumed — the so-called Samodelov.

In Russia, according to statistics, the level of home brewing for the past 10 years has decreased by almost 20%. This is due to the fact that the cost of this kind of products has increased significantly, and its quality has remained unchanged at best — very low. Because hunters to purchase a substitute and was less than in Russia.

In this regard, it is hoped that ways to fight for the health of a civilization in terms of stricter alcohol control measures will be able to lead to bolshennomu positive effect. The main thing that the municipal undertakings are not turned into another mindless action, when, under the banner of the struggle against alcoholism will embody political slogans.

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