As the orange revolution stumble on Venezuela

In the world there are not that quite a few municipal favorites, at the mention of whose name the South American State Department officials have started a nervous itch. Certainly, one of those "allergenic" for the United States of America is a politician Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. For a good dozen years Comandante Chavez stands across the larynx in U.S. politicians of all stripes. And it's not only and not so much in his steady opposition to U.S. policy in all its manifestations, and that Venezuela has oil-rich minerals, which Hugo Chavez apparently prevents Washington "right" to dispose of.

As the "orange" revolution stumbled on Venezuela

Incidentally, Venezuela, one of the first countries in the world has experienced for themselves what it means to attempt American "partners" to remove all questions with such concepts as "color" revolution, which is now probably the most stable combination of words in the world politics. Back in 2002, a string of anti-government protests, intense financed, as it turns out later from the U.S. Treasury's own goal was the "head" of Chavez. But then the public mood in Venezuela were very far on what is now generally called "irresistible craving for democratic reform." Demonstrations began to gradually fade, and Venezuela have already installed the security services funding thirsty "big change." It turned out that the terrain of the country worked several non-governmental organizations, which are entirely legitimate grounds of opposition were engaged in the necessary preparation for what we now know as the anti-government campaign to verbovaniya public attention.

Then the situation began to develop at a painfully familiar scenario, which apparently took a kind of run-in. Hugo Chavez has been accused of trying to "suppress freedom of speech" in the country, only in the dispersal of peaceful demonstrations and pressure on the opposition. But Chavez that is what Chavez has to take, well, just come to the larynx shoe extremely "concerned about" the democratic situation in Venezuela, representatives of opposition movements, which only opened their mouths, and the words flew out of their mouths, obviously cooked by someone else. In fact, the word "someone" here does not look out of place konspirologichnym. Who — is understandable … But the newcomer wave of attempts to kick the chair out from under Chavez was not crowned success. Chavez was sitting thoroughly, and at least some comfort ability to respond to their opponents in its proper way. During this period, the United States decided that "run in" scenario progress toward world domination by Hugo Chavez — an ill-conceived idea. It was decided to temporarily stop Chavez alone and spread to other continents, which is called Europe. "Running", as we know, was a success in some countries that were once Soviet republics. There's obviously no such monumental politicians like the president of Venezuela, for the Stars and Stripes revolutionary wave of success came rushing to the socio-political life of these countries, and somewhere, it must be admitted, may not subside until this time.

On May 2007 he was elected to the latest sample to solve the problem under the title "Chavez." At this time, the Venezuelan opposition began his speech by linking them with the closing of the 1st of the channels. It was created association of Venezuelan students, led by a certain John (or ion) Goicoechea. He has openly called for a united front against Chavez, who, according to Goicoechea, leading the country vnikuda. But all attempts of "student union" to pour oil into the revolutionary smoldering fire apparently failed. Maybe the opposition, and those who use them at the time ran, hoping that will Goicoechea emblem of resistance, the police will be arrested, put into prison, and then it can be used for another PR campaign, shedding light on the "bloodlust" mode Hugo Chavez. But none of that happened. All calls Goicoechea cracked at the seam after the media entered the information contained in his personal notebook. It turned out that this notebook full of phone numbers that the young man himself obviously was not going to "lights up." These numbers correspond to the phone numbers of South American Embassy, also stripped the human personality, which at the embassy, what is called, was in charge of working with people who call themselves the Venezuelan opposition. After the scandal of such notebooks opposition turned even those in Venezuela on a range of circumstances not ecstatic policy Hugo Chavez, and "colored" wave itself diminished.

By the way, emerged and new threads connecting "student protest" with the work of non-governmental organizations working on behalf of the United States on the ground of Venezuela. Certainly, the representatives of the NGOs themselves have stated that this is a provocation, and that they are working on the terrain of Latin American countries on voluntary basis only, and are not involved in the destabilization of the country. But facts are very clear, and then Chavez has decided to introduce a bill, which once and for all compartment for direct financing of the "Orange" opposition from abroad. Two years back this bill is to monitor the activities of non-governmental organizations financed from abroad, was approved by the Venezuelan parliament. Naturally, the adoption was in severe disputes, as in the Venezuelan parliament lacks those who lived on the South American field generous funding. But the point still, it was decided again in favor of Chavez. And the main democratizers planet then apparently realized that Chavez im just too tough.

Now test "reset" of Hugo Chavez as the Venezuelan opposition before being taken, but for this we have to use some other areas than before. Namely, at the end of February 2012 in Miami was very noticeable Congress of the Venezuelan non-governmental organizations under the theme "Democracy in Venezuela is threatened" with the requirement to judge Chavez international tribunal in The Hague. But comrade Hugo, whose term in office comes in the next year, calmly stated that "with the location U.S. bark can be as many as arbitrators international court in The Hague itself has long been time to judge them by the same made-up laws." Because Chavez is precisely possible opportunities to learn to resist the "orange" danger. And if he will publish a tutorial about it, the publication will be a real blockbuster.

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