As the power of the USSR and Russia in the 80th and 90th squander nuclear capability

As the power of the USSR and Russia in the 80th and 90th squander nuclear capabilityTo date, the world has had time to form the so-called Nuclear club, made up of eight states with nuclear weapon. These countries, except Russia and the United States of America, include France, England, China, North Korea, Pakistan and India. Many experts they say that besides Israel can safely be called a member of the Nuclear Club, because the weapon of mass destruction available to the Tel-Aviv, but the official Israeli government is trying by all means to hide.

Now, speaking of the nuclear club, not many people remember that, very little, one of its representatives, at one time offered to the abolition not only of the organization, and indeed turn away from both the test and on the storage of nuclear weapons , whatever was the state of the world. The founder of such ideas in January 1986 was a Russian alliance, to be exact, then his favorite Misha Gorbachev. Thought the coming of Gorbachev and his entourage was the fact that on the basis of phased programs from the year 2000 on the planet there was not a nuclear power, the Soviet Union and the United States would end the arms race and ran over to the economically profitable partnership.

Now every man adekvatnomyslyaschy well aware that such a proposal is a traditional example of populism which teetering on the edge limiting sense, since renounce its own military might of the USSR opponents apparently do not. But then it seemed to many that Gorbachev was really able to lead the two countries for decades confronted by each other, the path of convergence and universal brotherhood. At least, the statement Gorbachev people very intensely welcomed.

Of course, the plan to phase dissolution of the nuclear club, which at the time consisted of 7 countries (the same, but without North Korea), could have been born in the mind of the then Secretary-General not the case.

At the end of July 1985 Gorbachev introduced a moratorium on nuclear tests before the start of the subsequent 1986 (enters that catchy, without any agreement with the United States — in the order of one-sided). With all of this in a document contains words that Russian NATO is ready to extend the moratorium, if the United States would support the Soviet Union in his endeavors and also announced a temporary ban on the testing of nuclear weapons.

Of course, that when he heard that the new favorite of the Soviet Union suddenly declares a moratorium on some after a couple of years of mutual sensitive political jabs, withdraw from the agreement, the boycott of the Olympics in Moscow and Los Angeles, the South American President Ronald Reagan, which by that time already for the second time he held a chair in the House of Snow White, has decided that the "tips" are preparing yet another provocation, tossing Yankees bait. For obvious reasons, the Americans only grunted in response to suggestions General Secretary Gorbachev and declared publicly that they support no moratorium will not. It would seem that the situation is again had to go the way of the traditional Soviet-American confrontation, but Mikhail Gorbachev decided that the Yankees need to "help" to realize its only good intentions … Russian Alliance since almost one-sided manner decided to go the way of self-disarmament, waiting, that will pick up the idea of "partners" from overseas. It was a magnificent precedent in the world, since it is usually rejected by the initiative of the 1st of the enemy in terms of military cooperation and other concessions here led to the recent confrontation and a sharp deterioration of relations between these adversaries. Mikhail Gorbachev, but apparently going to do everything to look and feel overseas "friends", and thus is rejected those proposals to support a moratorium on nuclear tests, not only did not give orders to turn away from the Russian moratorium, and continued steps towards one-sided concessions.

In November 1985, accomplished prince's Geneva meeting Misha Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan, who presented a sufficient number of surprises, first, for the Yankees. Heading out to the meeting, Reagan, of course, believed that from the Russian Union will be some ultimaticheskie phrases that, they say, if you do not support our initiative to a moratorium on nuclear weapons tests, and then we turn our example program, and then completely for itself cease to respond. Specifically to such statements Gorbachev and preparing the South American side in Geneva. But the actions went a completely different scenario. Namely, the Russian delegation continued to amaze the Yankees lavish gifts, chief among them was the fact that the Soviet Union has promised the U.S. even after 1 January 1986 is not one-sided cancel the moratorium on nuclear weapon test explosions …

After such a truly royal gift Reagan became closely eyeing the newcomer Russian management, and apparently made a conclusion that Gorbachev — that "guy", which itself is for the United States a great gift. Pacifist slogans Gorbachev, that after the announcement of extending the moratorium in the one-sided manner stated by the same desire to create a world without nuclear weapons, first call the American side only incredulous smile, then it (the South American side) decided to take as a base of bilateral relations between the States and the Union. Thinking over options with the probable utility, which can bring to the United States so conspicuous Gorbachev's desire to make a positive memory of the West, the South American government decided to "give a chance" to bring their favorite Russian plans. What else? The world's main enemy of the United States who wanted to frighten the ladies and kids — Russian Alliance — he says that he is ready to disarm the full program there, and it is a sin not to use. However, no specific criterion for Washington and Moscow did not set: say, we disarm, and if you support us in this, that fact is simply blissful.

United States, of course, decided to play in the global pacifism in their characteristic manner, which Gorbachev think out or not, or pretended not think out. By signing the partnership agreement in the field of military technology and gallakticheskih, Reagan is on a very unique way. Already in February 1986, the South American president declares that the Soviet Union and the United States have embarked on disarmament, but with all this silver-tongued adds that it is not going to stop projects on the Strategic Defense Initiative, which, at first, focused on the creation of new types of weapons (including including gallakticheskih). It was a typical message of South American citizens who still could not understand why Reagan decided to go for a rapprochement with Gorbachev. The promise of this can be paraphrased about the subsequent ways: friends, we shook hands with Gorbachev, he went on disarmament, and we will go our own method, because for us (Yankees) own defense first.

But Moscow has leaked and the words on the continuation of the U.S. policy in the build-up of military capabilities, and more fell into the "friendly quagmire." In subsequent agreements the Americans managed to remove the issue of forward-based, but readily went to the reduction of ICBMs, which the Soviet Union was to remain less than 20% of the original amount by 1996. In addition, the United States and USSR decided to take the path of destruction of missiles in the European countryside. Mikhail Gorbache
v vigorously supported this idea, almost oblivious to the fact that the speech goes about the winding up of U.S. and Russian missiles, but nothing in the document does not say on missiles of French and English, and in fact, these countries have been and continue to be a South American allies (in including the block NATO). In other words, the Soviet Union was in a position obviously unprofitable, as the European nuclear parity would be violated more than saying.

The most unusual, even so profitable for the Yankees conditions Washington at the last moment not supported because it wanted to be able to throw for a besides the right to conduct nuclear tests both on the ground and in space gallakticheskom by implementing the concept of missile defense (SDI).

In the end, the agreement between the USSR and the United States on disarmament was achieved in December 1987. As you can see, the Americans for more than 2 years "probing" Gorbachev's loyalty, and, after controlling for "probing" decided it was time to make a seeming breakthrough step. Ultimately, December 8, 1987 signed the so called Washington Agreement, according to which the Soviet Union pledged to destroy missiles SS-10, P-12 and P-14, USA — "Pershing-2», BGM-109G. This is a short-range missiles. If we talk about medium-range missiles, the Russian Alliance set about sawing missiles OTP-22 and OTP-23, and the United States — "Pershing 1A." When, in 1991 counted how many missiles have killed those and others, the result was very exciting: Americans reported in winding up 846 missile systems, and the Soviet Union announced the "record" — 1846 units! ..

But in the Soviet time was such that nuclear parity at the moment is not enough people thought. Mikhail Gorbachev by then had managed to get the Nobel Peace Prize, making his case …

It would seem that the management of the United States could only applaud the initiatives Misha Gorbachev (which is the management, in principle, and did), but Washington felt the taste of blood on the torn part of the country, eager for more. His new wishes were that seems to be the embodiment of Gorbachev's ideas continue to renounce nuclear weapons separately taken country. Recall that the idea of Gorbachev's rejection of nuclear weapons on a global scale, but the snow-white House still more like the thought of failure of weapons of mass destruction in the country taken separately and specifically USSR (Russian Federation).

Baton pacifism sixth of the land after Misha Gorbachev took over already Russian President Boris Yeltsin. Driven by the difficult economic situation and the lack of not only real, and even potential adversaries abroad, Yeltsin sells weapons-grade uranium to the United States just at bargain prices. Held by bypassing the parliamentary debate in Russia deal between Russia and the U.S., Washington has sold about 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium. After another gift of the Russian authorities in the address of Western partners Americans realize that Russia can be manipulated because they want. And it was just witnessed one-sided withdrawal from the contract by the U.S. missile defense system, as no significant threat from the depleted to the mid-90s of the Russian Federation not to be expected, and the Russian Federation after the implementation of the military mission uranium almost lost the ability to play a nuclear weapon in sufficient quantities to maintain parity . A signature for the sale of the United States of uranium-235 from the Russian Federation has put the then Atomic Energy Minister Viktor Mikhailov, a high-ranking person in law to the transaction did not have a case, but it would be stupid to believe that it is specifically initiated Mikhailov continued one-sided disarmament of.

But even export from Russia 500 tons of weapons-grade uranium is not tempered appetite United States, because at about the same time, Moscow "friendly" ordered the remaining supplies of uranium-235 to reincarnate in 4% concentrate, which can be used to produce nuclear weapons. Themselves as the United States were able to use not only their supplies of weapons-grade uranium, and uranium delivered from Russia.

It turns out that Gorbachev's words that planetka could be nuclear-free by 2000, only just over 10 years (since 1985) became a reality. However, the catch is that a nuclear-free by 2000 was not the whole land, but only separately taken country on this planet is placed. And the sad thing that this country — our homeland — the country in which we live …

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