As the Russian Federation return Caucasus?

As Russia "return" Caucasus?

It is necessary to note immediately that Russian people, like the Jews — is a Messianic people. These people on the planet at the present time only two. Earlier still were Catholic Empire — Portugal and Spain, Protestant messianism (almost all based on the Old Testament), the Anglo-Saxons, who carried the "burden of snow-white man."

That is why the Russian could master such a large expanse that even now, during the decline of our power is the greatest area on the planet. Russian pioneers under one center small nations is not so much the power of the gun (although one can not refute that this happened), but the power of the Big Idea. Representatives of other nations were delighted with the fortitude Russian, they will, intelligence, advanced technology, military might. Because trying to become "brothers" this majestic nation. Russia, in contrast to the Europeans perceive other people as equals, they were not for them "two-legged beasts."

Before the beginning of the XX century, this idea was Russian Orthodoxy, Autocracy, and Nationalism. The essence of Orthodoxy — the construction of "the kingdom of God on Earth," is almost a religious communism, the community commune in good conscience. Christianity absorbed the Russian concepts of truth and justice, which may differ from the official law, becoming the "orthodoxy" — "the glory of Truth." Nationalism — the equality of all people before the law, estates empire, the absence of elected. Clearly, this is the standard that you want to try everything in life can be quite different.

It is to this great ideas, or, as they say from time to time in the current time, the "myths" people wanted, they were happy to live in such a mighty power, which has a certain "mission" on the planet. Caucasus was attached to the Russian Federation is not only the power, and on the basis of these mindsets. Our homeland was carrying the world — stopped civil wars, clan disassembly invasion majestic powers — Turkey, Iran, which brought death to Christians of the Caucasus region. Most people are fairly better to live — built town, roads, schools, etc. The era of the "Great Snow-white King" bore stability, order and hope that the future will be even better.

But due to the complex circumstances of Russian empire dropped. Almost all of it was due to the fact that the ideas of St. Sergius of Radonezh been forgotten, Orthodoxy has become a formality, having lost his fiery nature. The process of destruction of the foundation of the kingdom lasted for centuries, but eventually led to its collapse.

The Bolsheviks tried to return the "big idea" country. But after Stalin thought "Red Kitezh" stalled. Russian elite is not able to continue the work of Reddish worthy ruler. Personal, clan, corporate interests are more important than "common cause".

Caucasus from the Russian era just won — the population was growing rapidly, the infrastructure was improved faster than in other regions of the RSFSR. But in the years of "perestroika" and in 1991 the Caucasian region, saying, All that was before — it is heresy and deception. In other words, Russian, people-the foundation of the empire, the second time in the 20th century gave the "burden of empire." Go with it a rapid destruction of the Russian people — he is from the people of the warrior, worker, teacher, builder converted to shopkeepers zapivoh, people without a reference.

Segodnyaschy attempt to stabilize the Caucasus, pumping it means only a temporary measure. She was not able to save the world in perpetuity. Society loses the use of tradition and Islam. Need a brand new or modernized old "big thought"Caucasian people able to return to the Faith Russian people. It should be noted that the words of Vladimir Putin's "Eurasian Union" — a preview of this idea.

At the same time true in the Caucasus is dominated by the idea of nationalism — Advantages of Chechens (Ingush, Azerbaijanis …) over the Russian and constructive Islam. A holy place is never empty. Hence the inter-ethnic conflicts throughout Russia. Are prerequisites for the war on religious basis, following the example of the former Yugoslavia.

But one idea is not enough, we need a lot of work over the Russian people. It must be aware of every Russian man — you have to be smart, strong in body and spirit. But not forever whining wimp. And everyone must contribute to the restoration of our nation's involvement. It is unrealistic to build "Eurasian Union" without that Russia again become warriors, builders, hard workers. Only such Russian will be respected. In another 20 years, and the collapse of lazing will have to answer a very large blood.

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