As the Russian military science to answer the challenges of time?

As the Russian military science answer to the challenges of?March 21, at the Government House Russian Federation accomplished working meeting Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin with heads of research institutes of the Ministry of Defense, the Office of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Russian government, scientific and technical council of military-industrial complex, representatives of the Administrative Department of Defense and the Department of Industry of the Government of the Russian Federation, other officials.

The need for this very fundamental event has long been overdue. It was dedicated to including the results of the Military-Industrial Commission in defense enterprises in different regions of the country. But first addressed the development of research at the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence, the suggestions made at the meeting of the board of the military department, held on March 20. In general, tasks, composition, day or agenda of the meeting, one way or another affect the large municipal complex tasks in the field of national security of our country.

It was the rationale for the prospects of development of the Armed Forces, their services and arms, new forms and methods of warfare. On military and scientific support of the creation of promising arms, military and special equipment. On the formation of the modern approaches to resource the military organizations, taking into account the economic capacity of the country. In the end, the development of forms and methods of training the personnel of the Army and Navy, his upbringing, that military personnel have had the motivation to perform the tasks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

You can not live in a country debt
By the time the true in military science have a lot of problems to be resolved, Dmitry Rogozin stated. There is a number of negative trends that could result in severe cost to the economy and national security. In part, they are rooted to the collapse of a massive Russian scientific potential and the military-industrial complex of the USSR, which produced its activities within the framework of the so-called defense Nine (nine ministries that control the Russian defense industry enterprises). In part, these problems are related to the coordination of approaches to solving problems in the field of defense and security, carried out and justified costs of the reforms, including in the Armed Forces.

— I will outline just a few weak points in this area, which we are sure to thoroughly talk, — said Deputy Prime Minister. — But first, it is the problem of the upcoming improving scientific forecasting, modeling, analysis, more possible settlement scenarios of military action potential enemy, and the required level of equipment of Russian military groups that address assigned tasks.

The lack of such information does not allow the Russian Federation to carry out fully informed determination of the number and high quality of military and special equipment for the next program cycle. Although respectively task to develop such a methodology management of the Ministry of Defence at the time was set. And as noted by the Deputy Prime Minister, he would like to understand how it can be solved.

Together with the fact this discrepancy, according to Dmitry Rogozin, the only principled, taking into account the dynamics of the entire Russian military organization of the country, in other words, due to the structural changes that are taking place in the army and navy, in the military formations of other security agencies. In the past year, for example, by the decision of the Supreme Commander formed a new branch of the Armed Forces — Army air and space defense. At the current time, discusses the question of the development of Cyber Command, designed to ensure the information security of both the Armed Forces and the entire information infrastructure of the country as a whole. Our home here tends to follow the path of leading Western states, first members of NATO, which is now receiving increased attention to cyber warfare and kiberborby. For example, in the U.S. it is already engaged in a special command, to allocate more appropriations for the development of such programs. Do not lag behind other countries in NATO.

An important task of our military science, identified Deputy Prime Minister, is the military-scientific justification for the role, including the above-mentioned structures in the protection of the country. Now re-Armed Forces of the new standards AMSE more funds — 20 trillion rubles. Another three trillion will be focused on the implementation of the Federal motivated applets (FTP) for the development of the military-industrial complex. February 22, 2012 it was approved by the government. Management expects the country to receive the tribute to result from it in the correct determination of the directions of development of promising arms, the creation of a strong military and technical basis for the future.

— Everything that is currently flies, floats, used on the battlefield — is the result of that great technological advance, which left in the legacy of our fathers, — Dmitry Rogozin reminded the audience. — But we can not always live on the legacy of their parents. We need to create their own start for our children.

Away from price wars
Deputy Prime Minister and paid attention to the war effort. At the base of all activities to improve the military organization of the country, he said, is the target economical planning. Severe obstacle to this kind of research is the lack of specific institutions in Russian Academy (in which Rogozin made sure to nedavneshney meeting in the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences), and in the power ministries and departments. Also weakened scientific the potential of the defense industry, where previously conducted studies severe RI "defense nines."

Speaking of the war effort, not to mention the problem of price formation in the development of weapons and military equipment, said Deputy Prime Minister. We remember what it led to, in 2011. Because in 2012, the very principle escape from any kind of consequences of the price wars that plagued our defense industry and the customer, through the Ministry of Defence and even escaped abroad offices, became a subject of discussion and speculation in the media disk imaging. Quite evident that for the industry (including the role of personal business) for municipal defense order — it is an opportunity severe leap in the development of industrial production, preparation and inviting highly qualified personnel, the substitution of machinery equipment. Because stifle industry psevdoekonomiey on beliefs, Dmitry Rogozin, now there is no one meaning. Should be developed fair, cost calculated price formula, which will allow to create a benign term, sverhtehnologichny products.

It is very necessary to the same as industrial cooperation is complex, related to the interaction of the 10-s, sometimes hundreds of industrial companies. And here, too much hope on military science, which is to prove the formation of sound military economy — the blood supply to the base of the Armed Forces.

Naturally, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the modern puzzles facing military science are resolved against the reform of scientific research organizations of the Defense Ministry. Military-scientific Complex Defense Ministry has undergone not only important, but katigorichnye configuration. Strengthened centralization of scientific research units. Produced by reduction and unificatio
n of the challenges they face. Combined research organization, who solved functionally identical questions. Implemented changes in the form and number of NIO …

With regard to the latter problem, the March 7, at the Government House turned a harsh debate, in which the role and took control of the Ministry of Defence. Open a discussion of the structure and configuration questions of legal forms of many scientific organizations MO. According to Dmitry Rogozin, concerns were expressed: as if in connection with the ongoing orgmeropriyatiyami in scientific institutions Defense Ministry did not appear red tape. The question is put under control. May 21, the Ministry of Defense recommended to report on its decision at a meeting of the Russian government. A Military-Industrial Commission will return to it again at the end of the year.

Do not be in a catch-up role
It is clear that the military should be appropriate NIO managed, but does not seem to throw out the baby along with the water, do not put another hit on more than one occasion bat Russian Defense Science. This, says Dmitry Rogozin, can not be allowed. The position of Prime Minister and President of the Russian Federation, there are also clear: without a military science, predictive planning, science-based solutions, we can not do modern armed forces, capable human resources with little protection for such a huge country like the Russian Federation. Because you can not relate to the dilemma scholastically. As soon as possible the potential of military science to return.

Significant reserves in solving puzzles that lie in the expansion of cooperation between military research organizations with the Russian academy where just yearned for such a dense work together. In the Siberian Akademgorodok, where Dmitry Rogozin participated in the meeting of the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences, was right to say that our country has always been famous for basic research work of forward-looking, over-the-horizon planning research activities. And at the moment is the memory of that base science and military applications of science on their lives for themselves, as divorced couples. You gotta tying military science in basic research, certain research and development, various research. For the benefit of military scientists will even routine visit our leading research centers, including such as the Skolkovo. Although we should not forget that in the old days in the Russian Union made similar Tekhnotsentr. The same Siberian akademgorodok — it Skolkovo 60s.

Dmitry Rogozin expressed the idea that it is better to hold a meeting in the Russian Academy of civilian and military scientists talk about that right now it is very necessary for the Armed Forces. In his view, we can not allow ourselves to yawn in the criteria when leading military powers doing research done by modern standards and instruments, causing us to catch up, copy other people's products. It is unworthy of Russian Russian science.

— We really missed the business hypersound must catch up with the West in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles, in almost everything else — recalled Dmitry Rogozin. — It is impossible for someone to trail. Need to rapidly train, consider what is happening, try to understand the main trends in the development of the armed struggle through 10-30-50 years. We must now lay the basis for basic research in the future.

Most recently finalized a new draft law on the defense of promising research. He reported to the Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, and being revised in the respective structures of the presidential administration. It will soon be submitted to the lower house of the Federal Assembly for approval. It remains to hope that the adoption of the document before the will not have much time.

Our homeland will get a legitimate basis for the formation of what the United States has long been there under the title of DARPA — the Agency for the selection and breeding of new defense technologies. Rogozin said it would be, figuratively speaking, scientific and technical predator on defense technology, which monitors and selects the latest scientific and technical developments and projects in the defense industry is closely interacting with military science, says the best in the creation and adopting.

In conclusion, the Deputy Prime Minister stressed that the Research Institute of the Defense Ministry all are basic scientific and technical structures of Scientific and Technical Council of the Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of Russia. And they need to make breakthroughs in important areas of their own.

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