As the Su-35S associated with rivals

April 4 at the official web site of the company "Sukhoi" came the news that in the process of testing the Su-35s was made five hundredth flight. Praise thing. But soon began fierce argument. The fact that the press-service of "Sukhoi" referred to in the notice of the possibility of Su-35s to fight on equal terms with a number of zabugornyh machines. On the one hand, it is a common language, so to speak, the advertising plan. But on the other hand, the list of possible contenders appear zabugornyh some of the best cars in its class. And if the comparison with South American F-15. F-16 or F-18 looks entirely reasonable, the bold statements about the F-22 and F-35 simply could not cause intense discussion. At least for reasons relating to generations of aircrafts.

Sou-35C (photo

Will not focus on the attributes that need to own aircraft or of a different generation, because even in the midst of various aircraft designers do not have one view. So, for example, in Russian views fighter 5th generation should possess ability to maneuver in the supercritical angles of attack and flight modes. Americans, in turn, has long abandoned the super-maneuverability and require fifth-generation inflated at range missile. Similarly, the case with an abundance of other systems and the characteristics of the new aircraft. Because in order to associate mental experiment Russian T-50 and South American F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II nepriznatelnoe deal. Certainly there is another "experimenter", which came out the other results. And, typically, it will also be partly right. Needless to say, mapping planes, one of which relates to the generation of 4 + (Sou-35C), and others as claimed fighters 5th generation (F-22 and F-35) caused a wave of debate and convictions.

Let's try to better understand the causes of mass disturbances. Certainly, the main premise of dispute is the fact that in a press release that are certain modifications zabugornyh fighters. In betrothed indexes fighters after the number indicating the model number does not go any letters modification. Of course, the Su-35S is relatively easy to butcher in combat with the F-15 or F-16, the earliest versions, if, of course, the pilot will be well prepared. But in the case of the later versions of American planes can no longer be so confident in their own judgments. Moreover, the U.S. aircraft industry is a fascinating experience: in addition to alphabetic letters after the numbers in the title may be a fighter designate the kind «Block XX». If you read simply, this is tantamount to series number. But the "blocks" with various figures can be significantly different hardware, sometimes increasing the ability of the aircraft to the 10's percent compared with the previous series. Of course, the practice of "blocks" further complicates the assessment of the ability of aircraft and their comparison with other machines.

F-16 Fighting Falcon

Question certain modifications zabugornyh fighters generates subsequent riddle flight and combat characteristics of machines, opponents of the Su-35s. Again, if the comparison was with old modifications, most of the disk imaging which is already in the public domain, the bottom line is that "competition" is known in advance and it is not too far in favor of the F-15 or F-16. In turn, the details of the latest versions of these aircraft for the most part classified. Of course, these general characteristics, what are the maximum speed, maximum range, etc. not classified. But more fundamental to assess the abilities of properties — fuel consumption in different modes or features aerodynamics of a fighter in order or other weapons on the outside of the suspension — were not disclosed. It is totally common practice, but in our case, when compared to the Su-35s and zabugornye aircraft, it matters not a bit removed, and even on the contrary, only complicates the situation. We should also mention the fact that the Su-35S is a weary fighter, but, for example, F-16 — easy. It also puts its own stamp on the likely course of the battle between them.

F-22 Raptor

In the end, the analysis of the press release "Dry" can be practically cling to the words. For example, a journalist Heathcliff confused expression "inherent in the potential characteristics of an airplane." He asks, What are these most potential properties? Neuzh that Su-35s at the moment is not so bad, as it will in the future when potential properties in the end will unfold in all its own beauty? Perhaps the phrase "potential performance" refers to the F-22 and F-35. If you believe the South American promises, that in the not to distant future, these machines are very secure for itself the title of the best fighters in the world. It seems that the respective department office "dry" decided that they too need to start to praise their products, including its excellent prospects. But someone else's soul, as they say, the darkness and it's only a guess.

Another reason for the act of public pedantry. In a press release stating that the Su-35s exceeds the "modernized fighters such as the F-15, F-16, F-18, F-35. " Perhaps far more than one or two amateur aviation in the form of announcements of the phrase "dry" came in bewilderment. With respect to modifications of old times U.S. aircraft we have sorted it out above, but the F-35 has never been upgraded. Moreover, he has not even put into service, and the prospect of a number of major versions of the fighter every month look all the more interesting.

F-35 Lightning II

But we can not say that the press release of the company "Sukhoi" on April 4 this year is boasting untainted and that it is not for the sake of reddish witty regretted facts and justice. Su-35S is praised not only the Russian aircraft, and zabugornye specialists. Besides praising their own products is not a unique practice "dry." In 2010 has been a huge controversy when a consortium Eurofighter «with figures in hand" to substantiate an advantage over the South American's own Typhoon F-35 and the ability to compete with the F-22. But "Typhoon" refers only to a generation 4 +. Such is the fascinating war of advertising and technical requirements.

Let us return to zabugornom estimated Su-35s. In November 2009, on the website of think tank Air Power Australia was taken by matching promising fighter fifth generation. The main participants of "competition" was the F-22, F-35 (both from the U.S.), Russian T-50 and Chinese J-12. It seems to be out of the competition was to compare the Su-35s. The essence of comparison was to determine how the aircraft listed, as is clear from the layout of the data
correspond to a number of criteria imposed by the fifth generation fighter aircraft. For full compliance aspect plane received one point for a complete mismatch — point to take away. From a comparison to 14 characteristics revealed that the highest score — plus 5 points — got Russian T-50. The worst was the vaunted F-35 with an estimate of -8. Chinese J-12, he graduated from the "race" with a zero, and the F-22 and Su-35s received plus two points. Is not it a unique result? Regardless of the methods of comparison and they are correct, honorable second place in the ranking of Air Power Australia «Raptor" had to share with the black horse of the 4 + +. Is noteworthy that the described comparison was just at the time when the Australian military and political force with the latest roles need to open a discussion started in the program F-35.

Tests of the first production Su-35S (photo

It must be said, Australians tend to praise the Russian equipment and it looks like this praise it fully deserved. So, first of February this year, in Canberra, a meeting of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, Trade and Arms (JSCFADT). It is once again the need to open a discussion and the need to purchase the F-35 (fair word while reading news about the F-35 from Australia created this impression that in this country has a antilaytningovoe lobby that, but can not quite push your point of view). In the meeting of the Committee took part representatives of the agency and the Air Power Australia developer's flight simulators and similar to them hardware and software RepSim. Of particular interest is the report of the representatives RepSim. As it turns out, analysts and programmers of this office, using publicly available information, the simulation had several big fights "in 2018 off the coast of Taiwan." In all simulated battles from both sides attended by 240 fighters of different models. The result was such a virtual fights:
— Su-35s against the F/A-18E/F. With the loss of about 2-hundred Russian fighter jets absolutely killed the enemy;
— Su-35s against F-22. On the battlefield flew 139 "Raptor" and 33 Su-35s;
— Su-35s against F-35. "Drying" absolutely destroyed, with all this, only three survived the 10-ka "Lightnings."

As can be seen from the results of research RepSim, Su-35s of the 4 + + generation may still reveal a significant risk, including the vaunted fighter for the fifth generation. Price aircraft, "participate" in the modeling of the air battle only increases the memory of the kind of little promise of success on the plane.

2nd serial Su-35S (photo

Naturally, the Su-35S has the same prospects as the T-50. One only generation to many commits. Well, ordered 48 planes just is not enough to re-equipped Russian Air Force. But the main question in this context sounds different: it is necessary to translate all of the Air Force Su-35s, whether it is advisable? The Ministry of Defence seems to have answered this question a number of ordered fighters. Perhaps, after the supply of these boards will be 48 next order, but it is still one of the scenarios. The fact is that after a couple of decades of almost complete lack of supply of the latest aviation technology does not have to operate in the most best criteria. Must immediately issue new aircraft in a decent amount, but it is very expensive. You must create new fighters of the last generation, but it is a very long time. It only remains appropriate balance between the release of machines 4 + + generation and the creation of the fifth. And at this time to exploit the already existing machines and send them to fit a complete renovation and life extension. According to the ability they should be equipped with the latest equipment, but within reasonable limits. And, you see, the Su-35S is fully capable to occupy that niche, which for almost 30 years has been fixed for its "big brothers" on the Su-27 family. In addition, the Su-35s was made with a focus on what to do these tasks at a time, until the troops will not appear sufficient number of T-50. So it must be a truly modern and promising. A press-service of the company "Sukhoi" probably should have been used in the press releases of the least provocative statements, because they are capable of destroying the memory of the really bad announcements.

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