As the U.S. dollar turned into a huge financial hoax

As the U.S. dollar turned in a great financial hoaxWell aware of the cost of funds earned by their labor, far not any of us give ourselves to a report of how the personal is the very concept of "money". We all understand that the money — this is a typical expression of utilitarian abilities as a separately taken people and public groups right up to entire countries. But the monetary mass, is supposed to have certain features, with some not yet begun to play an impartial role of economic resources, and more and more transformed into a tool of manipulation, or even hoaxes planetary scale.

To deal with the fact that the currency hoax over the last few years, the 10-s have gained a phenomenal amount, you need to direct your attention to one of the materials that for quite a long period of time was considered the direct equivalent of money, but over time has lost its original position. This material — gold. At least, that the gold is their priority position in the economy has lost, replaced by such "substitutes" the currency of expression as a human work, the pace and scale of production, energy, etc., says a certain group of people representing the interests of the so-called US-British economic elite.

So gold equivalent at different times seemed one way or the other state (state) currency that was used in a more progressive with a monetary point of view in the world (according to, speak out so that elite club of states, and still believe, its economic system more progressive).

Because one of the main functions of money is the measure of the price of the product, then we will use the data from the history of the economy in order to compare the international price of gold at different times of the development of human civilization. The unit weight of the precious metal is usually used so called troy ounce, which is equal to the value in 31.1034768 grams. We will not deviate from the accepted norms, and as a basic unit to match the price of gold and the weight of the money or other currencies will also use a troy ounce.

According to historical sources, the cost of "solar" metal changed very unusual pace. If we talk about the start comparing the price of gold at the basis of global currencies, allocate the second decade of the 19th century. In 1812 a troy ounce (TU) cost about £ 5.48. It makes no sense to try to transfer the amount in today's Russian rubles or in U.S. dollars, as it is based on the data that will be presented just below, is just silly. The British pound as the basic ("reserve") world currency was used right up to the end of the second world war. With all of this at the start of 1946 troy ounce of gold was worth about 8.4 pounds. In other words, more than 130 years gold only gone up by 1.5 times. Why "only"? Yes, because these subsequent time period in terms of the configuration of global gold prices seem simply stunning in comparison with the already catechumens.

By the way, when changing the direction of growth of the price component or a product, we say "the product more expensive." In fact for the current system, where the product and the means can simply converted, instead of the phrase "product (s) going up" can be entirely reasonable to use the phrase "currency depreciates." This phrase is not devoid of meaning. And how much more is not without, if it is of such a commodity like gold, which by its features for a long time and expressed as the price of such devices themselves. It turns out that you can read about the reduction of the cost of the pound sterling over the 130 years of about 1.5 times, if we take as our starting point the economic value specifically for gold.

Since the late 40s of the 20th century in the world comes a trivial change of economic favorites, and from that time the British pound way for the world's major currencies South American buck. And if the place was taken by another currency, then it began to determine the price of gold. For example, in 1950 the price of one troy ounce of the precious metal was $ 34.71. The cost for almost 20 years, and if changed, it is very nekordinalno. But later it turned out that just the same, and can safely be called a large cash hoax. The world economic center, which represents the United States of America, has suddenly decided that gold is time to use not only as a form of expression of global exchange rates, and as a tool for the big money game. This financial game was clearly shown in the middle of the 70s, when gold suddenly all of a sudden three years has risen in price almost 4 times. Price per troy ounce in 1970 was estimated as $ 35.94, and in 1974, it is headed for the historical value at the time of maximum and has already made 160 bucks.

When economists have tried to learn from Europe, and on the basis of what happened impartial configurations so impressive rise in gold prices, then as a clarification from the U.S. came to the most unspeakable guesses. Allegedly, the value of gold has gone up from the consistency of the whole political and economic circumstances, from the end of the Vietnam War to the changes in the world of hydrocarbons, industrial progress in certain regions of the world, etc., etc.. But industrial progress with the world wars experienced before, but for more than a century and a half the price of gold varied much less impressive pace.

It turns out that all of the proposed increase in the price assumptions for gold — most outlandish fiction. In fact, the United States launched a system that continues to operate to this day. This system is linked to the hidden devaluation of the main reserve currency. Why is this hidden devaluation? Yes, at least for this same reason modern China persistently underestimates the yuan — to increase the competitiveness of its own products in the world market. Only if China is relatively open, then that's the United States continue to "play the Vanka," arguing that the rise in gold — Impartial global trend, which manifests itself without artificial devices. In fact, the arrangements were and still remain.

A fivefold increase in the price of gold about 40 years ago (and up to five times the artificial depreciation of the dollar) has meant that South American manufacturing sector after the huge costs of the Vietnam War not only not crumble, but on the contrary — is ahead of the entire planet, creating an amazing artificial yourself a head start . From now on, all global tight economy mired in a swamp Baksova that grew and shirilos thanks to the unique technology of manipulation with the price of gold. Almost U.S. at some stage had the opportunity to at least some good for their moment to reincarnate in the dust as all foreign currency and gold as such.

With all of this was born the phenomenon: on the one hand the United States around the world say that gold is a very expensive currency equivalent, but on the other hand claimed that gold gives way to the economic impact of others, speak out so that substances: that productivity and efficiency of its implementation . This phenomenon is the basis of the fact that up to this time, the world did not come to the accepted gold standard even in the form of a framework agreement between the basic economies. Of course, the adoption of the gold standard as a base in order to dance on the economic stoves, unprofitable American side. The fact that the presence of a reference is not allowed to dispense with the price of gold as a balloon, inflating it to the critical volume, then suddenly pitting economic "air" and causing the global economy to ride a "roller
coaster". You will see financial stability. Well, is it necessary that stability world's biggest players? .. Of course not. They need severe swings in prices and rates, so it was possible to enrich without any big investments.

We braked by the mid-70s, when the price of an ounce of gold was $ 160. In 5 years (to 1980) gold "jumped" to the level of 620 dollars per specifications. The largest growth during this period occurred in 1979-1980, when the cost increased by 2 times. Next in for almost 25 years cost held within the framework of 290-450 dollars per troy ounce. Surprisingly, even the collapse of the USSR, which can be called a stunning political and economic cataclysm of the second half of the 20th century, in fact did not impact on the value of gold units. This once again proves that the configuration mechanisms prices are not impartial in the premises, and are the work of the artificial arm of the western economy.

The Next Leap in gold prices showed in the years of economic crisis and continues to manifest itself today. If in 2004 the troy ounce cost about 410 bucks, then in 2010 it was the first time has passed for 1,000 "green". But how has passed! Jumped right up to 1225 bucks. Now the price of the same ounce of gold is already almost 1,690 U.S. dollars.

In other words, the Western financial model of their own hands are not raised to incredible limits the value of gold, and has participated in a large-scale depreciation of the concealed major world currencies, which in varying degrees, tied and all other currencies of the world. If you associate the price of gold at the end of the 40's and now it turns out that Bucks dipped (or its artificial "sunk"), as many as 48 times! It turns out that in fact the U.S. economy, which is based on the dollar and, in the 10's times weaker if we try to present it. But here, the phenomenon manifests itself: by artificial devices South American economy "shakes" your bucks in the economies of other countries, especially in reality, "infecting" the world economy does not backed by blue-green paper. In that lies the most modern hoax, when due to the spread bucks, which is almost 40 years old he finished really express the price of global media, the bubble is inflating the U.S. monetary system.

In this regard, a hundredfold rights economist Sergei Glazyev, who sent a note to the Kremlin, stating that emissions of major global currencies could lead to the absorption of Russian assets of foreign capital. To do this, one is not too far a beautiful moment for Russia that the U.S. is pretty good at will throw off the cost of gold or, for example, oil. And though the world is referred to as economically multipolar, but in effect until one pole is very much prevalent, playing their marked cards.

Of course, what a great game the Yankees have long been seen in various countries around the world. But that's out of this game many states (ours, unfortunately, in particular) is very difficult. While our first persons in the economy has to do harsh view that the buck — is a powerful global currency, which has a real base. Specifically have to pretend, because even our gold reserves (GCR) do not allow to speak more in detail. In 2012, the U.S. dollar has, neither more nor less, 46.5% of Russian reserves. More about 40.5% is stored in the euro, which is in the same team with the U.S. currency. In other words, our homeland continues to hold funds like those little eggs in one basket, but also that of the cart, which suddenly to Russian Central Bank that adds volume, it is very compressed, ruthlessly crushing congestion. Declare this openly at the political level Moscow for obvious reasons can not, for some reason believing that the U.S. dollar — a panacea for our monetary system. China, for example, the dollar gave up as a panacea for a long time …

In general, the change in the price of gold (and almost dollar change in the price) is completely open maps the current economic model. Can a model based only on the bluff, stay for a long time? — The question, of course, rhetorical …

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