As Ukraine nuclear warheads believed

The history of nuclear weapons under consideration adventure begins with the voluntary refusal of Ukraine of nuclear weapons in the 90's. Then the move of the young independent state called the real satisfaction of all the Western countries, especially the NATO countries were happy. Newspaper headlines about the formation of a new democratic country, and made a step justified this zeal.
But the real reasons for the denial of nuclear weapons know very small circle of people. The financial assistance provided by Western countries to Ukraine in all young, we were not recognizable forms, and severe pressure on Kiev — the usual method of carrot and stick.
But we are concerned about in a custom step only the fate of nuclear weapons. After all, so far there is no clear and confirmed data, how, where and to whom it was given, sold or exported nuclear armament from the territory of Ukraine. From the moment considered to be the starting point of a nuclear-free Ukraine, has been more than 15 years, but never to this day there is no official data from the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine on the number of exported nuclear weapons.

X-55 — subsonic cruise rocket air-launched

The imbalance in the count were on the territory of Ukraine of nuclear warheads is a figure of several hundred units.
Thus, when the USSR collapsed on the territory of Ukraine remained:
— 130 intercontinental ballistic missiles UR-100N UTTH RS-18;
— 46 intercontinental ballistic missiles 23UTTH RT-RS-22.
It turns out that the question about the figure in 1240 of nuclear warheads. But at the beginning of 2002 of Ukraine has published the information on the withdrawal of 1,600 warheads. By 2010, there is information on the transfer of 1,272 nuclear warheads ammunition Russia. The situation, speak out so that no specific, but please carefully read the follow-up information — at the end of last withdrawal warhead state media "Ukrinform" said the withdrawal of 1,271 units. This information very quickly became inaccessible for examination, but the fact of the "blurring" of one warhead is a fact. After all, is not a case of a framework of 10 tons of TNT, it is about 550 tons tyschah. To have an idea of what it was about — the Japanese took over Hiroshima "only" 20 thousand tons of TNT equivalent of U.S. nuclear bombs.
These "errors" occur with the strategic focus of the bombers. From the Soviet Union in Kiev were 44 such aircraft type. But for a long time throughout the Air Force of Ukraine reported on 42 strategic aircraft available on the balance sheet.
Our list of numbers continues armament strategic bomber mission. We are talking about the X-55 rocket or PKB-500. In the far 1992 missile warheads Ukraine changes in Russia for nuclear fuel for its own nuclear power plants.
But the missiles themselves were the subject of political games between Ukraine, Russia and the United States. We are talking about 1,068 cruise missiles.
In the end, Moscow gets combat-ready missiles in the number of 581 units and debit Kiev debts for gas. The remaining cruise missiles in the number of pieces under 487 astute management and monetary support from Washington destroyed.
In 2000, when Ukraine's kind of like the Russian Federation has transferred 581 missile, Moscow said from Kiev received only 575 of the Kyrgyz Republic. Kiev, the long-term thinking in 2001 is rapidly compensate the shortage in 6 of the CD.
In this deal with Ukraine Russia finally subsided. After all, our home has received the 581 KR, but the fact that Ukraine believes that the redistribution of the RF 587 KR, it's the problem, "the Indians."
And in Ukraine is successful utilization of the CD X-55. At first, there were number of recycling 483 units of missiles, a bit later than the digit 487.
Ordinary calculations show us noteworthy numbers. So:
— 1068 was just the CD X-55;
— Ukraine has given of, how it feels, 587 rockets;
— disposed of 487 X CD-55;
Believe: 587 +487 = 1,074 cruise missiles. But there are only 1,068 units were from Ukraine. Certainly, when Ukraine became independent, vpribavok gained newest system of mathematical calculus.

Ask me
We have already spotted the fate of the 1272 nuclear warheads, intercontinental ballistic missiles. But in fact the data of Defense of the USSR they say that nuclear warheads at the dissolution of the union republics, Ukraine had here and there 3770 plus or minus 50. That's a statement of the first deputy chief of General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Palchuk in 2002 only adds to the magical note in this case: "For always the existence of the sun Ukraine beyond it transferred more than 4,000 nuclear warheads. "
These facts cause the natural enthusiasm at least some of the interested person, but this enthusiasm is rapidly lost as he finds out that on October 17 of this year, the Defense Ministry of Ukraine openly said that the information on a certain number of nuclear weapons, exported and transferred abroad Ukraine, in the MOU and the General Staff of Ukraine does not possess.
It remains an open question on Ukraine's nuclear weapons. In the veracity of the elimination of nuclear weapons and weapons, we just made sure.
Say all the "dark" transaction ICBM takes not one page of text, just give a small example of the area.
Officially, Ukraine to the UN report on the deal with Russia — sale of 29 intercontinental ballistic missiles UR-100N UTTH. All produced officially and legitimately. But, according to the MOU, the Russian Federation was set 31 rocket UR-100N UTTH. Where these two missiles fly — is unclear. Again, for sure, entered with force Ukrainian mathematician.

I'm not guilty
Now, it's a time when blundered not Ukrainian mathematician, and intervened "human factor".
Ukrainian mathematician could not come to the rescue when the whole world Ukrainian Prosecutor General Piskun said in 2005 the British «Financial Times» about the fact that the implementation of the KR 12 X-55 to Iran and six CD X-55 in China. However, he could say that the missiles had nuclear warheads.
Very quickly responded press service of Ukrainian prosecutors, saying after a while, yes, the fact that the implementation was, but it was contraband.
This is a fundamental explanation for Ukraine. The trafficking of nuclear and missile technology could bring Ukraine to a very nasty penalties and fines. The smuggling of weapons, identified Ukrainian municipal organizations, look at the background of trade nuclear weapon just nasty moment.
Although at least some understands that without the intervention of the higher echelons of the government to make such smuggling is virtually impossible.
During the investigation it was found that in the "smuggling" were involved the first person as a country, and companies involved in the official instrument of trade abroad on behalf of the country.
But that's another story.

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