As Ukrainian Minister was sensitive to Transnistria in Moldova is not attached

Since the beginning of this year, Ukraine took over the presidency in OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). And, according to tradition, the representatives of the political elite of the country chairing the OSCE is already in the first month of his own new work started a typical monitor the situation in those European regions which have the status, tell them so problematic. The first region in which off representative Ukraine (and immediately OSCE) Leonid Kozhara (head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry), was a territorial pair of Moldova and Transdniestria.

It seems to be completely private visit, which is usually associated with the so-referred to as the "bride" of a new chairman, a change which in the history of its existence as a "problem" areas and Tiraspol and Chisinau have grown accustomed. But this time the visit of the representative of the country to receive the right to preside over the year OSCE, has led to a true local diplomatically scandal which became public.

Scandal did not promise anything, but Leonid Kozhara who as minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine is the end of December 2012, gave birth to him on rovnenky place, as they say, even without being in a position … The essence of the scandal is that after talks with representatives of political upper Moldova and Transdniestria, Leonid said that Tipo he has accomplished virtually breakthrough agreement with the favorite Transnistrian Moldovan Republic Yevgeny Shevchuk. "Breakthrough" nature, according to the Ukrainian politician, was the fact that the president Shevchuk, again Tipo, called for a political discussion on the status of Transnistria … in the Republic of Moldova. A word about the fact that "in the Republic of Moldova," said Leonid Kozhara through a small "MAT" pause, and so they were made especially accentuated.

Immediately after the words expressed about suddenly arisen in Yevgeny Shevchuk wishing to start a political dialogue with Chisinau Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs pretty soon departed, leaving all the journalists with their mouths half open with astonishment. After all, if you believe the words Kozhara, he was, in fact, the first politician in the modern history of Ukraine (well, and the OSCE as a whole), which succeeded in completely duty visit to Chisinau and Tiraspol to reach an agreement on the "final solution of the Transnistrian issue." Laying specifically those laurels on his head, Leonid did not realize the consequences of his statement.

And it has led to the fact that the Moldovan press publications appeared, that now Tiraspol just give up their own aspirations for independence from Chisinau. Allegedly, he himself Shevchuk Kozhara mouth and said …

These publications are, for obvious reasons, the public is shaken, stirred up so much so that if it were not for the application of the Shevchuk, who was not exposed in the best possible way for the inhabitants of Transnistria after the "revelation" Kozhara, the case would have gone quite far.

Shevchuk, who learned that said policies of the OSCE before flying from Chisinau, in the small press conference was obliged to deny all that is presented to the public Kozhara. Namely, Yevgeny Shevchuk said that in fact no discussion of the political settlement of the question of the status of TMR with Leonid Kozhara was not. It was only on the economic qualities for which he laid emphasis Tiraspol.

Not enough of the economic framework of interaction with Chisinau Tiraspol Leonid Kozhara addressed during the meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova Yuri Leanca. However, in the framework of the meeting, the emperor Leancă decided, as if incidentally, to raise much hotter topic — namely, subject, as he put it, the transformation of peacekeeping forces on the ground PMR and Moldova. Of course, that the word "transformation" Moldovan authorities understand the activities to oust the designated areas with Russian peacekeepers and substituting them or just on their own police and military personnel, or, for example, in the European Union military force, part of which "surprisingly successful" pacify the situation in Kosovo turning it (the situation) in the Balkans in the endless string of armed clashes and attacks by covering the Albanians in Serb enclaves edge.
It should be noted that the minister Leancă just now going to resign from his post, citing the fact that he has failed to fulfill promises to abolish the visa regime between Moldova and the EU. Apparently, a typical call to a representative of the OSCE in order to solve the problem even with the peacekeepers 'here and now', became Leancă trump card, which he took out of his sleeve. And, apparently, after the words Kozhara that Yevgeny Shevchuk suddenly dared to political dialogue with Chisinau, steel Leancă balm to the soul, as if confirming the importance of himself (Leancă) for Moldova and for negotiations with Tiraspol.

But after it became clear that the most viable Kozhara planted misinformation, the importance of Leancă on the characteristics listed above began to increase sharply in the fall … How, in fact, the significance of the Leonid Kozhara which is really very much on myself took part in summing up his visit to Transnistria and Moldova.

How did he generally took that Yevgeny Shevchuk is ready to solve the political question in the PMR Moldova — Wondering, it seems, and Chisinau and Tiraspol, and even himself Kozhara …

Apparently, the after this unusual incident, the diplomatic, political and Moldova and Transnistria will now be pre-checked with OSCE representatives have visited their territorial entities that are still going to tell the masses in their own press conferences at the end of the visit. It seems to be what happened … again

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