As Washington fussing about Chinese Uighurs

As Washington takes care of the Chinese UighursI. ETIM and ETESA

On Monday the Chinese government appealed to the entire international society, calling on him to show "high alert" and at the same time to strengthen cooperation in the fight against terrorism. The reason for so impassioned statements were the acts of Uighur Islamic militants in the north-western province of Xinjiang, which left their clash with government troops.

For information about the collision in Xinjiang confirmed the official dealer of the Foreign Ministry Hong Lei, who said that the militants are in a "conspiracy" to international terrorist groups. Just "Al-Qaeda", he did not name, but said among the rest:

"This is not only seriously undermines China's national security, and creates danger to other countries in the world and destroys stability. The international community should be able to over-preparedness and strengthen the joint fight against all terrorist organizations. "

Anonymous officials from China, responsible for the fight against terrorism, in parallel said favorites terrorist organizations from the so-called "East Turkistan" send their own fighters to Syria — for a role in jihadism.

Meanwhile, the Chinese government supports President Assad in Syria. The militants are waging a war on the same side of the "opposition" trying to do in Syria Sharia government — instead of secular.

East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) And the East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association (ETESA) in their own struggle for "independence" of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region were activated from the 1990s. Uighur Muslims of Turkish origin serve there against the Chinese. Since May 2012 East Turkestan Islamic Movement and the East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association, speaking with one voice "Al-Qaeda", sent their own "soldiers" in Syria, where these men for money and rations are waging a war against the Assad government. It is believed that they fall into Syria across the Turkish border, although the Turks deny it.

ETIM in China engaged in drug trafficking, and human trafficking and gun, in addition, members of the organization were involved in robberies and kidnappings for ransom. ETIM — it's a bunch of separatists and criminals in his time had fled from Xinjiang and trained overseas terrorism. So say the Chinese bureaucrats.

As for ETESA, then its activity is focused on "the education and training of Muslims" in Xinjiang and "their liberation," which will be achieved through the creation of a Muslim country.

II. Autonomy and extremism

Bao Hongbyao, a member of the Academy of Social Sciences in Ningxia states that Muslim Uighurs, which represses the government in the western province of Xinjiang, were not able to assimilate with the local population. Part prepyadstviya is insurmountable linguistic differences: Uighurs they say on their Turkic dialect and write in Arabic script. In addition, they have a strong desire for autonomy. In the end, it is inherent in the state extremism, and explains that "severe" approach to them is the Chinese government.

"Some Uighurs in Xinjiang — the extremists. They want to break away, "- says Bao.

Seitov Alim, president of the Uyghur American Association, says that the government is constantly profess Islam forbids the Uighurs. In addition, the population of the Han in Xinjiang, due to government policies that encourage migration to the west of the country, rose sharply from 6.7% in 1949 to 40 percent in 2008. This has helped to foment ethnic strife — including because of the difficulty of resources and jobs.

Seitov believes that the policy of the Chinese government is like the message of the Uighur people, give up their own faith, or you will be accused of extremism, even if just going to express their religious beliefs. All of these measures, the views Seitova, "further pushed the Uighurs from the Chinese — if at all possible."

In July 2009, the regional capital of Xinjiang, Urumqi mess occurred, resulting in about 200 people from the Han and Uighurs were killed. Government China collapsed on the province with repression.

The human rights organization «Human Right Watch» sounding the alarm: while Beijing maintains the Muslim religion, for example, in Ningxia, is not so far away in Xinjiang. Here minors (under 18) may not participate in an Islamic practice, and because thousands of people every year are detained for "illegal religious activities."

Here is strictly forbidden to celebrate religious prazdnichkom and teach religious texts in municipal buildings, including schools. In fact, human rights activists, Xinjiang to Beijing is in the same broad category of political problems, like Taiwan or Tibet. The very demand secession or autonomy is seen in Beijing as a threat to the conservation or the vitality of the Chinese country.

"Religious extremism is closely interwoven with violence and terrorism, and fight with him — one of our top priorities," — said government spokesman Hou Han.

So Makar, the Chinese authorities determine exactly Uighur separatists as enemies of the country. Add fuel to the fire of the Uighurs themselves are prone to nationalism and terrorism.

And if the defenders of «Human Right Watch», but at the same time of the «Amnesty International» call to defend the rights Uigur, Washington is suited to this issue, so to speak, right.

III. Two-pronged approach

Uighur issue — perfect example of the introduction of the policy of double standards of the United States.

According to Tatyana Kaukenov when in the 1990s Uighur separatism intensified, the United States drew attention to the Xinjiang: the region is of fundamental strategic position (common border with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and the states of Central Asia). Separatism in Xinjiang has received a U.S. official title of "the movement for national self-determination." And no terrorism. B double standards too.

Putting into practice the past helped to date 9/11. The military campaign in Afghanistan and then in Iraq claimed a single logic around the world place. In addition, China has joined the fight against international terrorism, it is time stating that it is more susceptible to terrorist attacks — just by Uighur separatists associated with "Al-Qaeda".

And August 26, 2002 The U.S. State Department and the official Beijing announced that the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) from this point on the list of international terrorist organizations. August 28, all financial assets of the organization in the United States were frozen terrain. Not a lot of paper in the respective State Department argued that the ETIM is responsible for all acts of ruthlessness, committed for 11 years on the ground in China. September 11, 2002 and the UN ETIM included in the list of international terrorist organizations — according to the resolutions of the number in 1267 and 1390 of the Security Committee.

Apart from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, the United States has not recognized any terrorist separatist group in Xinjiang. Here's the apparent double standards of American politics. The
fact is that Washington's support of "peaceful Uighur people struggle for national self-determination" does not end there. As it turns out, Uighur map for USA comfortable as possible leverage to the rising China.

T. Kaukenov writes:

"It is also no secret the friendly attitude of the western states to the representatives of the Uighur liberation movement. The main centers of this support specifically the United States and Germany. In 2005, the U.S. was the 1st of the most active fighters for national self-determination of the Uighur people — Rabiyu Kadir, who organized in the United States International Uyghur Foundation for Human Rights and Democracy, and became president of the Uyghur American Association. After Ms. Kadeer was elected president of the Global Uyghur Congress (WUC).

Regarding headed Rabiey Kadir international agencies in support of the Uighurs, the fact that the financing of the United States government is not a secret. A week after the riots 5-7 July 2009 in Urumqi, the result of which 197 people were killed and more than 1.6 thousand were injured, the official dealer of the U.S. State Department Ian Kelly confirmed that the Global Uyghur Congress perceived funding from the State Fund donors in the U.S. Democracy . It should be noted that these funds come in the main from the Congress of the United States. According to "People's Daily", "Uyghur American Association," received each year from the State Fund of U.S. donors for democracy in the form of funding $ 215 thousand. By the way, in the July disaster management has accused China specifically in the United States based PAC. "

And the outright condemnation of China for the bloody events of July 2009 from the official Washington was not followed. Rebiya Kadeer insisted on opening a representative office in the United States Urumqi ("beacon of freedom"), but her appeal was lost in vain.

At the current time in the slammer Guantanamo until now sits three Uighurs (nineteen of their fellow citizens were ferried to other countries in 2008). Before the 2008 election, Obama promised to close Guantanamo, but it is also from the area of double standards. Currently languishing in the bullpen 166 people — though all the prisoners Obama promised to ship within three years from the day or inauguration.

So Makar, Barack Obama, President of the crisis, all these years pondering how to play the Uighur card. At the moment, one thing is clear: Obama remains in power, it will be replaced or Romney, the U.S. will continue to support the "right to self-determination of the Uighur people." Since neither Obama nor Romney will not give up as a favorite, which the United States should, in their opinion, to continue to play on the world stage. Former hegemon hard to take a multi-polar world is a good will, and because China is America's first geopolitical enemy, and later commercial and industrial partner. Heg does not tolerate gain neighbors on the globe, and will therefore be slowly by little-rock from inside China.

As for the fight against terrorism, it is, like before, is perfectly illustrated by the State Department democratic approaches. United States does not object to the role of "Al-Qaeda" in the war against the Syrian government, but officially "Al-Qaeda" is considered a major enemy: the South American nation. Similarly, Washington considers a terrorist group ETIM, but does not object to the struggle of the Uighur people for self-determination, in which Etim set the tone.

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin
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