As we were preparing to make war with Japan

Fulfillment of the plan of the battle for Manchuria

June 18, 1945 the commander of the Trans-Baikal Front, Marshal Malinovsky introduced the Supreme Commander Comrade. Stalin marked "Top Secret. Special significance. A copy of the only "action plan Transbaikalian front in the war with Japan. Malinowski, the other Russian generals and marshals hoped that the war with Japan last more than 2 months.

Put on the table a plan of action commander of the Transbaikal Front in the war with Japan was developed from about the experience of the war in Europe and consisted of the following sections: "Assessment of the enemy", "Power Trans-Baikal Front to August 1, 1945", "Evaluation of operational areas," "The grouping of forces, operational structure and timing of the operation", "Financial support", "Deposit", "The term readiness of the troops." Here is the document actually quite.

Evaluation of the enemy

On the territory of Manchuria and Korea at this time, residents of the country of the rising sun have up to 17 infantry divisions (PD) and two armored divisions (td) (900 tanks), up to 400 aircraft. Earlier, residents of the country of the rising sun were here before 1000 aircraft, it is necessary to assume that this is the beginning of the number of aircraft operations will be planted.

Of the 17 reb residents of the rising sun a 8-9 reb vs. Far East, 3 reb in Korea, TR 2-3 and 1-2 etc. in the central regions of Manchuria (Harbin, Mukden) and 2 reb against Trans-Baikal Front. Apart from these 2-divisions (119 and TR division unknown number), the inhabitants of the country of the rising sun has three fortified areas: Manchu-Chzhalaynorsky SD, who occupied portions 8 pograngarnizona to 1000-1200, and one cavalry regiment Khingansky; further into the depths of Hailar fortified area, which is also occupied parts of pograngarnizona 8, the same is placed and 8 pograngarnizona headquarters and the headquarters of the Japanese army 6; Khalun-Arshansky ur busy one reinforced infantry regiment (90 Infantry. Regiment).

Apart from this, it is necessary to take into account the direction of Kalgan, against the Mongolian People's Republic, the cavalry of Inner Mongolia (De Vanna) to 12 000 people, a reinforced infantry division of a Japanese and a Japanese Infantry Brigade.

It is also necessary to take into account up to 180 thousand troops Manchukuo, of which 60 thousand against the Trans-Baikal Front.


1. All against the Trans-Baikal Front residents of the country of the rising sun can be put in the first period and 10 infantry divisions, one armored division in the 350 tanks, 1,000 aircraft, troops Manchukuo and Inner Mongolia, equal in force 6-7 Japanese divisions.

2. Taking into account the exceptional importance of the operational areas of action of the Transbaikal Front, the people of the country of the rising sun will take all the best from them, to augment this trend, as it should, to assume that they will throw here forces from northern China, equal to 7-8 infantry divisions. All in all, Makar, in the first six to eight months of war Trans-Baikal Front can meet Japanese divisions to 17-18, 6-7 divisions of Manchukuo and Inner Mongolia, two armored divisions — 800-900 tanks.

Trans-Baikal Front forces to August 1, 1945

Infantry divisions — 28.
Motorized divisions — 2.
Panzer Corps — 1.
Mechanized corps — 2.
Panzer divisions (an old organization) — 2.
Armored brigades — 4.
Motorized infantry brigades — 1.
Mechanized brigades — 1.
Separate tank battalions — 4.
Cavalry divisions — 1.
Artillery divisions — 2.
Artillery extermination. teams — 5.
Anti-aircraft divisions RGC — 3.
Anti-aircraft artillery battalion — 4.
Mortar crews M-31 — 2.
Mortars M-13 — 8.
Assault engineering and demining brigades — 3.
Bridge-Ing. teams — 1.

Conclusion: Taken in four armies: 17, 36, 39 and 53 of the Army, 6 Guards. Panzer Army and 12 Air Force in the 2-fighter, 2-assault and 2-Bomber Division.

These forces will be quite Trans-Baikal Front to overcome resistance and suitable criteria divisions 18-25 defeat the Japanese, counting on our priemuschestvenno an advantage in tanks and artillery, because the rifle troops barely enough, given that the Japanese division has in its composition the average 13-15 thousand.

Evaluation of operational areas

1. The direction of the axis of the East China Steel road: Hailar Buhedu, Qiqihar, Harbin on its own capacity allows for the acts of one army and is characterized by severe criteria to overcome the wooded mountain ridge Hinggan with elevations up to 1500 meters and aqua barrier p. Nonni and border river Argun. This direction is closed Manchu-Chzhalaynorskim Khailar and fortified areas.

As we were preparing for war with Japan

2. The direction of Solon, Taoan, Sypingay characterized by more profitable criteria overcome Hinggan Range: he immediately least feral, cleared of forests and below — the height of 1000-1200 meters.

The ridge runs close to the border with Manchuria MPR, more developed network of dirt roads, which enables the action large masses of troops — and more than two in the army.

3. Areas: a) Yugodzir-Hid, Linxi, Chifeng, b) Alan Sume, Lake. Archagan-nur, Dolonnor, Chengde c) Dzamyn Ude Huade, galangal — allow action reinforced infantry corps in each of them, or of equal strength movable joints, allow the maneuver in the steppes between themselves and therefore may be considered as one vast operational direction for the overall direction Beypin, Chengdu, galangal — his flaw: a large detachment from the railroad.


More profitable operational direction is the direction of Solon, Taoan, Sypingay with an adjoining strip from the south up to 200 km.

The grouping of forces, operational structure and timing of the operation

On the basis of the Trans-Baikal Front puzzles — along with the troops of Primorye and Far Eastern fronts to seize Manchuria from Liaodong Peninsula. Achieving this goal is divided into two operations.

First — to take over Central Manchuria: Qiqihar, Kyle Sypingay, Jilin, Harbin, and the second operation — end of exit on the border of Manchuria in Northern China and the mastery of the Liaodong Peninsula.

At the first operation must be followed by rapid construction of the Trans-Baikal Front:

36 Army, consisting of 2-infantry corps — a total of seven RD, a cd, 2-fortified, one armored brigade, 2-Dep. tank battalions, 4 artillery regiments RGC iptapa 1, 2 minpolkov, 1 regiment of RS-M 13.

The main attack does Chzhalaynora north in the general direction Hajlar part of the forces — one or two sd from Tsagaan strike to the south to link up with the troops, which will operate from the area to the north of Hamar Dobbs to eliminate the ledge west and south of Lake Dalainor.

Secondary attack — one SD and one from the area of Light cd key to Hailar.

The coming military task — to 15 a day since the beginning of the coming of the capture area of Hailar. The forthcoming — by the end of the month with the start of the operation to seize the area Bukedu, Chzhvlantun, Yuxia. The total depth of the operation — 500 km.

39 Army (Lyudnikov) consisting of 3 sk — nine RD, military means of strengthening one art. Division breakthrough, 2 tank brigades, 4 artillery regiments RGC, 2 Guards. minutes. M-31 teams, three regiments of MS M-13, 1 fighter artbrigady, 1 assault field engin
eer brigade.

The main attack does its right flank in the general direction Dzurkin-harul, Hahsu-Nela, Vanemyao, the coming task — for 12-15 days of the beginning of the coming of the capture area of Solon, in the coming — the end of the month with the start of the operation to seize the area Taonan, Dalai, Jingxing .

Auxiliary blow to the forces of one or two sd cause of the district of Hamar Dobb north towards Ganchzhur, Solovyov to connect with parts 36 A, advancing from the area Cagan, and eliminate them together with the projection to the south and west of the lake. Dalai Nur.

The total depth of the operation — up to 500 km.

53 Army (Managarov) in the 3-ck — nine RD, military means of strengthening one artdivizii breakthrough, one armored division, 2-RGK artillery regiments, 2 regiments of MS M-13, two destructive art. brigades, 1 (corrected from one. — BS) field engineer brigade.

The main attack inflicts its left flank in the general direction of Prince rates (Art. book.) Zong Utszumchin, Lubey. Right wing — a body blow in the direction of cause Urgun-Tala, Art. Prince. Barun Utszumchinvan, Art. Prince. Aruhorchin.

The coming military task — to 15 days of the beginning of the coming of the capture area Hundulun Ara (north), Art. Prince. Aruhorchin, topping the ridge Hinggan.

The upcoming task by the end of the month since the beginning of the operation — to take over the area Tongliao, Kaituna, Chzhanyuy.

The total depth of the operation — 500 km.

17 Army, consisting of 3-RD, one armored brigade, one iptabr, 2-regiments RGC 1st iptapa, 1st min. shelf, 2 Dep. tank battalions, the 1st regiment of RS-M 13.

Strikes in the direction Yugodzir-Hid, Art. Prince. Barun Hongshi, Linxi, Dobanshan.

The coming task — to 15 days of the beginning of the operation to seize the area Lingdong, Dobanshan, in the coming — the end of the month with the start of the operation to seize the area Kyle Chifeng.

The total depth of the operation — 550-600 km …

Property security

Ammunition. Providing considering shipped in July and arriving to the 15th of August will be:

Small Arms — 4.5 b / c,
on 45-mm projectiles — 6.9 b / c,
on 57-mm shells — 4 b / c,
on 76-mm PA and DA — 4 b / c,
on 85-mm tank (at 55 bc) — 3.9 b / c,
on a 100-mm (80 rds. 40 guns) — 6.7 b / c,
on the SU-100 only 99 shots or 3 b / industrial,
on 122-mm howitzer — 4.4 b / c,
on 152-mm p / g — 5.2 b / c,
by 203-mm howitzer — 5.4 b / c,
on 82-mm mines — 6.4 b / c,
to 120-mm mines — 6.7 b / c,
on 47-mm anti-aircraft — 6.4 b / c,
on 40-mm anti-aircraft "Bofors" — 6.0 b / c,
on 76-mm anti-aircraft — 9.1 b / c,
on 85-mm anti-aircraft 4.8 b / c,
on the RS-M 13 — 21 salvo
on the RS-M 31 — 9.5 volleys.

Fuel. During execution of the judgment GFCS created in store for aviagoryuchemu — 30 refills or 21,540 tons.

Covered by cash supplies.

According avtogoryuchemu — 20 refills or 45 tons covered by 30,952 tons in stock and delivered in July 14,048 tons, but taking into account the high consumption of fuel for motor gasoline associated with the concentration and the deployment of troops, with the supply of munitions, must be submitted in July current consumption of 12-15 thousand tons.

On diesel fuel is provided from cash and supplies 3,485 tons imported in June and July of 2765 tons, amounting to 6,250 tons or 10 refills.

To leave troops in the initial areas must be submitted in July to the current allowance of 2,000 tons.


To cover expected losses in the first month of operations necessary to provide supply:

on staff — 120 thousand people,
the tanks — 500 pieces
on the SU-100 — 100 pieces,
on the SU-76 — 200 pieces,
the aircraft:
fighters — 100 pieces,
Stormtroopers — 100 pieces,
bombers — 50 pieces.

In addition, to predict the gain of the front seven — nine infantry divisions with two or three Freestanding offices and 3 destruc artbrigady.

12 VA should be enhanced with 2 Fighter Division, 2 assault divisions, one bomber division and serve three aviakorpusnyh management.

It is very necessary to ensure that might be rather short time every single army reconnaissance squadron of 12 pieces "Kingcobra" (meaning the South American reconnaissance aircraft Bell P-63 Kingkobra, commonly used as fighter-bombers. — BS) and regiments of communication.

Deadline troops

Taking into account the completion of discharge of troops 1-5 August 1945, and output them in the areas of deployment on the ground within the boundaries of 300-500 km and necessary regrouping will need up to 20 days. So makarom beginning of the operation can be found 20-25 August 1945.

At that guided Marshall?

To document and signed by Marshal of the Russian Union of Malinowski attached map groups of enemy forces, a map of operational solutions.

The plan is given to life with a huge advance for the start of the operation, and the pace of its development. Act had almost polygon criteria: the enemy was only identified. Stalin was in a hurry and started a war not 25, and August 9, the benefit that the state of the Japanese Kwantung Army, allowed her to storm safely, without waiting for a lift with all the supplies and fit all the military units. Stalin feared that Japan was about to surrender to the Western Allies, and he did not have time to grab a share of the spoils.

Instead of the expected 2 months fighting act lasted only a week. After application of the ruler of the land of the rising sun willingness to capitulate organized resistance ended. Resisted only the parts and the men to whom the order is not reached.

Predictable Russian losses were enormously high. The number of troops to the front of the Trans-Baikal August 9, days of the war with Japan amounted to 638.3 thousand people, not counting the 16 thousand soldiers of the Tatar People's Revolutionary Army. For comparison: the loss of the 1st Far Eastern Front accounted for 586.5 thousand people, and the 2nd Far Eastern Front — 334.7 thousand people.

So makarom only recorded losses, which were supposed to be compensated by the sustainer of replenishment, expected in about a month of fighting one-fifth of the total number of personnel. But other than that Malinowski wanted to get a 7-9 infantry divisions and three anti-tank brigade. Of course, he is aware that, in the battles against the German anti-tank artillery bore the greatest loss, and intended to make up for it after the first month of fighting. But additional infantry divisions it is likely to be necessary to make up for the loss of those who did not appear in the reports and were not covered by marching replenishment, and maintain such makarom former strength of their own drum groups. Especially since the document does not say anything about the purpose of these divisions. In addition, as we move deeper into Manchuria Action Front Russian troops have been reduced. During the four years of the war, Marshal is satisfied that the actual loss in the reports of troops significantly underestimated. 9 infantry divisions and three fighter-artillery brigade on its own strength is not inferior to the 120 thousandth Marching replenishment and the total loss must have been of the order of 240-250 thousand people. Certainly, the marshal was guided by the level of kazhdomesyachnyh losses in the war against Germany.

During the war with Germany at the expense of the intended specifically covered in the reports of unaccounted higher headquarters unrecoverable loss. And in the Soviet-Japanese War and the Chinese call the local Tatar population in the Russian military units was not feasible, as could be regarded as the Russian intention to annex Northeast China. It c
ertainly would have caused protests from Western allies, the government of Chiang Kai-shek and the Chinese Communists. So that additional unreported decline Malinowski meant to cover the expense of additional infantry divisions.

Creator brings heartfelt thanks daughter Malinovsky — Natalia Rodionovna Malinowska for providing a copy of the document

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