As well be Russian

Read here trusting children's post about the prerequisites adore Russian and thought, and what I love about your own good people. Even Moldavian will find 100 of circumstances in which Moldovans best people on Earth, means and Russian have such prerequisites. What are we, the Russian, like us, Russian? (Other than the charming modesty contained in this issue).

For an incredible mixture of pride and introspection. Russia can rob up the thread, beaten, smeared in mud — and still it will look at offenders with ill-concealed pity advantages. The confidence of our people in its greatness and in no way is chosen, depending on the outdoor events, all the other nations of the world, including the ruling Yankees, Russia looks down upon. This consciousness is holding the world of Atlantis, the consciousness of the sun around which revolve all other nations, the world, led to both our greatest triumphs and defeats of a samoupoeniya. Defeat, in turn, led to self-flagellation, to repent, passive, real, Russian — and also thrown into the mix Straseni pride on a secret understanding that yes, we are, of course, have sinned, but so deeply and terribly, as we sinned No one else in the world can not sin. Even lounging in the legs, even with tears smearing the face snow, Russia is confident that he has the unblemished in the world and the most sincere tears wallow in the legs. Proud, unshakable in his samouverennnost Advantages — this is our greatest weakness, as the proud just to spend, and our greatest strength, as the most terrible defeat, disaster, disaster did not pose on the Russian nor the smallest memories, where other people in fear and Drapano MPET from depression, cold-blooded Russian are just beginning to come into the taste. "Blitzkrieg? Personnel army is destroyed? Already at Moscow spies beheld? Well, things … And this is a savory jam it from what? Raspberry? Not a bad jam … Fetch my coat there."

During burning, angry, do not cease century desire to reach out to the maximum and beyond. Cry — so that your eyes weep. Siberia to learn — so much so that she ended up in Alaska. Aircraft build — so that right up to the cosmos. Totalitarianism to do — so that even the Nazis at bay eyes closed. Wage war — so that the earth melted. Russia is not only a long-harnesses and fast rides, but rushes to the time until the burst itself the horizon, everything from the inner spiritual life to revolutionary activity to scientific and technological research. Only with the psychology of ever surging over the limit could build such a huge country like ours to make such a dark and majestic literature such as ours, to surprise the world with unimaginable fear and unimaginable heroism as ours. Russia is able to display high, rare emotion — and just as he is capable of extreme manifestations, horrifying depravity. From time to time — at once. Outbreaks of limiting Russian temper sometimes forced other nations to freeze in fear or awe.

For nimble, tenacious, pirate pereeimchivost, a growing understanding of the uniqueness and advantages. Acceptable Russian situation: take the British nuclear bomb, take a German rocket, then for 50 years to threaten the world, "our, Russian nuclear weapon", feeling neither the smallest nor the popliteal and the smallest embarrassment. If the Russian is comfortable for someone else's thing, idea development, it is also beginning to use it because it seemed he was just fiction. Embarrassed, throwing, no shame in Russia, the Russian feels himself a master who has the whole world — a workshop, and who can to adopt at least some liked the tool and make it something special. As the word "general's", which is heard in the foreign root, but the suffix is luxuriously-shameless Russianness own sake. Attracted general who took the general, made him general's girlfriend. It is in Russian! Because of this, the various peoples in the face of Russian and quiet ohrenevayu on how the Russian reality format for themselves, using the surrounding space as a tool. "Decent you the city of Kazan. But we'll burn it a little bit here and voooot will move. So attractive. Truth. And ended up running and howling, Tatars, to you, fools try" — here Russian type of thinking.

For the complete lack of a culture of hypocrisy. There is a European type of bigots — a cold-faced, with a sharpened movements, with a slight grin, which may be hidden and marginal benevolence, and limit hate. There is an Asian type of bigots — stuffy, obsequious, expiring praise, smiling so that the mouth is almost bursting — and with all this swearing you three stories a little door closes. A Russian type bigots not. South American duty grin Russian takes as an artifact, as an insult, as a mockery, as izymatelstvo as a declaration of war. Sincerity is ruining the Russian unique in the world full of hypocrisy, and it also serves as an unmistakable sign of recognition, where you can instantly find out their own weight in other people. And if other people sincerity — the symbol for the highest position for you, then the Russian sincerity zero, and the placement begins with "warmth", which sometimes takes the form unimaginable for a foreigner. If we are for you, my friend, the Russian decided to show sincerity — sit down and write a will, purely just in case.

For failing to really pout, growing out of all of this is completely impenetrable sense of exclusivity. Russia very often lose out in public conflict, because they do not perceive them as conflict, not to behold the attacks, and even direct attacks against other nations danger, "They train someone like dogs, which for the dogs sulk? '. The plot of revenge for the Russian culture is uncharacteristic, Russia does not think a long, grueling, sapping the Anglo-Saxon plot, and almost for the next day climb to the offender obymatsya than able to bring the offender to a heart attack. The increasing inability of the offense-specific Russian kindness — in other words, insensitivity to hints, hail, injections, shock and a suicide weapon unfortunate victim trying to escape Russia — has provided to our people that unprecedented in the history of the colonization dynamics. "Hanged himself in the arms" — Russian situation is acceptable, a baffling other peoples and races with a narrower and more resentful of the spiritual organization.

For beauty. Russian phenotype — is a luxurious mix of northern Nordic severity, very rocky, very sharp, very square in its own pure Scandinavian-Type, and Slav pretty soft, very vague and very faithful to the other Slavic peoples. Russian prototype alien and northern angular concrete, and the southern resort of jelly, they combine within themselves, these two elements are the most perfect and pleasing to the eye way. About Russian beauty said over the past century rather the words, but I'm in the traditional Russian facial features most like going from a measured their strength, not a hysterical bustling southern volubility, not comical northern rectangular arrogance, but myagenkaya, and along with that awful power, the power of the people, able to bend the ram's horn anyone, just read in a measured Russian eyes.

For the beauty and heritage of the language, able to express subtle, hardly perceptible color of emotion, and with all this, rising in his own sound to a gentle, spirited, playful, almost Italian overflows, then descending to the menacing hiss of primitive terrible hissing. In Italian, perfectly read about love — but as the Italian curse the enemy? The German fine to curse enemies, but as the German declaration of love? In the UK yo
u can do this and that, but in an ugly cut off the base of children's equipment. Only the Russian owner gives his own full range of language, all the language of paint. And the finest brushes and feathers, so these paints draws the subtle elements.

For the incredible historical destiny. What is Jewish historical destiny? "Insulted his arm, wrote in a mink." What is the South American historical destiny? "I went to the fair redneck." What is the German historical destiny? "The shopkeeper and world domination." What is Russian historical destiny? Epics. Indescribable ups. Unimaginable fall. Complete jerk. And complete domination of the world at arm's length. When I began to teach drama, I could not shake the feeling that Russian history as written by Prof. playwright cleverly guess at what point the viewer begins to get bored of solid wins, wins, wins and where you need it to trip, and where, on the contrary, raise from the mud to greatness. In Russia, even by force of habit does not see it as a perfect dramatic contrast, as this is the perfect combination: a gloomy repression 37th and awesome, an impossible victory of Stalingrad 43rd. Brusilov Offensive or 1916 and complete destruction, that's the literal destruction of the country by the middle of 1917. The Russian force of habit is not even aware of the intoxicating beauty of these golovokruzhaschuyu rollercoaster of Russian history, from which at least some other people would have long since lost his mind.

At the moment we have a gloomy period of history, but this is temporary, as the Russian on his own nature — the irrepressible smart aleck, which can not be sad for a long time and worry. Wept, repented himself released from all negative emotions — and went to warm up his fists, well, that was nothing to repent in subsequent times. Russian self-confidence, rage, mimic, frightening intimacy and an inability to fit offended show only one thing — to have transferred out of the depressive phase of the active Russian unrealistic conditions, it is unrealistic to stop, to hurt, to ward off, to shame. Just raise your hands and run away, so as to destroy even the greatest snow-white people of the world can not. At the moment, my good people depressed, but, as shown by the winter meetings, drama of Russian history and civilization takes its starting to wake up, run across to the active, in a sassy, in the "Yes, I also love you, I wish you good for you, do not you dare, sssuka, turn away!" state. After that, all the non-Russian peoples have to turn on the "run up in all directions, the Russian wanted us well."

Are Russian greatest nation on Earth? Yes. Russian sassy assertiveness at some point peremeletsya everything and everyone, even the Chinese. There are smarter than the people, the people have more cunning, there are peoples organized, there is richer nations, there are numerous people, but the people persistently Russian no. Russian, speeding, breaking open all the army, the people, the country, continents, gallakticheskoe place, and at some point will break the Russian world. And in addition, a real Russian knows that the world is rightfully his — left this world just pick up. And at some point, the Russian world for themselves take.

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