At the hospital, Mariupol are 13 cholera patients

At the hospital, Mariupol are 13 cholera patients

As of this morning in the isolation ward of the city hospital № 4 Mariupol, Donetsk region confirmed 13 people with cholera disease.

As reported to the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the illness — moderate. SES urban specialists performed a set of sanitary and anti-epidemic measures, extensive identification of patients with acute intestinal infections and stomach disorders.

In the MOE also reminded that yesterday in Mariupol recorded five individual human cases of cholera.

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to the epidemiological investigation of patients with infection occurred mainly in the processing of fresh fish in places unauthorized discharge of sewage in nekanalizirovannoy of Mariupol or by eating food made from her home in violation of hygiene and cooking techniques.

In order to localize and eliminate the outbreak of cholera made: bacteriological examination of contact with patients in a wide range of the hearth, emergency antibiotic prophylaxis, held daily meetings of city and district emergency epidemiological commission, city and regional staff, cleaning and disinfection of storm drains, identifying and plugging unauthorized discharges into storm drains, enhanced patrolling the MIA on the beaches to prevent bathing chief issued a decree banning gossanvracha Mariupol recreational fishing and swimming in the rivers and Kalchik Kalmius.

In addition, for research on the health and bacteriological indexes and cholera selected more than 1.5 thousand samples of environmental objects. Investigations are continuing.

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