Atlantis, the Mayan people of Osiris: the mysterious disappearance of the ancient civilizations


Archaeologist David Hatcher told what happened to the Mayan and Atlanta.

Like Indiana Jones, archaeologist David Hatcher Childress loner made many incredible journeys in the most ancient and remote places on earth. Describing the lost cities and ancient civilizations, he has published six books chronicling the travels of the Gobi Desert to the Cougars-Punky in Bolivia, from Mohenjo-daro to Baalbek. He was preparing for another archaeological expedition, this time to New Guinea, and specially for "Atlantis Rising" wrote the following article.

1. Mu or Lemuria

According to various sources, the first secret civilization arose 78,000 years ago on the giant continent known as Mu or Lemuria. And there it is amazing for 52,000 years. Civilization has been destroyed by earthquakes caused by displacement of the Earth Pole, which occurred about 26,000 years ago, or 24,000 BC

While the civilization of Mu did not reach as high-tech as other later civilizations, but the people of Mu megakamennyh succeeded in erecting buildings that were able to withstand earthquakes. This building science was the greatest achievement of Mu.

Perhaps at that time the whole earth was of one language and one government. Education was the key to the prosperity of the Empire, every citizen was versed in the laws of the Earth and the universe, by age 21, he was given an excellent education. For 28 years the person became a full-fledged citizen of the empire.

2. Ancient Atlantis

When the continent of Mu sank into the ocean, the Pacific Ocean was formed today, and the level of water in other parts of the Earth has gone down significantly. Small island in the days of Lemuria in the Atlantic uchvelichilis significantly in size. Earth Poseidonis archipelago formed a small continent. This continent called Atlantis current historians, but his real name was Poseidonis.

Atlantis had a high level of technology, superior modern. In the book "Dweller on Two Planets", dictated in 1884 by philosophers from Tibet young Californian Frederick Spencer Oliver, as well as to continue in 1940, "the return of Earth Dweller", there is mention of such inventions and devices as air conditioning, for Air Cleaning vapor, vacuum cylinder lamps, fluorescent lamps, electric rifles, transport on a monorail, water generators, tools for compression of water from the atmosphere, the aircraft operated by the forces of anti-gravity.

Clairvoyant Edgar Cayce talked about the use of aircraft in Atlantis and crystals to produce enormous energy. He also referred to the incorrect application of the power of the Atlanteans, which led to the destruction of their civilization.

3. Rama Empire in India

Fortunately, the ancient Indian book of Rama Empire survived, unlike the documents of China, Egypt, Central America and Peru. Today, the remains of the Empire absorbed impassable jungle or rest on the bottom of the ocean. Yet India, despite numerous military devastation, has managed to retain much of its ancient history.

It was believed that Indian civilization did not appear much before 500 AD, 200 years before the invasion of Alexander the Great. However, in the last century in the Indus Valley in present-day Pakistan were found Mozhendzho city-daro and Harappa.

The discovery of these cities has forced archaeologists to move the date of the Indian civilization for thousands of years. To the surprise of the researchers, these modern city were highly organized and is a shining example of urban planning. A drainage system was more developed than it is today in many Asian countries.

4. The civilization of Osiris in the Mediterranean

In the times of Atlantis and Harappa Mediterranean basin was a large fertile valley. Ancient civilization which flourished there was the ancestor of dynastic Egypt, and is known as Civilization Osiris. Neil previously proceeded quite differently than today and was called Styx. Instead of falling into the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt, the Nile turned to the west, formed a huge lake in the central part of the modern Mediterranean Sea, flows out of the lake in the area between Malta and Sicily, and fell into the Atlantic Ocean at the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar). When Atlantis was destroyed, the waters of the Atlantic slowly flooded the Mediterranean Basin, destroying large cities osiriantsev and forcing them to relocate. This theory explains the strange megalithic remains found at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

Archaeological fact that at the bottom of the sea there are more than two hundred sunken cities. Egyptian civilization, along with the Minoan (Crete) and Mycenaean (Greece) — it traces a large, ancient culture. Osiriyskaya civilization has left a huge earthquake-proof megalithic structures, had electricity and other amenities that were common in Atlantis. Like Atlantis and Rama Empire, osiriantsy had airplanes and other vehicles, mostly electrical in nature. Mysterious ways of Malta, which are found under the water, that are probably part of an ancient roadway Osiriyskoy civilization.

Probably the best example of high technology osiriantsev — an amazing platform found in Baalbeck (Lebanon). Home Platform composed of the largest blocks of rock cut out, their weight is from 1,200 to 1,500 tons each.

5. Civilization of the Gobi Desert

Many ancient cities of civilizational Uighur existed at the time of Atlantis in place of the Gobi Desert. But now the Gobi — lifeless, sun-scorched land, and it's hard to believe there was once water splashing ocean.

So far no trace has been found of this civilization. However, the Vimana, and other technical devices were not alien in Uiger. The famous Russian explorer Nicholas Roerich reported his observations of flying discs in northern Tibet in the 1930s.

Some sources claim that the elders of Lemuria before the cataclysm that destroyed their civilization, moved its headquarters to the uninhabited plateau of Central Asia, which we now call Tibet. Here they founded the school known as the Great White Brotherhood.

The great Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu wrote a famous book Tao Te Ching. When approaching his death, he headed west to the legendary land of Hsi Wang Mu. Could this be the land of the possession of the White Brotherhood?

6. Tiwanaku

As in Mu and Atlantis, construction in South America reached megalithic scale in the construction of earthquake-resistant structures.

Homes and public buildings were built of ordinary stones, but with a unique polygonal technology. These buildings are still standing. Cusco, the ancient capital of Peru, which was probably built before the Incas, is still fairly populated city, even after thousands of years. Most of the buildings located in downtown Cusco, now bring together the walls, which many hundreds of years (while the younger buildings built by the Spaniards already are destroyed).

A few hundred kilometers to the south of Cuzco lie the fantastic ruins of Puma Punky, high in the Bolivian altiplano. Puma Punku — not far from the famous Tiwanaku, a massive magaliticheskogo where a 100-ton blocks scattered everywhere by an unknown force.

It happened when the South American continent was suddenly exposed to a grand cataclysm, probably caused by the shift of the poles. Former Marine range can now see at a height of 3,900 meters in the Andes mountains. A possible confirmation of this are mnozhemtvo oceanic fossils around Lake Titicaca.

7. Maya

Mayan pyramids found in Central America have their twins on the Indonesian island of Java. Pyramid Sukuh on the slopes of Mount Lava near Surakarta in central Java — An amazing temple with stone stelae and a step pyramid, which place more in the jungles of Central America. Pyramid is virtually identical to the pyramids found at the site near Tikal Uaxactun.

The ancient Mayans were brilliant astronomers and mathematicians whose early cities lived in harmony with nature. They built canals and gardens of the city on the Yucatan Peninsula.

As stated by Edgar Cayce, a record of all wisdoms of the Maya and other ancient civilizations are found in three places in the earth. First, it is Atlantis or Poseidon, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered under perennial bottom overlays, for example in the area of Bimini off the coast of Florida. Secondly, in the records of the temple somewhere in Egypt. And finally, on the Yucatan Peninsula, in America.

It is assumed that the old Hall of Records can be located anywhere, probably under some pyramid, in an underground chamber. Some sources say that it is the repository of ancient knowledge contains quartz crystals, which are capable of storing large amounts of information, like modern CDs.

8. Ancient China

Ancient China, known as Han China, like other civilizations, was born from the huge Pacific continent of Mu. Ancient Chinese records known descriptions of heavenly chariots and jade production, which they shared with the Maya. Indeed, the ancient Chinese and Mayan languages seem very similar.

The mutual influence of China and Central America each other are obvious, as in the field of linguistics as well as in mythology, religious symbolism, and even trade.

The ancient Chinese invented many things, from toilet paper to the detection of earthquakes and missile technology and printing techniques. In 1959, archaeologists discovered aluminum tape, made thousands of years ago, this aluminum from raw material obtained by electricity.

9. Ancient Ethiopia and Israel

From the ancient texts of the Bible and the Ethiopian book Kebra Negast we know about the high technology of ancient Ethiopia and Israel. The Temple in Jerusalem was based on three giant blocks of cut stone, similar to that found in Baalbek. Solomon's temple and a mosque before now exist in this place, whose foundation is clearly rooted in the civilization of Osiris.

Solomon's Temple, is another example of a megalithic construction was built to store it in the Ark of the Covenant. The Ark of the Covenant was an electrical generator, and the people who touched it by accident, were killed shock. The ark itself and the golden statue were removed from the King's Chamber in the Great Pyramid by Moses during the Exodus.

10. Aroe and the Kingdom of the Sun in the Pacific

At a time when the continent of Mu sank into the ocean 24,000 years ago due to the shifting of poles, the Pacific Ocean was later re-inhabited by many races of India, China, Africa and the Americas.

The resulting civilization Aroe islands of Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia has built many of the megalithic pyramids, platforms, roads and statues.

In New Caledonia, cement columns have been found, dating from the time of 5120 BC to 10950 BC

Statues of Easter Island were placed in a spiral clockwise around the island. On the island of Pohnpei was built huge stone city.

Polynesians in New Zealand, Easter Island, Hawaii and Tahiti, still believe that their ancestors had the ability to fly through the air and traveled from island to island.

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