Azerbaijani scientist on the mysteries of the human brain, killing the power of sight and power protection


The questions "Echo" meets MD, Professor Rafik Sherifzade since the mid 80's working at the Research Institute of the brain at the medical center "Erasmus" in Rotterdam. The main job of the scientist associated with the study of the mysteries of the human brain, an alternative vision, sneaking a look, paranormal. For a time he studied the mystery of death and the behavior of the human brain at the time of death.

Please tell us how you became interested in this grim topic?

— First of all, not a grim topic. Death is as natural as life. But if the birth at the very least we know something, then the death of almost nothing. You, for example, how many know the signs of death?

— Well, respiratory arrest, cardiac, brain activity …

— You have listed all three features. In fact, even in 1890, one physician wrote an article on the problem of determining the real and imaginary death, listing as many as four hundred eighteen signs of real death! Today, the list continued. Now help extend the life of all sorts of modern technology, which increasingly blur the distinction between life and death, and perhaps because of this doctors often make mistakes with the statement of death. During the Vietnam War in 1967, it seems, was badly wounded American soldier was taken to the military hospital of the best in South Vietnam. They tried to revive the forty-five minutes, but these attempts were unsuccessful. According to the testimony of the electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, and according to the doctors, he was dead, but four hours later woke up in the morgue. Until now, by the way, is alive and receiving military retirement.

And gave me the study of the brain at the time of the death of a Japanese biologist Kaneto Miyagi in 1998. He has long been interested in a rather strange problem: it looks like death? In the folklore of almost all the Western nations is an old woman with a scythe. It is clear that there is no spit and no old woman does not exist, but what is there? In Miyagi was a favorite grandmother. She was eighty-odd years, when she received a serious head injury and died a few days later. Miyagi was with her until the last minute, and these moments because it affected that it became known all over the world. About him, then wrote many papers because he has dedicated his work to the study of what it looks like this cute old lady is death. Miyagi said that for a few seconds before the death of the grandmother suddenly sat down, looked with horror somewhere in front of him, waved his arms and shouted, "Go away, why did you come?". Miyagi've thought about it and decided to start figuring out how to look as messengers of death.

— And this is not the Miyagi thought the old lady patient, and with a head injury, could be ordinary hallucinations? Brad?

— I thought, of course! He never said that at first wrote off all the hallucinations. But something still did not give him rest, and he had long consulted with experts — there they have in Japan, there is a research center psychic. Electronica from this center have made an order under its unique device to the computer, sensors and laser camera. Miyagi got the device and waited for the "customer." Heard the old man dies, a neighbor. Miyagi received his written consent to the experiment, the sensor is connected the device to various points on the skull that correspond to the principal divisions of the brain, including visual and auditory, and sat down in front of the monitor. During the agony on the monitor appeared indistinct shadows. A second before the death of the monitor displays something similar to the human figure. After a few moments vague silhouette gained traits of a beautiful young woman. Apparently, the old man, too, as it saw the image, although the room is real, of course, there was nobody. Dying momentarily perked up and smiled. A woman came up to the bed and took his hand, as if inviting her to follow. And then the old man died.

— Scary topic for research! So rudely intrude into the small world …

— Yes, do not you think so one! Miyagi talked about his experience at the Center for the Study of anomalous phenomena, and there he was advised to stop dangerous experiments, they say, otherworldly forces do not like people trying to penetrate the mysteries of the underworld and to the researcher it could end badly. But Miyagi did not listen to smart people and after the old man was in his practice a couple of occasions. For a dying old woman came laughing girl, and for dying of cancer elderly man came another elderly man. And this came as glared at Miyagi that he was beside himself with terror. Miyagi told colleagues about the case, and the next day was killed in a terrible car accident. All this is terribly interested in me, and I decided to delve into this area.

— And are not you afraid that you — God forbid! — Also something terrible might happen?

— Even as I'm afraid! That's why I do not do this theme in the form in which it was engaged Miyagi. It is difficult to formulate an "official" name of my theme. It also includes a variety of unexplored properties of sight, and the ability to see without eyes. There is nothing mysterious or transcendent! Therefore, in no subtle world I rude not to intrude. There is, for example, blind people who perceive the world at the level of auditory and tactile sensations. There are special schools where it is taught, and, in addition to the blind, and any interested persons. Sighted. To begin with the man blindfolded and would accept the offer as some text, or tell what the other person that the subject does not see. It is proposed to determine the suit cards, turned "face", to determine the image on a piece of paper, tucked away in an envelope, etc. What is striking is the accuracy with which people engaged in such a "reading" of information, it is possible to correctly answer the problem posed in this way. This phenomenon is called "alternative vision". We have in my lab had a lot of such experiments, and they showed that the positive results were significantly more frequent. Vividly a phenomenon that occurs in preschool and early school age. Thanks to him, children are easier to learn. Many people may have heard about a generation of "indigo children" who have many of the capabilities that are not available to adults. Apparently, a new generation is born with a strong sixth sense, having some other "vision."

— Tell me more about the properties of the unexplored sight.

— In various myths and legends are not often mentioned about the properties of sight — killing or healing. At the heart of these ancient myths are representations of beings whose eyes had, for example, killing power. Gorgon — the best-known such a creature. She had the ability to single glance all living things turn to stone. Still there was a snake basilisk, it is well described in the first century AD, Pliny the Elder. According to this myth, the basilisk could kill not only for its poisonous breath, but look.

— But it's all myths. And there are the real facts? And how do they explain the scientists?

— These facts have since ancient times attracted the attention of physicians and philosophers. One of the first who gave their time for a friendly explanation of the vision and, in general, of the senses, was the great physician Galen. He lived in the second century AD. In his time there was an idea of "fire air," one of the varieties of which was considered to pneumatic or quintessence. Another name — the "fifth substance". This was considered a material carrier of the spiritual. Taking these concepts as a basis, Galen made a solid step forward, assuming that the pneumatic able to "fly" out of the body to communicate with the "outside" pneuma and the creation of "vneshnepnevmaticheskogo" appendage. Prior to this he was denied the ability to pneuma. Galen believed that through this vneshnepnevmaticheskogo appendage senses seemed to relate to a particular remote object. In other words, how would they handle it. Galen went even further. He argued that each organ has its own inherent sense pneumatic: visual and lighting. Spotting — svetoobrazna, auditory — Light-like.

For the sake of historical truth I must admit that long before Galen similar view of the nature of and adhered to the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who lived in the fifth and fourth century BC. Plato believed that the vision is explained by the interaction of flowing out of my eyes "fire" with the light coming into the eye from the outside.

His student Albin wrote much on the same topic. In my e-book has a lot of excerpts from the works of these scholars, here, read: "By setting the face luminous eyes, the gods have forced them to restrain a prisoner in their fiery light, smoothness and density which makes it similar, in their opinion, the ancient light. This Inner Light, clear and transparent, easily poured through the eyes of a whole, but particularly easy — through their middle. Faced, as like with like, with the light from the outside, it creates a visual experience. "

Aristotle argued that the woman on certain days, "his gaze often Marano mirror drops of blood." Well, Aristotle was a famous misogynist, apparently, with a bunch of complexes I cited him as an example only to show that there were many scientists who thought something mysterious look. Suetonius, for example, the Roman historian. He wrote about the sunshine eyes of the Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius. These statements Plato, Albina, Suetonius and Galen had long circulated in the medical world as a Persian physician Razi, who lived at the turn of the ninth and tenth centuries AD, was not opposed galenovskogo explanation of view. So you do not load the essence of the teachings of Razi, I say that this essence is very well defined by the title of his work: "The vision and the fact that it is not determined by the rays emanating from the eye." But later, in the fifteenth century Platonist Marsilio Ficino, idealist philosopher, supported version of the rays of: "beam emitted from the eye, entails pairs of spirits … Foul red eyes and emitting a beam forced to suffer a similar disease eyes looking around" .

— And yet mainstream science considers all the legends nothing more than fiction …

— Official science fiction has always said something, if not in a position to give a full and explaining all phenomena are the answer! If we accept that there is something unexplainable, many academics have to say goodbye to their warm places and admit that they know nothing! In my view, it would be much more honest to just say yes, there is inexplicable. While the unexplainable. And we can not give an explanation, because I do not know how elementary it is inexplicable even to measure. Measure — that I express myself figuratively. To make it clear that I mean this: have not yet been discovered microbes, their existence is denied.

They had nothing to elementary see! And now I'm reminded of orthodox scientists would-be researchers who are trying to measure the wave radiation measuring tape or Bezmenov. And yet, despite all, the highly controversial, all the while continuing reports about people with "bad" eye or 'death' look.

Another Helena Blavatsky in the book "In the caves and thickets of Hindustan" wrote that yoga as a result of a long training acquire the gift called "vazitva" which allows you to tame and even kill wild animals at a glance. Also, she tells a story of a hunter: "At this time my eyes Kurumba take a strange expression … I just noticed the same in the view snakes as she waited for prey, directs it to the victim, her charming, as well as in the eyes of black toads Mysore . Fixed, glazed look that shines like a domestic cold light, attracts and repels together. "

— Blavatsky — a figure quite odious …

— Now I do not take her argument about religion and philosophy, in general, do not touch all the controversial moments of her practice. I am only talking about the "bare" facts that it results in his writings. Yes, there are many other researchers and travelers who are on the basis of their own experience provides evidence that the human eye is able to kill or cause other damage. In other cases, on the contrary, cured. I could offer you a lot of such examples, but they are all the same type. Their essence is worth a certain individual to cast a glance at the other person, and he somehow suddenly falls ill or dies.

Here is an example only Rasputin. All contemporaries as one, argued that his view was almost impossible to survive. Here, read that writing about this E.F.Dzhanumova, who knew him personally, "Well, his eyes! Every time I see him, amazed at how diverse expression and such depth. Long endure it look impossible. As- something heavy in it, as if you are feeling financial pressure, but his eyes shone with kindness often, always with a share of guile and they have a lot of softness. But no matter how cruel they can be scary sometimes, as in anger. "

— You mentioned people who can kill the look. Can you give some examples?

— How much you want! Barnett, David Nelson, in his book "The mystics and magicians of Tibet," writes about the unlikely event that took place in front of her. Her translator, trying to make a traveling magician to take the money, got hit "look." "Davasandyuk thought it proper to insist and went to the table with the intention of putting money beside lamp. But there it was, before he could make three steps, as staggered, bounced back as if from a strong push, and hit his back against the wall. When He cried out and clutched his hand over his stomach in the stomach. Magician stood up and walked out of the room, laughing gleefully. " Another example: he lived in Sicily in the nineteenth century, one man can not remember the name. He enjoyed a sinister reputation killer, and when he walked down the street, out of the way people were hiding in their homes and doorways. However, to prove no one could even charge no one could claim, although there was plenty of evidence that his view of the many died on the spot. But God punished him! It was said that one day he stopped at a shop window and took a long look reflected. Beams from his eyes, reflected from the mirror and the killer struck back, and he died. So anyway, witnesses claimed.

Can be very dangerous and look a person in a state of extreme excitement. This fact has long been known, so accidental death row prisoners were blindfolded. And many people think that a humanitarian sentenced to: that he was not scared. Yes, no one thought scared sentenced or not! It was terrible to others!

— The fact that the phenomenon is real, do not have to doubt. Doubts arise only when it comes to explanations …

— Explanation — and this is the most difficult part of the problem! Issues facing our laboratory explores approaching them on the following principle: we dropped all the established standard views on the problem and solve issues based on the fact that we did not really know about the world. We try to keep our brains were not clouded by stereotypes and false calculations materialists. After all, do not doubt the fact that the materialist education is fundamentally wrong. What is the look of a man?

He can be charming, encouraging, divine, hypnotic, and even suicidal. Virtually all higher animals, for example, can not stand the gaze of man. About the eyes and say they are a mirror of the soul. On the other hand, as the eye body — either and "bad", and the usual — is only one receiver of electromagnetic waves in the visible spectrum.

Therefore, physiologists, and biophysics relate to the eye as to the rather prosaic body. It has been studied far and wide and it found nothing mysterious about it. However, the undeniable fact proven by physicists that our eyes — the source of quite a strong electric field, between the front and back surfaces of the retina has the potential to one-tenth of a volt. It is this potential in the surrounding tissue causing an electrical current. In our laboratory experiments were conducted on the "capture" of the magnetic field varies with illumination of the retina, and it was registered as a magnitoretinogrammy.

It was found out an interesting thing: the magnetic field eyes slightly stronger brain fields and fields weaker muscles and heart. I do not want to say that this is a very strong current, biomagnetic signals are very weak eyes and quickly fade away and their registration — extremely difficult physical challenge. In these studies, it was observed that the eye makes radiation in the infrared range. The power of this radiation — more than ten microwatts per square centimeter. With the same power and emit the same range of any portion of the skin. So mysterious radiation is not, there is something else intangible.

— However, there are also popular expression "beams from his eyes," "starry eyes"?

— Just the eye surface perfectly reflects light falling on it, and it often creates the illusion of rays emanating from his eyes. But just look at the eyes in a completely dark room, and we see that they do not emit anything that could be seen visually.

— And why did the cats eyes glow in the dark?

— Due to the chemiluminescence, a chemical process, that is, again, not "rays of view."

— Having read your brochure "Secrets of view and look," I realized that in modern science still has the term "Rays of view." What is the nature of these rays? Or "rays" in this case should still be quoted?

— Yes, it is better to take in quotes because visually, as I said, they do not exist. Although the nature of these "beams" disputes between scientists do not cease in our time. Most scientists believed that "the rays of" inherent purely physical nature, likely electromagnetic properties. I ask, then how do we explain the look of the Basilisk? How to explain the unique phenomenon when people read and moved with a tight blindfold? Either completely blind from birth? From all this it follows that a person can "see" not only with the eyes!

— But it's you again meddling in the delicate world!

— Maybe! However, I would not categorically say. I think the decision is likely to be found within the framework of physics and not even Biophysics and bioenergy, and yet mythical "rays of" prove nothing to do with. However, as explained by the fact that many people feel when they look? Accumulated a lot of evidence of such susceptibility. These feelings hard to describe, but they are usually born in the neck or upper cheeks. Scientists from Queen's University, the American decided to experimentally prove or disprove the perceived view of the opportunity to feel someone else's opinion. Was thought extremely simple technique: in the center of the room with his back to the researchers sat a man on whom at some point had to watch the other.

If the subject felt strange look, he reported it. The study involved more than a hundred volunteers. The result was simply amazing! People in 95 percent of cases, there is directed at them look! In the occipital region occurred fleeting feeling of pressure, like a breath of wind. Here's how to describe his state of the patients Vladimir spondylitis in the early twentieth century: the "Alien look makes me uncomfortable feeling, which is reflected in a strong and uncontrollable contraction of the muscles of the eyelids and the eyeball and convulsive twitches: the eyes become turbid as if nothing perceived gaze wandering … ". And as we all had fun as a child, remember? You go and you start to look closely at the back going forward. And it is sure to turn around!

— What were the circumstances and causes lead to an individual having the "evil eye"?

— They, incidentally, is often called "the devil marked" … At this point there are several assumptions. It is believed that the main cause is heredity. Another reason could be a powerful curse that lies on the person. There is a widespread belief that not all "marked by the devil" can cause unhappiness with his eyes intent. For some people this can happen even against their will.

— How to reliably determine whether a person has a "bad" eye?

— Reliably — in any way. However, the experience gained over many centuries, shows that "marked the devil" in appearance or character of a strange thing. Often these people are blessed with big eyes and unblinking scrutiny. Often, many simply attributed to the ability to "ill" look. The poor, for example. And many nations!

— But these are the signs all the unprovable!

— Demonstrable, provable, but many well-known and serious scientists devoted their labors problem of the "evil eye." Academician Vladimir Bechterev, for example, devoted a special issue of the publication — "The fear of another's sight." People with such a "gift" which I call the disease, were the objects of his many demonstrations to medical students. There were some demonstrations and Pirogov Congress of Russian Physicians in St. Petersburg in 1904. It is interesting that some of the demonstrated really attended any of the above symptoms! By the way, it is curious that the ability to "bad" view of the West was attributed to the owners of black eyes, in the East — the owners of the blue. It was thought that squinting eyes — also, of course, a sign of the "evil" eye. The reasoned opinion is as follows: since the mowing man can not look straight in the eye contact, it was thought that he was looking at the devil. Therefore, the word "oblique" is used in the sense of "the devil." By the way, death is also styled "scythe old woman holding a scythe." It is no coincidence with the words "Spit", "oblique", "mow" the root of the total.

— Well, here, launched the "Grim Reaper" and it ends with …

— So done anything yet!

— With pleasure! How to protect against the "evil" look?

— There are many ways such protection. Put a special energy security, for example, but it's a serious conversation, not for the uninitiated. The main preventive moment: aim to avoid anyone's envy. Alert people have always tried not to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of others to their views. Tell it not in unfamiliar companies about their success, glory not a good relationship in the family or at work. And that most do not become a bad influence on someone — suddenly you also have the ability to "ill" look — do not talk bad about anyone, and do not even think! The more you radiate into space and good positive energy, the better! Our planet is overrun with negativity, do not increase it!

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