Belarusian deja vu in Azerbaijan

Comment on overclocking demonstration in Minsk on December 19 we asked diffusion Majid, editor of the Russian-speaking site Azerbaijani Service of Radio Liberty.

Maksimyuk: On Sunday, the Minsk authorities violently dispersed a protest against the rigged presidential elections. On Monday, the Belarusian state television were some of the opposition candidates, and repent, and accused the other candidates of provoking clashes with riot police, and in the assault of the Government House. Zia, we would like to ask you, as such protests are resolved by the authorities in Azerbaijan?

after the election of several candidates who have been seen on these shots at the square, where they are called to review the results of the presidential elections and do not recognize them, also took to the television and began to repent

Majid: When I looked at the footage from the Independence Square in Minsk, I had the impression so-called deja vu. Because in 2003, after the presidential elections in Azerbaijan in October, at the Freedom Square in central Baku was about the same. The people nezadavaleny election results, which was declared a victory bezagavarachnaya Ilham Aliyev, left on Liberty Square and began peacefully, but rather to actively express their protest. One and a half hours, this peaceful protest ended with the square moved even internal forces and started a pretty tough crackdown. Then on the frame to be seen, perhaps, some in the crowd acted provocateurs. About this version in case of Minsk as saying. And after the election several candidates who were seen at these shots on the area where they are encouraged to review the results of the presidential elections and do not recognize them, also took to the television and began to repent. But they did not speak out of the studio, but out of prison. They were held in the detention center. Perhaps under some pressure from the police, they admitted their guilt. As a result, one of them is now in the Parliament of Azerbaijan.

Maksimyuk: Five former Belarusian candidates are now under arrest. Perhaps against them zavedut Criminal cases and will be judged. A judge of the presidential candidates in Azerbaijan?

Majid: As I said, all for them over the remand prison and 15 days of arrest for alleged hooliganism. And that's all, and then forgave them.

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