Belarusian writers Neklyaeva Life in Danger

Society "We are deeply outraged by brutal beating and arrest of our colleague, a wonderful poet, leader of the public campaign" Tell the Truth ", a candidate for Presidents of Belarus Vladimir Neklyaeva "- written by Belarusian writers.

"Right now, it is the preservation of his life. Nyaklyayeu should not be in the detention center, while in the hospital under close medical supervision.

We demand an urgent need to ensure Vladimir Neklyaev health care and to release him immediately. "

The appeal, which pubikue "Nasha Niva"Subscribers:

Valentin Akudovich

Svetlana Aleksievich

Vladimir Orlov

Natalka Babina

Ryhor Baradulin

Gennady Buraukin

Lavon Wolski

Anatoly Vertinskiy

Neil Gilevich

Andrew Dynko

Sergei Zakonnikau

Victor Kazko

Ales Pashkevich


Ales Ryazanov

Michas Scoble

Andrei Skurko

Andrew Khadanovich

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