Belarusians in Lithuania sweep everything

The article under the headline appeared in the Russian-speaking Lithuanian newspaper "Browse" button.
"The flow of Belarusians crossing the state border of Lithuania, unabated and even increased — According to the State Border Guard Service of Lithuania.

When the capacity of the border crossing Stone's Log — coppersmith two thousand cars a day actually on the Lithuanian territory through the border crossing to call in from 2500 to 3 thousand cars are for the day. A similar situation from Belarus at the border crossing Kotlovka — Lavaryshki where bandwidth at 1.2 thousand cars daily Lithuanian border guards take up to 2 million passenger vehicles. At about the same things at the border crossing Benyakoni — Salechniki and other Belarusian-Lithuanian border crossings.

According to the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Consular Section of the Embassy of Lithuania issued daily more than 800 visas to residents of Belarus.

Lithuanian businessmen are rubbing their hands: Belarusians have become expensive and desirable customers in Vilnius, Kaunas, discount, Maryyampali and other cities.

Belarusians in Lithuania acquire all the eyes see, just to keep the savings.

"Overcome currency crisis Belarusians, mostly citizens of Minsk residents of other big cities — Grodno, Lida, Baranovichi Borisov, Bobruisk, — acquire Lithuania, all the eyes see, just to keep the savings. Economic tourists prefer automobiles, household appliances, clothing and footwear from well-known manufacturers, household items and food Lithuanian production that against the Belarusian products of higher quality, "- said the head of the Vilnius shopping and entertainment center (GZTS)" Akropolis " Česlovas Urbanavichus.

"The days when Belarusians were rare and occasional guests in our GZTS are over. Today, Vilnius residents complain that because of the influx of cars with Belarusian numbers they have to park their vehicles in the nearby streets, and not on the site for customers GZTS "Akropolis", although it is designed for two thousand parking spaces, "- said the businessman.

Caviar and champagne demanded in the restaurant of our center one of the Belarusian customers and immediately got what they want.

"Black caviar and champagne demanded in the restaurant of our center one of the Belarusian customers and immediately received the desired, skiravavshysya home not only with an expensive delicacy, exquisite wine, but also full of a jeep of a product," — recalled a funny episode Urbanavichus.

On the background of the "celebration of life" Lithuanian businessmen working in Belarus, anxiously monitor events related to the currency crisis. If at the beginning of the "shock therapy", made by the National Bank of Belarus, the currency is not enough for the domestic market, but today it is not enough for International Settlements. Hopes for the statements of President Lukashenko that the government is able to throw the reins on the crisis in May, melted.

"It is clear that without fundamental changes no stabilization in the economy of the neighboring country is not possible. My friends who live in Minsk on myself feel this currency crisis. The wives of friends, like all women, go shopping and see how quickly prices are rising. However, the quality of the goods is the same. It is not always the lowest, but still the new prices do not reflect their real value, "- said the adviser to the president of the bank« SEB »Gitanas Navseda.

If people are traveling to Lithuania and leave here the currency — that's good. However, this does not create a fundamentally new conditions for bilateral relations.

"If people are traveling to Lithuania and leave the currency here — it's good. However, this does not create a fundamentally new conditions for bilateral relations, as the economic weight of the "currency of tourism" is relatively small. The brunt of bilateral economic relations bear a heavy business segments — construction, trade, and tourism. If there are problems in mutual economic and turbulentnasts in business is braked. And this is an alarming sign, because surely reprove Lithuanians from new investments or joint projects with Belarusian businessmen. What, in fact, already observed, "- believes Navseda.

Its point of view shares and the Ambassador of Lithuania to Belarus Edminas Bagdonas, who noted that "today the business carefully analyzes the main problem — the lack of opportunity to get as much currency as is necessary for the implementation of the ongoing projects. Instead of a specific job Lithuanian entrepreneurs must deal with in order to have time to stop up the gaps formed in the work. course, not to say that such attitudes are beneficial bilateral contacts. "

Director of the Institute of International Relations of the University of Vilnius Ramunas Vilpishavskas believes that "Belarusian authorities will have to take unpopular steps — to reduce the benefits of jobs, start the mechanism of privatization, re-do the billions of loans in the external financial market. "

Belarus has not engaged in any economic reforms.

However, Prime Minister Andrius Kubilius said that "Belarus has not engaged in any economic reforms. Therefore, it had to devalue the currency. The financial system of Belarus is simply not stand those gifts that the Belarusian government gave its citizens on the eve of presidential election . "

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