Bialowieza Forest hurricane struck the greatest damage in the last 20 years

Storm blowing over the Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the third week of July, caused the most severe damage in the past 20 years. Even a tornado in 2002, which destroyed about 60,000 cubic meters of wood in the queen-Masty forestry on an area of about 180 hectares, compared with the current weather looks like an easy trick.

This time, the damage more in times: from the height forest looks like it walked on giant road roller.

Particularly affected pine stands aged 40-60 years in the business district and Porozovskogo Novodvorsky forestry (Grodno region).

According to preliminary data, damaged about 1,400 hectares of forest. Completely destroyed forest plantations on the area of about 600 hectares, where it is to remove 140 cubic meters of wood.

The strongest storms are common in the general forest. July 2 this year had already passed through Porozovskogo forest, destroying trees in the area of 5.2 ha.

The dead wood should be removed as soon as possible to prevent the loss of its quality and pests.

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