Bison. Forest heavyweight watch online

Bison.  Forest heavyweight watch online
Under the cool air vernal Yellowstone State Park is about to unfold the drama of perdition and redemption. A herd of buffalo or buffalo surrounded by a fallen comrade, this bull was the victim of terrible winter and herd if they did not want to leave it. But approaching an old enemy Buffalowolf, but man is the only enemy is equal to the bison, they caught the smell of death. When that bison blazed their trails throughout North America, and on the heels of him was wolf, but when the west was won, bison, and the natives, who were dependent on him gone. In the last decades of the 19th century the number of buffalo declined constructively, by 1908 only 1,000 buffalo left in the main in captivity. 23 feral bison, against all odds, survived in the Yellowstone national park and from there began their comeback, at the moment there are about 5,000 of their descendants. Spring — time to ruthlessness and rebirth, the female buffalo one is poisoned in a world full of wolves, only one instinct may force her out of the herd. Deliveries are completed promptly …

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