Bodies interested in child care Khalip and Sannikov

The tutorship interested young son arrested during a protest in Minsk presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and his wife, journalist Irina Khalip.

14:05 It was learned that Lucyna Khalip it was suggested to the custody of her grandson. Guardianship authorities indicated their interest in having a child brought up in a family.

The three-year detention after Daniel's father and mother in the care of parents Rockets. The fact that a grandson interested in guardianship, Lucyna Khalip reported by telephone from the kindergarten, which is now a child. Call reporter found his mother in front of the KGB, where she was trying to convey warm clothes daughter who was kept in prison.

Lucyna Khalip went to kindergarten, to find out why the interest of the guardianship to her grandson.

We talked to Vladimir Khalip, parents Irina Khalip, at a time when he and his wife Lucyna, mother Irene, were taken from the three-year Danilo Sadochka.

"Yes, they allowed us to take Danica. Lucyna wrote a statement for the issue of custody of her grandson. Employees of custody have told us that this is a very long procedure that will need to spin a medical examination, and so on," — said Vladimir Khalip, a well-known director and publicist.

"Of course, all this is done intentionally, to put pressure on Irina and Andrei Sannikov. How people were detained, and never not interested in the guardianship of their children. Danica is now at home, more in kindergarten he will not go, "- said Vladimir Khalip.

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