Breaking News! France began bombing Libya

French Air Force struck the first blow to the Libyan military vehicles, fired at the car of an unknown type. Nicolas Sarkozy announced the launch of the military operation in Libya

— At 19:45 Moscow time, the French Air Force struck the first blow to the Libyan military vehicles, fired at the car of an unknown type, — the press-secretary of the French General Staff, Colonel Thierry Byurkar.

March 19, French President Nicolas Sarkozy officially announced during an emergency summit at the Elysee Palace to start in the next few hours of the military operation in Libya.

By decision of the summit area of military operations will be 100 to 150 miles around Benghazi.

In an attempt to prevent air attacks by the Libyan authorities, French and Italian fighter planes already fly over the territory of Libya with reconnaissance mission.

— Along with our Arab, European and American partners, France is ready to play its part in history — Sarkozy said.

The French President also demanded that Muammar Gaddafi an immediate ceasefire.

— For the Libyan regime is the only opportunity to negotiate with the international community. We must allow the Libyan people to choose their future — said Sarkozy.

During the summit, British Prime Minister David Cameron also spoke of the need for urgent action against the Gaddafi regime.

Initiative to start military actions in Libya and the United States supported.

— Coalition is ready for immediate military response — said Barack Obama at the summit.

Military operations have officially joined by Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway and Qatar.

Country for more than two months of unrest dogged

For strikes on Libya, France will use several dozen fighters "Rafale" and "Mirage", which, in all probability, will be based in Corsica and the Mediterranean coast — Marseille and Istres.

Another 18 March, the representative of the Government of the French Francois Baruan said that France intends to launch a military operation by Gaddafi's troops.

After some time, the British Prime Minister David Cameron said that the highlights from the Royal Air Force fighter "Typhoon" and "Tornado" to participate in international military air operations in Libya.

Meanwhile, the Libyan leader sent a letter Saturday to U.S. President Barack Obama, has promised no matter what, will be "to continue to love him as a son," and said that in the event of aggression Libyans "ready to die" for the defense of their country.

— You do, President Obama, if the "Al Qaeda" was on the streets of your cities? — Asked U.S. President Gaddafi.

Gaddafi has sent another letter to both the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, British Prime Minister David Cameron, and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

In it, the Libyan leader warned that Western countries strongly regret if intervene in the internal affairs of Libya /

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