Brest observers complained to the CEC violations

Observers from Brest sent a number of complaints to the electoral commissions at various levels, the prosecutor's office, police.

Vitaly Bumblebee observed the voting station number 1 in Brest, which was located in the School of Music. He said that the Commission treated him friendly enough — at the time of counting. Once the site has been closed to the voters, the control of the vote counting was limited to an observer. Vitaly sent a complaint to the CEC, in which he described the results of the elections were rigged. Members of the commission did not sound its calculation, and wrote the numbers on paper and handed them over to the Chairman of the Commission:

"However, some members of the commission voiced the results of vote counting out loud. I thus found out that the area voted for the candidate Rymasheuski 56 votes, Vladimir Neklyaeva — 162, against all — 202. "

The observer, copied these figures and later compared them with those that were in the final minutes. The numbers were quite different:

"I was shocked, in the final minutes of Rymasheuski figure was 48 per Neklyaeva — 132, as against all — 84".

Chairman of the Commission has repeatedly left the room and went out to the area talking on a cell phone. According to the electoral law, it is — a violation.

According to the observer, Anna Stepanivna Stepanjuk, Chairman of the Commission in this area, during the counting of votes has repeatedly come out to the site and talking on a cell phone. All this time other members of the commission are idle and did not let him close to the table with the ballots. All this is also reflected in the complaint:

"During the break, the chairman of the commission repeatedly left the room and went out to the area talking on a cell phone. According to the electoral law, it is — a violation. "

Ekaterina Shelest, observer on the plot number 97 Brest also said that before the vote count nearly observers were not allowed. Observer filed a complaint to the prosecutor of the Moscow district of Brest on the fact that the last day of early voting at night in the room where the urn were outsiders:

"I carried the night shift. When a car drove up to the parking lot near the school, she saw that the door of the room where the box open. People who were in the room when they saw a car drove up, closed the door. But the driver put the car in such a way that the lights shining directly into the window. And it can be clearly seen glimpses of flicker, which is in a police uniform. In the room were two people instead of one, as provided by law. "

A complaint to the CEC today wrote and observer at the site number 98Denis Turchynyak:

"Once the Commission began counting votes, I examined early voting ballot box. This meter, and even more, the height of the box. Inside the box for a lot of dust. My attention was attracted by the fact that at the bottom of the box were traces of human hands. Thus, the lower part of the box spun ".

The Observer called to the prosecutors, today filed a complaint in the CEC.



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