Bridge collapse in the U.S.

The bridge, located just north of the access road to Mount Sugarloaf, collapsed at 4 pm on Sunday. The second bridge (photo below) on the same road number 27, located a few hundred feet to the south, was struck by a few minutes, reports

Both bridges are located in the Valley Carrabassett, Maine. Collapse occurred after heavy rainfall. Director of Emergency Management Agency Tim Hardy reports the erosion of roads. "I've never seen so much water, as this time," — said Hardy.

According to unofficial data, the number of precipitation in one night in the Valley Carrabassett, is 6 inches (150 mm). Transport in the area between the two bridges broken. About 50 staff and 50 local resort guests remain cut off from the outside world. The arrival of the governor at the scene.

The American states of New Jersey and Vermont are struggling with the most severe floods in decades. Because of the storm, which came from the U.S. East Coast over the weekend, killing at least 38 people.

Hurricane Irene also caused power outages to more than 5 million homes and businesses across the country. The total economic damage from the disaster could reach 20 billion U.S. dollars, according to Russia Today.


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