British human rights activist found no evidence of crimes Gaddafi

British human rights activist found no evidence of crimes Gaddafi

British NGO British Civilians For Peace in Libya spent a week in Tripoli and other cities in the western part of the country. After traveling the organization's leadership issued a surprise announcement: the evidence of crimes of Gaddafi does not exist.

— Canadian General accused Gaddafi to use the tactics of Hamas

Dave Roberts, president of the organization, and 12 other people involved in various humanitarian projects in Ramallah and Gaza, arrived in Libya and visited several cities. In a preliminary report, they said they found evidence of the deaths of civilians by bombing aircraft NATO. However, evidence that the troops Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi attacked the civilian population in the western part of the country, the British were found.

Team visited Tripoli Zauiyu, Bin Walid, Tadjoura, Falshum and towns, TV channel Sky News. Dave Roberts argues that, while the work of Libyan sponsored sponsors, representatives of the regime did not interfere question citizens, and does not interfere in their affairs.

Roberts and his group also condemned the Western media for distorted reports about the situation in Libya. According to Roberts, the journalists have failed to fulfill their duties of honest information to the public.

It should be noted that the Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim Libya again urged to form an independent committee of inquiry to examine the situation in the country. He said that Tripoli has long offered the UK to investigate all suspected of committing war crimes.

It is learned that the Libyan authorities have agreed to ensure the freedom of movement of United Nations humanitarian mission, reports the BBC.

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