By the Earth approaching asteroid Apophis. It may fall to Earth in 2036



AIF — Yaroslavl number 48 on November 30, 2010

Northern lights over us. Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences Nikolai Perov of extraterrestrial civilizations, mysterious planet Nibiru and natural disasters

Than just not threaten us with the modern oracles — from cosmic anomalies before the end of the world. The point of view of science for the coming "miracles" we decided to find an astronomer Nikolai Perov. Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences, associate professor of information technology and the theory and methods of teaching physics YAGPU any horoscope, or the "little green men" does not believe everything can be explained in terms of physics, occasionally quoting poets. On account of Nikolai several scientific discoveries and global recognition of colleagues.
— Nikolai Ivanovich, what drew you to outer space?

— I started paying attention to space in school. The time was it — 60 years, the era of search for extraterrestrial civilizations. Gagarin, Tereshkova … Drake listened to a radio astronomer star Tau Ceti, Epsilon Eridani. The radio announced time will fly over Yaroslavl satellite, and the whole town came out to the streets to watch. Then all that fond of, and I also wanted to hear the "alien intelligence." Then he entered the YAGPI (YAGPU), there was a very strong school of astronomy, it was headed by Professor Vladimir V. Radzievskii. And for 30 years, officially serves as a museum of astronomy — Urania.

— A extraterrestrials able to hear?

— You know, I called one of the top fighters in ufology. (Laughs). Previously, in all countries created entire institutions at the state level trying to get in contact with aliens. But now all of the UFO phenomenon is easily explained: a flock of birds, illuminated by a spotlight, a swarm of insects, the moon, the sun, the bright planets, meteors, or satellite. (Near-Earth space is already a highly contaminated — only objects the size of a postage stamp in orbit around the Earth has more than 60000). By 2006, all of these institutions closed down, one to go to France. My role in this really is. However, I think now might wonder they so fiercely denounced. Yes, ufologists are not engaged in scientific research, but they are collecting folklore. It's great enthusiasts and romantics, ready to go at their own expense to the edge of the earth. I remember in the 90s there was news about the icy meteorite — so rare! Our ufologists rushed to the expedition, was taken to Yaroslavl their findings, which were waste from the aircraft.

— After all, we are alone in the universe?

— Of course not. I'm sure on other planets, too, is life. Maybe not such a highly organized, like on Earth, but at least at the level of bacteria should be. While this is no reliable evidence, but the molecular cloud of ethyl alcohol and formic acid in our galaxy has been found. Launched spacecraft "Darwin" and "Kepler", which have the task — to find tens of thousands of planets such as Earth. By the way, scientists from the United Kingdom and the United States calculated that contact with extraterrestrial organisms have earthlings to take place in 2066 — a scientific outlook.

— Who started talking about some planet Nibiru. How do you think it is dangerous?

— This planet supposedly moves around the Sun with a period of 3600 years. Also talking about another planet that is beyond the Sun in the same orbit as the Earth. But for some reason no one talks about the studies that were conducted apparatus "Voyager". He took a picture of all the planets from the Sun to Uranus and the Sun did not find it. If this planet the size of Earth, why one saw, and the other not? And if it is a small body, and it orbits the Earth, there's nothing wrong with celestial mechanics allows. This is only a hypothesis, they are not supported by any observations, either experimentally or theoretically. About global warming, too much talk, but this is only a hypothesis of a German scientist. There is a hypothesis of global cooling, which no one so much attention is not paid.

— What about all these natural disasters? We first heat anomaly is now crazy snowfall?

— The amount of precipitation per year, on average, is always the same. If it was a hot summer, so there will be a lot of snow — what to do with all this evaporated water? Yes, the heat was anomalous, but in the nature of these anomalies are repeated. In the 72 th year, too, everything was burning and was smoking. In part, this is due to solar activity, its peak is observed once in 11 years. The following is near — is expected in 2012. Then you can see through the glass bottles more spots on the Sun, and even the northern lights may be in Yaroslavl. In public, it is usually adversely affected, except that geniuses are born more and have more gold medals. Typically, 20 percent increase in the number of accidents and crimes, cardiovascular disease, epizootic.

— This is the end of the world in 2012, which the Maya predicted?

— Mayans actually predicted the parade of planets, which happens once every 5,000 years. The planets lined up almost in a row — the sun, a lunar eclipse, we will not be able to see the planet or in the morning or in the evening or at night. But humanity is not threatened.

— The cosmos is not a danger to us?

— The only thing that can threaten human space — is falling comets and asteroids on the Earth. But in the next 100 years, this is not expected. It is dangerous to approach the asteroid Apophis. It may fall to Earth in 2036, the probability of this is akin to the probability of the crash. But it is doubtful whether the latitude of Yaroslavl. Most likely, it will be Chukotka, Asia or the Gulf of Mexico.

— You are so fun to tell about celestial mechanics. Perhaps it is also home to catch. The grandson is not going to go in the footsteps of his grandfather?

— Glory goes to fourth grade and enjoys more sports and computer games. Yes, my grandfather, he almost never sees. I'm leaving in the morning to the observatory, go back ten o'clock. And the wife is worried that I'm sitting there till night. Received a grant, it is not spent on wages, and on the instruments in the observatory. After all, if I take the students, then I bring them up to the presidential scholarship to Harvard University's publications. But neither daughter nor grandson in my footsteps did not. Although my family is very understanding, respecting my interests.

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