By the Earth fly giant alien spaceships


System SETI discovered outside of the solar system a few very large objects — UFOs that move toward our planet.

Antennas international project SETI, whose task is to search for data about extraterrestrial civilizations, spotted a series of huge by Earth standards, objects that are moving toward the Earth.

Accurate data about their location and speed are not reported. We only know that they are supposedly beyond the orbit of Pluto, and that they have a very impressive size: about 240 km long and 50-80 km wide.

Experts of the SETI project in favor of the artificial origin of these objects is very clear: "These objects are known to NASA for some time, and they are real. However, NASA does not want to deliver information to the public. These alien ships are moving toward Earth, and governments are aware of this. "







As the portal Pulsar, look at the mysterious celestial bodies on the site of — interactive map of the sky. To do this, you need to enter in the search box the following coordinates:
19 Dec. 25 -89 46 03 — the first large ship
16 19 35 -88 43 10 — the second largest ship
February 26 39 -89 43 13 — circular object

However ..

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