By the end of the latest resolution on Syria

By the end of the new resolution on SyriaThe recent resolution UN General Assembly on Syria showed the real picture of delimitation of geopolitical interests in the world. Despite the adoption of the resolution, which, by the way, is advisory in nature and no one came to nothing obliges, in Syria continues to pour blood. The end of last week was marked by bloody battles for the main town of the country — Damascus Aleppo.

Of course, resolution goal was not to stop the war in Syria, and to point out the "bad behavior" of China and RF, which is understood to block the adoption of the one-sided action against Assad and his supporters.

Operations against militants last not only in the strategic principle of Aleppo, and in other parts of the country. Local battles are in the region of Homs, Al-Nahal and Kseyr, is far from calm and the situation in the province of Deraa. As for Aleppo, here confrontation of opposing sides has a violent temper. Night Mon agency Itar-Tass, citing local television, said the success of the government forces: on the breakthrough militants in the west of the town. The agency said that in the course of this operation was the destruction of more than 200 extremists. The military released a certain amount taken hostage by people who were in the basement of city buildings.

The Syrian news agency SANA reports that in some parts of Aleppo in battles with militants entered and the local inhabitants. Armed citizens prevented the extremists take Seyyed Ali district, having beaten them in an attempt to take his turn. It is reported that among the militants killed and detained many mercenaries from Arab countries as Afghanistan.

In the process of the expanded campaign against the armed opposition to the Syrian authorities also blamed Assad's army captured using a 10-s of pilgrims from Iran, who are Tipo Iranian intelligence agents, soldiers of the Revolutionary Guards.

Iranian authorities categorically deny the possibility of their own military role in the conflict. Iranian Foreign Ministry even spread about this particular statement made by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Hossein Amir Abdollahiyan: "They (Iranian citizens who came to the area of Syria) — pilgrims who were only going to visit the holy places."

Meanwhile, the adoption of the resolution on Syria miserable Our homeland is not once and alert their own partners General Assembly session that she definitely oppose advance disastrous document remains fully responsible for the ongoing bloodshed only to the current Syrian authorities represented Assad and his entourage. After the vote at the General Assembly Russian Foreign Ministry showed completely expected reaction. Following diplomatic canons, Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed regret over the adoption of the resolution. Russian diplomats said that the adopted document clearly takes the side of the opposition.

Yet, in Russian diplomacy, there are successes: in August, in contrast to February — when the General Assembly adopted the previous document on Syria — to the views of the Russian Federation for the most part heeded her colleagues in the CIS. The Saudi text of the document was supported only by Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Moldova, while Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Armenia chose to abstain. Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan did not vote at all. So Makar, the position of the Russian Federation in February at the General Assembly was the least appropriate — Russia openly supported only the coming ally Belarus.

Despite the anti-government character resolution, at the request of the Russian Federation from the text have been removed language in the form of demands for the resignation of Assad and phrases condemning the practice of vetoing resolutions on Syria in the Security Council. But in the rest of the vote on the resolution is not very positive for Russia. Point is that document supported by almost all countries of Europe, including Serbia, clearly demonstrating the preservation of course its new president to join the European Union. Not supported by Russia and China, and colleagues at the BRICS. The resolution was supported Brazil and South Africa, and India chose to abstain.

According to experts, the final vote on the resolution may give adherents of one-sided action additional arguments to justify even military intervention. Due to the resolution "friends of the Syrian people" get the moral right to bypass the Security Council decisions.

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