By the end of the year modernization of measuring complex at the Kapustin Yar be more than 60%

By the end of the year modernization of measuring complex at the Kapustin Yar be more than 60%

Takes delivery of new measuring devices at Kapustin Yar, with all this in 2012, they will receive twice as much as in the past. So Makar, by the end of the year modernization of landfill measurement system will be more than 60%.

In 2010-2011, in the framework of the state defense order was made substantial upgrading of landfill measuring complex (PIC). During this period, the landfill have put more than 150 new means of measurements in the set are compact two-way radio stations, apparatus Fri reception of one-time, optical-electronic station antenna complexes, complexes for processing of the measuring info and relay stations.

Also begun a profound modernization of a number of samples measuring technique. Specifically, 50% of the total number of upgraded radar orbital station "Kama-N", 20% — optronic station trajectory measurements, one hundred percent — telemetry stations, 85% — of the same time.

Last year at the site completed tests more 30 types of weapons and military equipment. In the process of solving these problems at the site held more than 500 rockets, target missiles and aircraft overflights, which is almost 1.5 times the number of start-ups compared with the previous year.

Now the central city of interspecific Kapustin Yar is an integrated research complex, having the highest scientific and technical potential, the development of experimental and technical base, profitable climate, terrain and airy space, allowing to carry out tests, and joint testing of defensive and offensive weapons systems for all services and arms of the Armed Forces. Specifically, the test piece ballistic missile warheads ground Kapustin Yar is unique. Only the test routes and landfill measuring complex allow testing of promising military equipment across the entire spectrum of possible criterion of delivery to targets.

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