By the fifth anniversary of the Russian project Stalker-Voronezh. Interview

Severe dilemma, which soon evolved in our society can be described with 2 words "youth unemployment". The actual loss of any relevant benchmarks stem from the era of stagnation, the non-arrayed decades value system has become the norm for the majority of the representatives of the young generation. With the advent of full computerization, many have decided to take the most conventional method: turn away from actual contact with the people around them, and find themselves in a virtual world. This trend can be any criticized, but now it has become a reality, and so if you can approach accordingly and use it with reasonable efficiency. Only here and there all the underwater stones such use. Unfortunately, often the manifestation of youth unemployment, combined with the impact of the expansion of the Web, some forces are trying to use for destructive purposes: to undermine the conventional authority of previous generations, creating a new system of anti-social standards and norms of life forms the bad psychic background, leading to an open confrontation, the outcome of which may be the growth of criminal activity and the number of illegal acts.

But far not all that bad and swampy in the life of our youth. Tests are carried out by enthusiasts to consolidate youth representatives to give her awareness of its importance and social role. In this case, more fundamentally that such samples are free of violence and apparent prinudilovki. This is — the typical idea of involving young people in the process of real communication, in what form and is capable of that unfortunate system of values and current guidelines.

September 16, 2012 marks exactly five years since the emergence of the "Stalker-Voronezh". Ideological inspiration and one of the founders of the specific project is a retired officer of Roman Skomorokhov that razlyubezno agreed to give an interview with "Military Review" and more to tell about the work of the organization, including the 10's associates, most of whom are students of Voronezh schools.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VORoman, why exactly the "Stalker"? What goals do you generally put in front of him, when giving life to this project?

Roman Skomorokhov: The most unusual is that initially a superb goal I and my comrades, started the project, did not put. The only thing that I can call to — it's just spending time apart from the actual routine. A theme of "Stalker" appeared not the case. The fact that the excellent work by the Strugatsky brothers accompanied me all my adult life, well, not only, of course, me. Many rose to their works. And after the light appeared eminent computer game «STALKER», works of science fiction theme, one might say, has experienced a new birth, and attracting the attention of our young people, as well.

You really do not rebuke me in self-PR, but the idea somehow embody a mind-blowing story short stories and novels of Boris and Arkady Strugatsky came to me for a long time until 2007, from which our project was implemented in reality, and even before the famous computer game . I will allow myself to say that Voronezh — generally the first city of the Russian Federation, which began to be implemented "Stalker" projects. They, in fact, led to the emergence of the club fans of extreme relaxation.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VORoman, if we talk about such a topic verbovanie young people in your club. What, shall we say, you carrot luring young people into "Stalker"? What promise? What are the prospects for drawing?

Roman Skomorokhov: Honestly, there's no one and no one lure. The very structure of the club is built in such makarom that we are full equality, the possibility of self-realization for virtually every participant. Every person who participates in the project knows no mountains of gold in the end he did not get it. But did not quite make sense of it. Meaning, once again, is to talk together, adding some new colors into your life, spending time, and the utility of the time it was carried out with or without, to solve every purely personal. Come — like it is already possible to consider our work a success, did not like … but these, by the way, one.

And about the "young people" … In our project, and the girls also have.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VO: How does a particular verbovanie participants? How did they find out about the existence of "Stalker-Voronezh"?

Roman Skomorokhov: Find out very simply. Voronezh — a small town, and our word of mouth is working on all cylinders. Vyznat one told the other, the one — third — just like information about us and apply. And our project has its own website, our members have made a group Vkontakte With the help of online resources we spend and coordination of our members: announcing charges topic of a new cycle, the legend of the game (and the legends we are the most fantastic true story), and much more. And themselves often come to schools, pupils and students to tell about the project, some outright enthusiasm shows, someone is skeptical at first, but later may suddenly to himself to make a choice. Because, as they say, use a variety of methods.

VO Roman, if you can tell a little more detail about what, in fact, is the work of your club? Maybe you tell the readers about the actions in which your pupils took part for the near future.

Roman Skomorokhov: First to allow himself to explain that I would not call members of the club my pupils, as there has been a self-education and self-organization. They're just my friends, and among themselves, despite the difference in their ages, all business partners only. After all, everything is built on the plot of the game, and the game, as you know, is our life, because here it is necessary to train yourself to reach goals set in front of him. We mamok and nurses there.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

About the work of the club, the meaning of it is that we're going to the appointed day and at the appointed place and begin to satisfy their craving for a newcomer. Each must choose his path, go through obstacles made the Zone, and for all that remain impervious to the enemy. The principle is not to necessarily to identify favorites
and losers, but the fact that very much to prove in terms of self-selecting their own roles, to learn communicative arts in a very complex criteria. Often need to take the right decision for any seconds, and if the person perceives it, it allows him to assert himself, to feel its significance.

VO: But that such activities without any investment is difficult to organize. "Stalker" — this is how I figured out a project that asks the participants and the availability of equipment, and the respective instruments, yeah, sure, and the choice of location to be agreed with certain instances. In this regard, the question is, how much it costs to you the existence of the club, and there is a membership fee for participants?

Roman Skomorokhov: Naturally, without attachments, as in any other case can not do. But we are not passionate about what is usually called a public fundraising, soliciting sponsorships and other similar things. When making a new project in our participants, we also do not charge money. All the work is carried out only at their own expense, and every member of our "stalkoobschestva" decides himself, how much he can izderzhat for weapons and equipment. We do not have strict requirements for outfitting. A person can get dressed and armed in the 10's of thousands of rubles. Well, as they say, well, he has the chance … If there is no such ability, the jeans, ankle boots, windbreaker and glasses can come fully as ammunition for the role in the project.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview
The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

The only thing asked of common investments — an organization of our landfills. Here the participants are investing in common "pot" for 100-300 rubles, which go to the immediate needs. There is after all, in the end, too, hunt, as the act at the site are not 5 minutes and can last for days.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

If to talk about renting landfills, it is all about looks then this: at first it was hard, it was necessary to find a suitable place for themselves. Now many of us know, and therefore agree on the temporary use of abandoned industrial buildings became easier. There are already contacts on a personal level: it necessary to talk with the man, and put kickback our landfill.

VORoman, as to your organization are the authorities of the town? Is there any support from them?

Roman Skomorokhov: I beg of you … what support there. Thank you though as yet not interfere with work, but, I confess, and there were a couple of exciting moments. I called and asked questions, even the words of support expressed at the fact that I try to find employment for young people. Supported the initiative to lure the activities of our club visually impaired kids from Voronezh boarding school number 3, which show great enthusiasm for the "Stalker".

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

But further support verbally and what is called, praise pats on the back, did not get. Yes I am, as we have already read, and he does not want to fall into any financial relationship. Not the ones with the principles of our organization.

We can all do on voluntary basis: the forest and clear the debris so that multiple trucks to its export authorities had to use, and seminars on the fight against fraud stories organize, but when we feel that someone is trying to use us for their own benefit, whether any party or a representative of the business, we are in the game itself is not going to participate. Representatives of the Communist Party, by the way, we were sent immediately. They say: we are not aware of your undertaking, and therefore better go its own way. And we think of it, what better way — let utter outright, instead of starting to play up and let down our activities to fit your interests, as others have tried to do.

That is why our club creed real autonomy and independence.

VO: You talk about the existence of a good variation in the age of club members. Telling about whether the project "Stalker-Voronezh", a certain age limit for adoption of the participants in the company, and what are the requirements for admission.

Roman Skomorokhov: Age limit — 16 years. Until we litsezreem sense is to take the project more young men and young women. Finally, the preparation and pre-conscription school begins with this age. The upper limit of the age limit does not exist. At present, the oldest participant of the project — 44 years. Through the "Stalker-Voronezh" are both seasoned masters (retired military personnel, operating officers, representatives of special purpose entities) and, as they say, "not fired" youth. We are pleased to everyone.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

But with all this we are practicing their selection. It is held in the format of the interview. Talking about the interests, hobbies, health, too, of course, are coping. If you realize that the person is not fit then declare him about it directly. I do believe that a direct conversation — the best opportunity to find the person. We have a negative attitude towards those who are jealous of guarding their bad habits. Maybe that's why our rules seem superfluous to some people hard …

By the way, often the ancestors of some of our young participants initially skeptical of their choice. Then I have to explain more thoroughly than we are passionate about and convince the guys spend dealing with the utility itself. We have the same here are a club of interest: if you want — run and shoot, if health permits, you can not run — Participates in the development of programs and legends, you want to develop — you can cook dinner, immersed in the work with electronics, learn an instrument, working photojournalist, publish in social networks or on the website. In general, it's there for everyone.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian p
roject "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VO: You raised the issue of guns and electronics. I think our readers will be curious as to what kind of hardware use members of your project.

Roman Skomorokhov: We use the traditional standards eyrsofta. Someone made a choice in favor of gun TM Mk.23 Socom, anyone interested in such an instrument as SRC AK-47 RPK or TG M16A4. In general, those who are familiar with such a concept as "airsoft", perfectly aware of the different swatches of airsoft guns. Its something we have on our own landfills and use. Fortunately, now you can just eyrsoft purchased at any store as a special way, and ammunition.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview
The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

If we talk about used electronics, then, honestly, we have our own chips. This is a PDA — a portable sensor anomalies. PDA — a unique home-made working at radio frequencies, which has its own LCD screen and provides the necessary signals. Do not forget that stalkers are working on the script in the affected areas, and so we look for the very fundamental level of the game of radiation, the accumulation of its values. Well, not counting the sensor reports that the party has become a victim of someone else's …

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VO: Where did you get such devices?

Roman Skomorokhov: Oh! It is the whole story. If we talk briefly, we deliver PDA, whether it is sensitive or smuggled from Ukraine. The local craftsmen and it is collected only for use in projects that are similar to ours.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VORoman, do you have any of your project generated traditions? If there is, tell of them. I would like to find out about your club's plans for the future.

Roman Skomorokhov: We have quite a funny tradition. At the time, while most of the inhabitants of the country remain solemn poslenovogodnim sit at a table and Advent, the boys announce fee. He goes every year on January 3. Here we can allow ourselves to relax a little: do not just go step "Stalker", and dress the Christmas tree in the open air, to kindle a fire on the site, concerning the actual stalkerovsky dance — with a gun in ammunition. Those inhabitants of the town, which we are with all this, behold the, eyes crawling on his forehead in surprise … Someone frankly scared someone frowns. But, most importantly, no one that we do not deliver their festivities daze and discomfort, and for all that all of our members are very satisfied. This tradition …

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

And what about the plans, the plan for me now almost one — to keep our company and continue to open seasons. For the near future a lot of guys who have been trained at the club, went to the army, and with a set of new participants this year was all very difficult. Just do not think about what I am against, that young people are put off to serve. No! On the contrary I'm just glad that our guys are not afraid of the army. They're in our club and receive the most severe physical and psychological, and military training. As the saying goes, we lose — the army takes. Because we would like to invite to our club all those for whom the spirit of romance and the possibility of real communication — not just empty words.

The fifth anniversary of the Russian project "Stalker-Voronezh".  Interview

VO: Thank you so much for you not only for the fascinating story of the project, "Stalker-Voronezh", but also for the fact that you are not afraid of challenges in terms of working with today's young people, for having tried to help look for his role every member of the movement . We sincerely wish to congratulate you and all the members of the club with the fifth anniversary of the project and wish to see it developing and further expanding and increment exciting new ideas and contributors.

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