By the summer of next year will rise into the air first seaplane L-31

By the summer of next year will rise into the air first seaplane L-31

Ltd. "Aviatech" dedicated to the design twin-engine multipurpose amphibious aircraft L-42M, plans to fly in 2012 to lift into the air seaplane L-31 developed by the company, said Matthew Shchelochkov, director of the company, in an interview with "AviaPort."

According to the director "Aviatech"The development of a seaplane at the present time it is completed. His experimental models already built. Overall readiness seaplane is 60-70%, it is ready to wing and several other sites. Earlier it was reported that the first flight will be carried out in September-October 2011. "Since the team is busy creating L-42M according to existing orders and L-31 done at their own expense, the most experienced instance is constructed very slowly, "- added the slits.

"Creating a seaplane L-31 is justified desire to make a small plane, which will be used to train employees. In general, developed like "Me" seaplane in the future may find intriguing and zabugornyh Russian buyers. If that happens, the company will establish edition L-31 aircraft on order, "- said the source.

Shchelochkov explained that, in contrast to the L-42M — amphibious aircraft, is scheduled to make a "soilless" seaplane. Since the aircraft will be a triple and a single-engine, it was the symbol of the A-31. The aircraft will be installed piston engine output of 100 hp made by the Austrian company Rotax.

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