By Triumphal Square strapped police and internal troops

By Triumphal Square strapped police and internal troopsPolice forces and the Russian Interior Ministry troops tightened to Triumphal Square in Moscow, reports "Interfax". As RIA announcements on the perimeter of the square is the iron fence, and on the streets adjacent to the area to evacuate machine reports " report. "

According to the correspondent of RBC, near the area have at least one armored personnel carrier, while the correspondent of "Kommersant-FM" reports a 2-APCs. But the correspondent of "Heathcliff" said from the scene that the armored vehicles in the area — this is not the APCs and armored cars "Tiger." Also along Tverskaya Street trucks are internal forces, which is why on Tverskaya and formed on the Garden Ring congestion.

What accounts for increased security measures, not reported — no official comment about this not — but Triumphal area known as one of the main platforms of opposition rallies. The other day, a mass was held at the Arc meeting opposition, which brought together, according to various sources, from 2-to 5 thousand people.

This meeting completed countless arrests — only police arrested 569 people, among which were favorites of opposition movements and journalists. Many of those arrested so far are in police custody.

Participants in the rally were protesting against the election results in the Municipal Duma of the Russian Federation, held in Russia on December 4. According to official reports, the party "United Our Homeland" won in this election more than 49 percent of the vote, but opposition activists say that these results are rigged, and the mass actions of protest to express their own.

Protests began in Moscow and St. Petersburg on Mon, December 5. Then the mass action Protest accomplished in soilless ponds. Action has been authorized, but some of its members tried to organize a procession, and many of them have been detained. Among the fallen in the police department were one of the favorites of the "Solidarity" Ilya Yashin and blogger Alexei Navalny. Both were sentenced to 15 days of administrative arrest.

The next day after that meeting, December 6, in blogs and the media have appeared numerous reports of occurrence on the streets of Moscow convoys of internal troops. After that, the Interior Ministry issued a commentary on the subject, saying that during the elections to the State Duma in Moscow has intensified security regime to ensure that internal and necessary troops.

It is expected that the subsequent large opposition rally will be held on December 10 at the Revolution Square. This action is authorized by the city authorities, but the number of participants at least 300 people. But in the official group meeting in Facebook has already gained more than 13 300 applicants to take part in it.

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