Cadet — it sounds good?

Cadet - it sounds good?

Life — the fatherland, honor — to anyone!
(The slogan of the Cadets)

Many Russians, especially the older generation, the word "cadet" is faster bad associations. Someone Cadets seem anachronistic to some, connected with, or with the last years of the reign of the Romanov family, the era of the Russian Federation or early 90s. Someone is generally confident that the cadets — they are representatives of a constitutional democracy since the first Municipal Doom. All this confusion came after we had decided to suddenly abandon those youth movements, which were cultivated in the Soviet era, but with all this, do not have time to form the idea of a new youth vector.

Just then, and this is the year 1992-1993, in Russia instead of the pioneers began to appear Boy and Girl Scouts, and instead cadets or, at best, even with the cadets — the same cadets. For all this, as often happens with us, young people gathered, and tell, which collected — forgotten. Many young people secured ancestors did not fail to get the latest form with golden epaulettes, cap with sparkling cockades and brought their children, students yesterday, where it was said, will be trained cadets. The main thing is that quite young children to have time to say that they have the glory and pride of the latest RF and that there is no case for any there Suvorov and Nakhimov otherwise they do not have, and are found on all of these remnants of socialism.

With the idea of such young people, and began to comprehend the difficult Cadet science. Only setback was that the remnants of the Russian administration has decided to get rid of the highest, but in the midst of teaching staff are increasingly came across the same teachers that nothing else apart from these remnants in our own lives not beheld. And they teach the cadets began because they were taught it in party schools. It turns out that during the day or the new Russian cadets had to read it aloud, "Our Father", the bravura singing Russian songs reddish commander Schors and defeating the snow-white army. History books as would be staying in the main Russian, but a history teacher tried to bring something completely anti-Soviet. On prazdnichkom immediately invited the ministers of the nearby temples that were repressed, retired generals and intelligence, in other words those who are punished. In general, something in the system must be changed, because the cadets themselves hardly knew what to expect in the future, and what kind of education they receive here. But not in a hurry to change anything …

And the most unusual was the fact that every year the number of young children and even women who wish to study in the cadet schools only increased. With all this youth is not bothered that the prospects for continuing service to military affairs in Russia after the cadet school, to put it mildly, not very bright. If we talk more precisely, most of the military high schools are no benefits to graduates of cadet schools now are not guarantees. And with the introduction of the USE chances of getting into military University graduate cadet corps and ordinary schools are fully equal.

Cadet - it sounds good?

But we must recognize that young people are often driven not so much by a desire to dedicate his future life of military service, how much to get a really high-quality education — education, who were proud of the same pre-revolutionary Cadets. And it was something to be proud of!

If you touch the historic steps of the Cadet movement in Russia, the first cadet housing was established in 1732, General Field Marshal von Munnich. The word "cadet"Was taken from the Prussian young people who have linked their lives with military affairs. Those, in turn borrowed it from the French: Cadet (French) — Junior.

Closing cadet ensured the subsequent brilliant military career. Cadets in training get a very vast knowledge not only in military affairs, and studied the humanities, arithmetic, physics, chemistry, fencing, ballroom dancing, truly chivalrous manners. In those years, there was an unofficial title of Cadets — "young knights." Even the Cadet Corps von Munnich styled "Knight's Academy." In this case, the 13-year-old boy lured not title, and the level of education received and the prospects are very severe, as it is read at the moment, career growth. Cadet body background Minich was in Petersburg and released several hundred inmates. Cadet graduated many prominent people of the Russian Federation since.

With all of this in Moscow, surprisingly, the cadet corps was not right until 1992. It is logical that the true tradition of the Cadet not yet have emerged not only in the capital today, but also in other Russian cities. For colorful signs in Russian regions can hide schools ("cadet") is very strange reputation. It often happens that in the framework of the applets on the leveling of homelessness and neglect in boarding schools for the children orphaned simply changes sign, and boarding is announced nothing less than the Cadet Corps. Frequent sightings of entire cadet academies in the same buildings where previously housed secondary schools. Why is that? Neuzh something with the universal desire of management of educational institutions to involve young people in the military culture, chivalry and the art of being a man in general. Do not argue, there is, thank God, in RF and such cases. But they can be counted on the fingers of one hand. All other cadet — it's just a regular flow of control in the criteria demographic hole in the wall to attract students of their own educational institutions. Managers can also realize, as a miserable capita funding puts them in an awkward position — "Extractive students as you can."

Naturally, the question arises, where are the leaders to take so gallant teachers who otplyashut and quadrille, and a sword in the air whistling, and solve trigonometric equation, because with the new federal standards of the Russian Federation should specifically those teachers …

In the end, learning suffers such cadet in his own military school and did not realize what it fundamentally (not counting the cap and shoulder strap of course) is different from Vasya from adjoining porch which also rubs pants, exclusively in ordinary school …

Meanwhile, the leaders again concocting reports on the work done well: that as if there is only tree automata were held shooting in the gym with a leaky roof Cadets staged ball, both as a volunteer (and what else!) Donations parents Cadets was Built in the school yard cadet temple, to which the local priest arrives at the BMW X5 (BMW report on naturally silent).

In general, the more the child played, as they say, but would not hung up. This, it seems, lies the doctrine of modern youth movements, which include the Cadet movement. After all, no single legal framework that places the cadet school at a certain legal framework in our country yet. Something is going to happen …

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