Cadres decide everything

Cadres decide everything

Not so long ago in Skolkovo President Dmitry Medvedev held a meeting in the framework of the "Open Government" on the preparation and formation of personnel in the system state. service.

Do not presume to open a discussion while competence of the expert community, included in this project, but would like to express their opinion about the professionalism and competence not only in the state. service, and in the political system, which is the basis for the work of the entire state system. In the recent past I have written on this subject, which remains topical and today. In order not to strain pochetaemyh otymat readers and do not have their time searching for articles on the web, here are main points specifically to "Military Review".

From the outset, I wish to say that the emergence in Russia of professional politicians — an indisputable requirement of our time. Hardly anyone would argue that now the state must control exactly such people — the master. Even from the standpoint of mundane logic, no one because there is no qualms about the fact that Prof. needed teachers, pilots, doctors of the highest caliber. Even the plumber should be the expert on the other problems will not be gathered. But for some reason, when there is a question of professionalism in politics, many once there is hesitation, and whether it is possible to put so question? And why not? Maybe we are afraid to offend anyone individually?

Apparently, we are afraid, just so not enough attention is paid to the topic of staff shortage in politics and in the state. service. With all of this is interesting, that the problem of corruption in the middle of the officials not declined in their own articles and speeches except that lazy.

It turns out that the word "corrupt" thrown into the address bureaucrat sounds less sad than the word "amateur", "amateur".

It's clear that a few 10-s experts in the ranks of today's State Duma has a few hundred people, very distant from politics, as it should, they did not call the professionals. Specifically, they should be engaged in writing the laws by which we are going to live. I am at the thought becomes terrible, but for you?

But even more frightening is that just about almost nobody dares to openly read, no one uses certain positions and names with the prefix "lime", "tense", "thug", and so on. As if such and not at all.

Obviously, I do not idealize the political sphere and the people in it working in other countries too. Even in the most developed, so that we see as a role model.

Do I believe that it is possible to eradicate nepotism and incompetence at all? Apparently not. But fundamentally change the present ratio of frames in watered. system and in the state. service in favor of the experts could and should be.

At the time, in a similar way question was delivered by the then Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak. There have even been developed aspects of the assessment of control at the regional level, containing a rather large list of features. But the experience ended, no one is clear. In addition, in the developed aspects is not enough scientific evidence.

Now that the issue of professionalism in politics escalated, subject to necessary vorachivatsya. And the results of what he escalated, we litsezreem every day on the screens, we read about these results in different media. This and rallies, and the growing discontent of the population, and stretched victory of "United Russia" in the last parliamentary elections, and the emergence on the political scene psevdoodioznyh characters (and easy — adventurers and charlatans from the policy), which are ready to go for some of our citizens. But to go beyond such favorites possible unless the total breakdown in the existing political parties and the people in these parties received, including the so-referred to as the parliamentary opposition.

Now before power is fully defined task — in particular the participation and control of society to create such a method of action and recruitment, which has permitted to minimize political risk. This is a very fundamentally, because of the danger in politics is not a responsible person, and even, for example, is not a party but a responsibility of the government, all the people who on their own shoulders experiencing these dangers. Because the degree of responsibility of politicians much more than that at least some other spices.

And such a method is already there. It includes requirements for the competence and the competence in politics. At first glance, these definitions are looked abstract and remote from real life and not measurable. But let's look more directly. Competence — this is for those of mandatory policy requirements that it must meet. A competence — this is the real level of relevant expertise which has one or the other politician. In our case, the competencies include three components: political philosophy and ideological doctrines; acmeological knowledge (the bank of human knowledge); acmeological technology (technology development). All it needs to know now every modern politician

To some this may seem like just a pseudo-scientific concepts, far from practical life. But this is not the case. What is the philosophy of politics? It is expressed in certain ideological doctrines. At the societal level, the ideological doctrine — is marked for orientation and objectives of its development. Typically, these doctrines have constitutional recognition. For us it is expressed in the article of the Constitution that the Russian Federation — Socialist government. But the country's social model is also different. In the U.S., for example, one model in the Nordic countries — other. And if we remember that the Constitution of the Russian Federation was adopted at the time of introduction into our economy's monetary model, it is clear that in practice the country from the public have only a title. That is why the policy and should at least be in a deal including in matters of philosophy and policies not only on the experience of some other countries, and the specificity of the real Russian reality. In other words, a policy that would focus on the interests of the majority rather than the minority of people.

, The question is rather whether our government upheavals have occurred? Whether she realizes that we're at the very limits, after which, or to begin the development of the political system, or the power to calm down and underestimated the significance of the events, most of the people will lose confidence and the ability to constructively change the political system to the best?

One of the goals of improving the political system — the emergence of Prof. politicians and gos.sluzhaschih.

Here is a modern Russian politician just should recognize at this level to realize Prof. knowledge and technologies.

In addition to all the rest of this knowledge relates to the ability of each particular policy. After all, at least some people have their own potential, level of development, mental resource. Now, based on the current political mindset, it is hard to expect that any politician will want to voluntarily identify and acknowledge their helplessness, their own "ceiling." But I just believe that over time it will be for them a formidable necessity which can not escape. Focus on development — it is the only likely option to survive in politics. And wants
to remain an absolute majority of the people, one way or another fallen into housing policy as a prof activities. The sooner they understand this, the better.

Yes, in fact, at the time there was very little understanding. The program announced modernization of the country and will not bypass the political sphere. Of course, that rule the state in the process of modernization, and even more so rejuvenated Russia should be people who have a strong training. Especially now, when you have to solve puzzles overestimated the difficulties in a very short time. Other criteria will be.

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