Caduceus (from the Greek word "messenger", "precursor") were god-healer Mesopotamia (Eshmun?), The ancient Egyptian gods Anubis and Isis sometimes, Greco-Roman god Hermes-Mercury, the Phoenician god Bal (Baal, Baal), the Sumerian goddess Ishtar and some of the other gods and bogigi. In Christianity, the caduceus became the attribute of Sophia (Wisdom). On the ancient Orthodox icons she keeps it in his right hand.


There are so many interpretations of the value of the caduceus. He is considered a key symbol, opens the limit between light and dark, good and evil, life and death. In this case, the caduceus wings symbolize the ability to cross any borders (option — are the embodiment of the spirit), a wand — the power of the forces of nature, the double snake — the opposite side to dualism, which, ultimately, must be united. Two snakes represent the coupling strength and the separation of good and evil, light and water, etc.

It is believed that the rod or wand — is the world axis (option — the world tree), up and down which, between Heaven and Earth, the gods moved intermediary. Therefore Caduceus were all messengers as a sign of peace and security, and it is their main attribute. Two snakes with their heads facing up symbolize in this case, the evolution and at the same time two elements of the universe (such as Yang and Yin in Taoism), or treated as two mutually due process of evolutionary development of material forms and souls that control material forms. The symmetrical arrangement of snakes and wings proves balance of opposing forces and the harmonious development of both the lower, physical, and the higher, spiritual level.

Snakes have also been associated with the cyclical rebirth of nature and the restoration of the universal order, when it is disturbed. Quite often they are equal to the symbol of wisdom. In Asia Minor tradition two snakes were common symbol of fertility, and in Mesopotamian tradition woven snakes were considered the embodiment of the god-healer.


Caduceus and a bas-relief fragment of the stele with caduceus in Ephesus, Turkey (right)

Similar caduceus symbol found in ancient monuments. In esoteric Buddhism directions rod caduceus symbol axis of the world, and a snake — the cosmic energy, or Kundalini Serpent Fire, traditionally provided by svivsheysya in the base of the spine (the analog world axis scale of the microcosm). Intertwining around a central axis, the snakes are joined at seven points, they are linked with the chakras. Kundalini is asleep at the base chakra, and when the result of the evolution wakes up, goes up the spine in three ways: Central Shushumne and two lateral, which form two intersecting spirals — Pingala (that's right, the male and active, spiral) and Ida (left , female and passive).

Whatever the interpretation of the caduceus (both from above, because of the work not mentioned) was not true, he is considered by most scholars to be one of the oldest symbols of creative power. Therefore, it was thought that owned the caduceus were open all the laws of knowledge that the rights of nature


Hermes (Mercury) with a caduceus. Engraving 1539

Caduceus — the symbol of unity of the sun and moon gods (interpretation A. Koltypin)

In a generally accepted interpretation caduceus not reflected some of its most important features, which I want to draw your attention. They are:

— outstretched wings, which are virtually indistinguishable from the wings of the above character — or a winged sun disk of the sun, with its many varieties — fravaharom, cruise Ashur, Maat, Nehbet, Khepera, and others;

— knob of the staff that has the shape of the solar disk, bordered by the moon or sun disc Ankh;

According to some researchers, a kind of caduceus in Ancient Egypt was scepter topped with fringed moon solar disk. It is believed that the caduceus is the rod that supports both symbols of the sun and moon.

— composition caduceus, which corresponds to many other images of the ancient Egyptian symbol — Urey or Wadjet, uniting into one (often in different combinations) bird (wings), snakes, and bordered by the moon the sun. Quite often, they are joined by another ancient Egyptian symbol — the eye of Horus (in Masonic symbolism it represents the all-seeing eye).

According to the majority of Egyptologists, winged Urey — cobra or Urey as cobras and birds symbolizes the unity of the Lower and Upper Egypt. According held me in his book "Earth before the Flood — the world of sorcerers and werewolves" renovations, they were administered respectively serpent people, amphibians and white gods (apsaras), or on a global scale, the moon and sun gods. Being located on either side of the solar disk snake mean balance (or equality) protivobostvuyuschih forces.

In my view, the caduceus is another symbolic image of unity or union. In this case, the axis of the rod meets the world, which, as it supports the Sun and the Moon (or Sky). The wings symbolize the celestial or solar (white) of the gods, and a snake — the moon (serpentine) gods. Solar gods are closer to the sky and the sun and the moon — to the ground. Characteristically, the messengers between them, often serve the gods of mixed descent. For example, Hermes was the son of the leader of the sun gods Zeus and the nymph (apparently, from the amphibious serpent people) Maya and in many of their attributes (it was the god of theft and trade) did not meet the sun gods.

This hierarchy of solar and lunar gods confirmed traditions of many nations, which says that after the first great battle between them, which ended in victory for the white gods (according to my interpretation, it took place in the late Mesozoic and Cenozoic, 66 million years ago), white or solar gods dwelt on the earth, and the serpent people descended into the earth. Simultaneously caduceus may be a symbolic representation of the unity of the underworld or land (snakes) and the surface of the Earth or Heaven (wings) that revolve around the world axis (staff) and highlights the Moon and the Sun (the knob).

Alexander Koltypin

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