Canadians have created human blood out of his skin


Unlike its predecessors Bhatia and his team have managed to create red blood cells from skin without the intermediate stage of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS-cells). This new look at the management of specialization, and this, according to the authors, a great opportunity to avoid a whole list of complications associated with the use of pluripotent cells (for example, they are capable of causing tumors).

Red blood cells from stem cells were obtained a few years ago to generate iPS cells from skin, people learned in 2007. In 2009, it was shown that the stem can convert virtually any cell, but in 2010 it turned out that with the reprogrammed cells are not all right.

In particular, the red blood cells created from iPS, can not synthesize the adult form of hemoglobin, — says Nature. Instead, they produce fetal, neonatal dominant, but in the norm of less than 1% of the adult human hemoglobin.

Biologists at the University of McMaster showed not only that the skin fibroblasts can be converted into all major blood cells, but also that the latter properly perform its functions, including — red blood cells synthesize adult hemoglobin. It is important that the transformation has been demonstrated for skin cells taken from young and older people — according to a press release of the university.

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