Cartoons — this is the best expression of joy

Before going out to hire the cartoon "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen" producer on Sergei Selyanov said "Culture Park" that is "popular blockbuster," and false failure "Brest Fortress", compared Russia with post-war Italy and explained why in Russian Cinema has not yet formed the mainstream.

December 30 on the screens out cartoon "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen", closing a cartoon series STV film company of epic heroes. Like the previous three films, "Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen" is positioned as a "people's blockbuster." To find out what the this popular genre of contemporary Russian cinema, the correspondent of "Culture Park" has met with Sergey Selyanov — producer on STV and head, responsible for access to the rental of paintings by Alexei Balabanov and Pavel Lungin.

On the poster for "Three heroes and Shamahanskoy queen" means "people's blockbuster." It seems such a genre in Russia and the truth exists. Can you define it?

— When we released the first cartoon "Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin snakes" and thought to write again on the bill, we have a certain degree of irony wrote "heroic blockbuster." Why the irony? Word blockbuster in Russia, as you know, film enthusiasts misnomer. Blockbuster — a film that "fire" has collected a lot of money. It is not associated with its budget directly, he may be small. We were assigned the title in advance for marketing purposes. Now we are a little bit on this ironic — here's the "people's blockbuster," animated by the same: while the animation is generally perceived as a humble participant in the process. In general, this was some kind of healthy irony, self-irony — and definitely caught on, the audience loved it. This mood, in which the cartoons exist in the audience's mind. We support it.

On the other hand, if we ignore the irony, the "Three Heroes" — a people's history, it is really popular. This is the fourth film, and the word "blockbuster" must have already applied. However, he really popular, because his theme — the people. After all, who are the heroes? These are our spokesmen and representatives, our image of ourselves. For all the merits of the classical epic interpretation, it is today, probably not very relevant, and in a movie like ours, through these characters the audience is easier to love the country. The heroes we are — a little funny, human, but they have principles that are not discussed — "one for all and all for one", Motherland, Russia. This is a correct message, we all need it, and the movies today — an art form that creates and unites the nation. Look people from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad a hit — a population so united, probably better than whatever else.

Incidentally, this is terribly interesting. You talk about the love of country, and because the main engine of the emotional "people's blockbuster", I think, is a certain sense of pride that the viewer can experience on film. For the fact that we have "as in Hollywood" (in the case of "Black Lightning"), for "our great history" (as in "Admiral"). Is that so?

— Yes, of course. He needs it, if he wants to live. You must love, otherwise it is very difficult to live here. It's like a vitamin. I remember the questions arose about the movie "Brother." The critics, of course. The people rejected the movie unconditionally. This film is not about gangsters, but about dignity, which the country needs, and then especially needed. This is a film about what you can be level and can solve problems, because you are a person, not garbage. For the same reasons, and "Brest Fortress" was well received.

But she is not paid off, failed at the box office …

— No, she did not fail … Serious movies, war movies people in general, do not want to watch. And this film has collected a lot — all those inside the business, it is understood. It's like the movie "The Island." We rolled him — he collected $ 2.7 million is not a big number in terms of the market. But he became a public event, was in the people. Usually this movie is going thousand two hundred. Similarly, "The Brest Fortress": without her message across that we — the country gathered to … Well, maybe a million would be collected. The viewer does not want to see about the blood, war, torn leg-hand. "Brest Fortress" has overtaken us, in my opinion, all the militants of the last three to five years.

And what do you suggest be proud viewers?

— We like to poke fun at themselves — in part, ironically, of course. Just imagine: you are living in a toilet. Not in a metaphorical sense, but in a very real. People go there, and you live there. How can you live? This is stupid, it is impossible and unnecessary. But we have this is not quite true. It is a place, a kind of land, some land where your ancestors lived, and your children will live. Any movie that comes up, and confirmed that this place is and it has some value — you believe him. If you are not, then why do you talk to me? What are you doing here? We do not want anyone of anything persuade — we really feel like this: this is a good place.

It is interesting that this is your company produced "Cargo 200", which is widely seen as the film that we live in, as you say, in the toilet …

— Well … of course, it's not so clear is described: the truth … But many talented — it's true.

Well, let's get back to the "Three heroes." You say that people do not want to watch a serious movie. Why multgeroya replacing characters feature films today? No more tough nut to crack — only Shrek, Donkey, penguins and heroes? They are the heroes of our time?

— Consumer Society — is a very serious thing. We came into it with overclocking … Now this time in our history when a person is satisfied with the "bread and circuses", he has some money, and it can be quite easy. This is a right way to live. Thinking about the fate of Russia, even laughable. Generally about something serious to think and talk unseemly, embarrassing, it's something unnecessary. The main thing for people — to make money and then they happily spend. Feeling positive is described very simply: happiness is possible today. Previously, it was impossible to Tsarist Russia, the Gulag, and so now is a period when, if you have money, you should spend it on something fun. The country is not a Protestant consciousness — we are not adapted to capitalism, with its valuable work. The bottom line is that this paradigm — the paradigm of happiness — very powerful. There is nothing wrong — it's great. Someone will call it an ersatz, and some happiness. This means that all serious, disturbing as the film "Cargo 200", all uncomfortable — this is not necessary, we do not want. Today it seems logical that over time this is likely to change.

Why the Italian neo-realism emerged? After the war, there gushed Hollywood pictures such, in general, sugary, with beautiful women and handsome men. People went there with gusto, and then suddenly cut off. Began to appear, "a film about the life," and it turned out that it was necessary for people. We are now in a sense, going through a situation of post-war Italy. The viewer wants to be happy and positive. A cartoon — is the best expression of joy in the movie is something inherently positive. When you go to watch a movie, you suspect that there may be some bit of poison, and in the movie can not be so. It is something absolutely wonderful, from childhood. I also like that. The animation is not expecting any trick. Of course, it could be a bad cartoon, but they do not palm off some stuff, some blood. The viewer is not against the senses, but he wants to wrap has been positive.

So we now are talking about the popularity of the positive film, that it is today, and is the main trend — mainstream. Six years ago, in a lecture at the cafe Bilingua you said that there is a rapid formation of mainstream cinema in Russia. It was formed? Somehow does not seem …

— Yes, the mainstream does not arise. The main complaint is the Russian film just lies in the fact that he does not have any backbone, the average movie. Why not? This is a complex issue, as it can be a long talk, but I will reply shortly. The main problem is that there is no scenario of the school. Mainstream — is primarily a clear, well-told story. We have some very successful picture in the viewers sense, is good art projects is a bad movie, all of which are many, and there is practically no middle. Need to put a scenario to school. In Soviet times, the mainstream was, but it was defined by others, ideological tools. Although the crap in the Soviet cinema was the same as today, but he was a middle ground, which today do not.

So in conclusion, let us return once more to the "Three heroes." What you need to tell the person to persuade him to take them to the movies and do not lie?

— Self-promotion deal with difficult (laughs). But generally cartoon — it is pure luck to go and nothing to think, even if he is not very good (I do not mean "three heroes"). Animation — it's the joy that is available to man from childhood to old age. This God invented animation, I really think so.


Three heroes and Shamahanskaya queen. Excerpts from the cartoon.

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