Caucasian ballast for Russian arms

Caucasian ballast for Russian armsNow a few months after the events at the Manege Square and rallies "Enough to feed the Caucasus!" In Russia comes the climax of the subsequent election stories, which, as previously tied to the Caucasus and the "Russian fascism". According to ancient custom, the season started shooting, so called "rogue colonels" — now it was Yuri Budanov.

It's safe to say whoever killed the former officer Budanov, a recognized military villain, this case is, of course, plesnet more gasoline to the fire a little pritushenny ethnic "friendship" in the Russian Federation. In general in this country occasionally on any issue there is social consensus. In general, the separation of the Caucasus from Russia a long time ago was the natural thing: as evidenced by numerous polls populist on this sensitive issue, the undisputed huge number of voters definitely speaks "for". For example, the respective polling edition of "The newest area" for December 2010. The results, to say the least, do not shine novelty, and whatever it was, innovation — 73% of the estimated 11.5 million voters greet each and every department of the North Caucasian republics of Russia. Categorically not just 17%, other ranges.

Of course, you can spend hundreds or even thousands of interviews, but the results will not change significantly.

List the reasons for which a huge number of people in the country specifically says so, without result. His views on human rights, it is relapse Russian fascism, on the views of Caucasians themselves — a manifestation of imperial great power chauvinism, and in the eyes of ordinary Russians and a number of other people a long time ago Russian Federation, the Caucasus and is closely associated with the true "black hole", which irrevocably funneling billion dollars budget, and where as exports enter crime. But coupled with the fact when you consider that even in such a state as our homeland, where social judgment is equivalent to zero, for many years there is a congruent representation, it indicates the seriousness of the current process. And sooner or later, he'd take some real shape. To refute this absurd, even if hunting werewolves.

It is interesting to see what offers Caucasus which been very long since become the most problematic region, Russian Federation, Moscow Kremlin. What are the future plans he joins voedinyzhdy with him as he is going to solve all of his problems? Upon closer analysis, it is clear, and it infuriates that way. For example, the heads of the North Caucasian Federal neighborhood and the administration of President of the Russian Federation from simple or when not working with the postulate that lured in the Caucasus republic private investors and add more budget funds militant region will reincarnate in the end, if not in the prosperity of Switzerland is in a certain degree of , in the likeness of Slovakia. In general, investments are needed surety of safety. In the three scenarios, the formation of the Caucasus to 2025, which are contained in the government's program there, as will be solved this hiccup, not a word. In other words, the dreamers from Moscow and Pyatigorsk, unfortunately did not even bother about it too much bother.

The result is sinful circle — the multi-million dollar investments can solve the puzzles of the Caucasus, but investors do not want there, from the fact that it is not safe, and clean up the republics of the Caucasus federal government can not or will not. Or do not know how. Consequently all the puzzles the last 10 years is plain flooded stream budget funds. In 2010, the middle tier subsidized federal subjects in the republics of the Caucasus was 66% (favorites here — 89% of Ingushetia and Chechnya 87%), and pure Russian Federation has invested there myself more 6000000000. $ (179 billion. Rubles — not taking into account the extra costs). It's a given that the fraction of North Caucasian Federal District of Russia's GDP is only 2.1%, Russian volume of total tax revenues — less than 1% of Russia's foreign trade cycle — 0.4%.

Comic is also a fact that due to the degradation of the municipal unit in the North Caucasus, Moscow did not really even have the primary narrowly statistical information about the real state of the economy in the region. The legal and beneficial to the economy Caucasus practically dead in the republics there is a huge unemployment, and all this at a time when there is a thriving underground, shadow, and coupled with the fact profitable economy, to estimate the yearly turnover of which virtually unimaginable. In the end, Moscow's strategy of the past 10 years only worsened the difficulties of the Caucasus, turning it into a parasitic, parasitical region, the elites who are fighting for the separation of transfers from the federal budget. Often using the proceeds militants and terrorist attacks, that in general, no one is striking.

Disturbing echoing the Kremlin and those who believe that the congruent policy should be conducted and further, is the fact that Russia is just on the physical level is not "pull" the Caucasus in its current form. In 2009-2010, President Medvedev and the Ministry of money not once given to understand that the North Caucasian republics to increase their self-sufficiency. And in 2011, it is planned some reduction of transfers from the federal budget at a disadvantage in the region of the republic. The occasion is the fact that our homeland — despite the second largest in the world in number of billionaires, the country is quite poor, fully dependent on the prices of hydrocarbons. In addition, because Moscow has except the North Caucasus, there is a huge amount of other "plans", requiring significant investment. In addition to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, hot, stupid and not at all suitable APEC summit in Vladivostok, etc. heavily subsidized federal government plans to allocate a number of Siberian regions, has also fully "independent" Abkhazia and South Ossetia. For example, only in 2011, Moscow has planned to invest in South Ossetia over $ 200 million (with a population of republic of 35 million people). Yet we must not forget about the Pension Fund, the budget shortfall is already the second year in a row equals 1 trillion rubles …

Based on this budget reduction of payments to North Caucasian republics, is inevitable. But if it happens, it will lead to the next round of public collapse, the growth of terrorism and tension in the region. One can imagine that even the latest war. In the end, is again in a vicious circle.

Caucasus winnings many members of the government elite, constantly disappearing like a "black hole" large cash flows bring dishonest bureaucrats insane profits. Our homeland without hesitation giving China the island located on the Amur, a tremendous part of the Barents Sea area adjacent Norway or mouth Dmitry Medvedev offers to settle the empty areas of Siberia and the Far East — the Japanese. But when it concerns the North Caucasus, then here for a couple of whom are not suitable patches of land, Moscow is ready to spit even approved in 1991-1992, the CIS thesis of the indivisibility and inviolability of borders of the former Soviet republics. It turns out that the Kremlin is prepared to keep the North Caucasus republics under its wing to the last ruble economical, to the last of anything is not innocent and capable fighter even security officer (not ripened to move in a comfortable and measured London). Until that time, in other words, until the fall of the Russian Federation it

With this approach, we can say with confidence that any hope for a constructive and viable solution of tasks Caucasus Now the Russian Federation has not. Exclusive way, one which would be at a theoretical level, somehow able to untie the Gordian knot is to tie a gradual decolonization of the Caucasus following the example of the behavior of the French in West Africa. Here it must be assumed that any of the republics of the North Caucasus are headed for a certain stage in the development of applicable statehood, and they are ready to move to the associated relations with Moscow. And then — to the formal, and later the actual autonomy. Similar path looks completely logical, given that a significant portion of the population of Northern Caucasus is not strong supporters of secession from Russia.

The suggested way of the development of relations in the Caucasus provides for the transmission capacity of local authorities, some decentralization of management and, in the end, the application of modern methods of control, if archaic attitude in the obsolete format, "vertical", which is now.

But at this point, there is another side to the coin. Now some part of the Caucasian population seeks to secede from the Russian Federation, but what happens to their desire to be independent when overlaps cash flow from the pockets of Russians when they will have to survive without the help of others with no hope of a strong shoulder? Yes, now the Western countries are investing billions of dollars to destabilize the situation in the North Caucasus. Georgia gets the same weapon from the U.S. as humanitarian aid. But this is where all the same friends overseas will achieve its own, in other words, fluctuation in the fact that they do not dry up the source of foreign exchange. And the fact that current friends, stand up for tomorrow Caucasus military bases usual Caucasians easier to live will not.

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