Caucasian self-defense: to the last bullet

Caucasian "self-defense": to the last bulletWe lasts undeclared war. Another victim — 28-year-old fan "Spartacus" Yegor Sviridov, who was gunned down in Moscow right now from a traumatic gun in Kronstadt Boulevard. His companion Dmitry Filatov learn from a severe wound in the stomach. Local residents called the police, who woke up shots. Law enforcement officers arrived fairly promptly, but assist Sviridov were no longer able to: he died almost immediately.

But on the coming bus stop police caught a man with traces of blood on the clothes. The detainee was a native of Dagestan, the 26-year-old Aslan Cherkesov. When it was found, and the "hot" barrel — a traumatic Streamer.

While there is no complete picture of how it all began. According to one source, hassle broke out in the cafe, and later "fell out" outside. On the other, four of Dagestan and two Russian quarreled on the street — and rushed! By the way, the experts went out and brought to the scene of the crime as much as 12 cores.


Normal, 'banal' case which was not a public resonance.

In Moscow, near the north subway station "Water Stadium," the murder, in November, Interfax said a police source.

As noted by the agency, according to preliminary data, the murder was the result of a robbery. "Three guys in appearance — natives of the North Caucasus, tried to rob 32-year-old Muscovite portfolio. He has had an active resistance, resulting in one of the attackers hit him with a knife, "- identified the source.

He acquired injured man died on the spot. The assailants fled the scene. At the current time is wanted on their signs. So far without result.

Those fans has its own version of what happened, set out in the web: "Eight Caucasian bandits shot five men. They stood in the Kronstadt Boulevard in anticipation of a taxi going to go home. Passed by a group of 8 Caucasians. They heard laughter, took it on his own account. Word for word, began hassle, by the natives of the mountains immediately seemed trunks. Result: 1 st of our got 4 bullets, he survived. Egor killed … he is now going to fly to Slovakia for the match against Zilina, and flew to heaven … scumbags kept in ATS Golovinskiy district. The most important thing to know about it all, and no one would dare otmazatsya them. "

Meanwhile, according to official reports only passes one arrested, although police did not deny that hassle, ended in the shooting, was the mass. Circassians have chosen this course of action. Confessing under the weight of evidence to the crime, he argues that palil only for the purpose of self-defense. The logic is clear: it is -'s another article of the Criminal Code, under which can be fully released on his own recognizance.

By the way, the 1st of the murderers Yuri Volkov, too fan of "Spartacus," slaughtered Chechens July 10 Chistoprudny Boulevard — Magomed Sulimanova, despite the grateful testimony was released, and he happily disappeared into the native mountains, whence with delight saying, "return ticket "cost $ 20,000.

Because no coincidence comrades killed Sviridov already made a special statement to the press: "We fear that the Diaspora or other similar structure of Dagestan will be able to get their own relatives and hide in the mountains. "With Don issue is not" — once persuaded the Cossacks. Caucasian bandits can now read: "From the Caucasus issue no." And they will be right. "

Naturally, the investigators no "ethnic hatred" in the incident did not behold the conflict (already rushed Having reported) ordinary "bytovuha." In some ways they are right: such cases for Moscow has indeed become "normal." Here are a few examples at random "bytovuhi" for last autumn, in November, six Caucasians shot the guard, "McDonald's", a little earlier, "macho" attacked a security trading house "European". I remember the battle on Manezh Square to the role of riot police, who had to "square off" Razgulyaev town guests. In September countrymen tried to discourage the police an intoxicated driver from Vladikavkaz, who was detained on Komsomolskaya Square.

I picked up the accidental cases where the ugliness of people tried to resist, one way or another related to the security forces, and is far away from them does not always come out. What did we talk about ordinary citizens who are unfortunate though it may sound, not all have the habit of constantly carry a gun or even a knife …

Yes, quarrels and fights have always taken place, and not just between "blondes" and "brunettes". But in our tradition there are certain rules (for example, "lying does not beat"), allowing to finish the conflict, what is called, a little blood. Who better to go without guns lam: no quarter will be given. The same Circassians, "self-defense", shot does not one and not twice. And was aiming not at his arms and legs, and stomach and head.

Well, after all, dear guests (very expensive price you deal), we have a saying — "Never do to others because they do not want them to do unto you." Not in vain, "Echo of Moscow" has hastened to say: "The Metropolitan Police is conducting a series of operational measures to prevent possible disturbances in the middle of the football fans of" Spartacus. "

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