Caucasian transit for NATO

Caucasian transit for NATOGeorgia will be involved in the derivation of NATO from Afghanistan. According to the Georgian TV channel "Channel 9", the details of the issue open a discussion visited Tbilisi former Pentagon chief Donald Rumsfeld. He held meetings at the Ministry of Defence, as a number of private press meeting with Georgian politicians. According to the channel, in return for Georgia's own air and sea ports for the transportation of goods or NATO troops country will get not only a means, and a NATO weapon, which is now used in Afghanistan. According to sources, "MN", Georgians do not mind getting machines with enhanced mine-protected, which have been patrolling in Afghanistan.

In an interview with "MN" Deputy Prime Minister Georgia — State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Jora Baramidze said country indeed proposed its own transport capacity under NATO Transit: "We are ready for more contribution to the objective of NATO Afghanistan, including logistics component. Export through Georgia — a cost-effective and politically a measured way. At the moment, our proposals are analyzed in detail worked out the likely volumes of transit. "

What equipment used in Afghanistan, NATO troops can throw in Georgia? Jora Baramidze said, "MN", that this issue will open a discussion in person with the countries — participants of the operation. By the way, the fall of the Secretary General NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, will visit Gruziyu.Brosko that almost immediately with the visit of the former Minister of Defense of Georgia opened a brand new airline "Freight", made specifically for transport to Afghanistan. This is almost the municipal company selected these flights have personal Sky Georgia, which until November last year for 2-years produced such flights.

The Ministry of Economy of Georgia did not allow Sky Georgia to continue the work in this direction, saying it claims to the technical condition 5 of IL-76, which transported the cargo from Kabul, Kandahar and Mazar-i-Sharif in transit, including through the airport of Tbilisi, Germany, France , Norway, Italy and Sweden. General Director of the company Jora Kodua said "MN", which for two years has been performed more than four hundred flights, turnover was 30 million euros.

"Freight One" has already acquired for freight Boeing747-200, until the end of the year it will join the fleet of four more aircraft. There is also a first contract for supplies to Afghanistan with the municipal department of the United States, continuing until 2014, said the first deputy minister of economy Jora Karbelashvili. By the way, the airport Tbilisi perceives languid transport aircraft An-124 "Ruslan". In Kutaisi airport is currently being upgraded, and the end of the runway, he was also able to take all possible types of aircraft.

Georgia relies on the subsequent NATO summit in 2014 to get a long-awaited Membership Action Plan. The fact that country join NATO, it was said even at the Bucharest NATO forum in 2008, but then certain terms have not been named. In Tbilisi, view their role in the operation in Afghanistan — both militarily and in terms of technical support — as a small way to the NATO.

In Afghanistan killed 16 Georgian military. Despite this, Georgia this year increment for another 750 soldiers and officers own contingent in the country. Under the command of the United States and France, now there are 925 Georgian servicemen. After that Georgia will become very plentiful presented to NATO nations outside the Alliance.

In addition, the government Georgia together with NATO have been working on the country's role in Afghan projects at the end of the mission in 2014. Sources of "MN" in Georgia's official agencies they say, for example, about the prospects of training in Georgia, the Afghan military and police, as well to send to Afghanistan Georgian doctors.

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