Caucasians storm Minsk

In Belarus suddenly flooded guests from the south — and the country almost immediately began inter-ethnic fighting. There is reason to believe that, in contrast to the corrupt Russian officials, local authorities and other carriers brutal mentality will not stand on ceremony.

Caucasians attacked Minsk

Minsk discusses the actions previously unheard here: before the New Year in the capital's subway was a mass hassle. Belarusians that is not shared with people from the Caucasus, resulting in verbal sparring very rapidly developed into a skirmish right in the subway car. According to unofficial data, the affected priemuschestvenno visitors.

The police did not actually comment on the incident, stressing that there was no massacre, but only unimportant "scuffle". "States that on December 31 at the train station of the Minsk group there was a hassle is not necessary — there was a scuffle between several participants," — says the press-secretary of the Minsk city executive committee Alexander Lastouski, which refers to the words of the official news agency BelTA.

Meanwhile, the video posted on the Web, it is clear that hassle was. And this is not just a hassle. And it happened at the very heart of Minsk subway station "October" — the one on which almost two years back there was an explosion. Witnesses to communicate with correspondents "Rosbalta" say the injured in a skirmish only Caucasians — they porazbivali noses kicked. All of this happened, however, is not very long: police intervened very quickly. It happened immediately after someone in a subway car pushed the panic button.

Minsk police on disk imaging, all the troublemakers were detained on "Kupala", but the police found out that the victims to each other have no complaints and they refused to write statements. As a result, all those who took part in the skirmish, there were also released.

This official position of the government. A non-official version looks like this: police detained fighters, and Caucasians in the department of "popular" explained to why the application should not be written, what they are threatened by the presence on the Belarusian countryside without formal employment, and why it is better to continue to be meek and below the grass.

Almost two weeks earlier in one of the institutions veselitelnyh Pinsk (small district town with a population of 100 thousand people), there was another massive hassle. In the end, it just three people were in intensive care. Severe injuries were eight people. They all are under police guard, contact with third parties for their forbidden. According to rumors, who walk in Pinsk, local scuffled with Caucasians (apparently due to the ladies). The police information about the incident has not yet commented. All participants of the fight — young people.

Or here's another story. On New Year's night in the center of Minsk at the Sports Palace citizens of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan had a "mess." Such term is used the first deputy head of the central office of law enforcement and prevention of the Interior Ministry of Belarus Ivan Kubrakov. He said that the hooligans in the New Year prazdnichkom in the main Turkmen citizens aged 19-27 years. They swore obscenities at the address of other travelers and employees of the police, fell on his knees and pushing other people climbed onto the stage.

Belarusians did not suffer, and waged a vicious bullies great trial. As a result, the police have detained 25 man, among which were the Belarusians. All were released without being drawn up. Visiting guests from Central Asia were deported, fined previously for the severe amount.

Earlier, on October 20, there was a severe clash in the biggest market of the Minsk Zhdanovichi. There are, however, already involved "persons of Roma from Stavropol and Astrakhan," say the Investigation Committee of Belarus.

Belarusians are now wondering how could it be that in their country began to appear guests from Asia, although to this day there and if they were, in very minor amounts, and behaved very peaceful. On the streets of Minsk was easier to behold the Chinese than Caucasians.

These events longish prehistory. In the 90s in Belarus immigrants from the south of the former Soviet Union had very many — including Chechens, Dagestan, Georgians, and Tajiks. But in just a few years after coming to power of President Lukashenko situation has changed dramatically. Illegal migrants were in a hurry to deport to their homeland. So not only illegal. Militia was given mandate: to expel anyone who is suspicious.

In the "zero" Caucasians in Belarus also did not appear. They are in this country to do was simply nothing: no fruit without documents potorguesh, do not take a job without any registration or her, the chance to start their own business no. In addition, mono-ethnic Belarusian society "them" taking very caution: do not like them, they constantly inspects the police, they try not to let flats. In addition, all the "black" work Belarusians used to do it: wages of builders here, for example, at least twice as large as teacher salaries. And stalls or markets in the country is almost gone. More precisely, the markets have remained, but speculators, dealers there is even less than in the markets of the Russian Federation.

In fact, what is happening now, has played a major role in the elimination of the control of the Russian-Belarusian border after entering the Republic of Belarus in the Customs alliance. So seek out wandering southerners still in a poor and corrupt country, where almost impossible to press the indigenous inhabitants of a "low-prestige" works, speculate and plunder with impunity?

The answer, perhaps, lies in the message of "Interfax", referred to by the now Russian "-independent newspaper." "Brest frontier record increase in the number of immigrants from the Caucasus, who are trying to enter illegally via Belarus to Poland, it says." In 2012, the Brest section of the border to Poland for asylum traveled 20.3 thousand representatives of the Caucasus region — quoted by media employees of the Municipal Committee of the border RB — Polish services are not missed in and return to Belarus 11.4 thousand people. "" In today's year in Poland had left about 500 people from the Caucasus, returned to 306 people, "- noted in the Code of Civil Procedure. Such a trend substantiated their eagerness to travel to Poland for refugee status.

Alyaksandr Lukashenka in response to criticism from Brussels than once declared that Belarus "rescued" from the European Union influx of illegal immigrants from south of the former Soviet Union, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Border Guard Service in this country really holds the western border of the castle (which is not true for the Protection of adjacent borders of Ukraine). It is possible that inter-ethnic clashes involved just filtered contingent of guards possible "refugees" — purpose of visit these people in Belarus just checked.

While Belarusians asking prices are just starting to "come in large numbers." And they are already very much dislike. In Russia, a similar attitude to migrants from the native population does not mean anything — Russian authorities are doing what they are profitable, ignoring public opinion. But Lukashenko, whose power rests on the recognition of the mass, not the capital of the oligarchs, th
e mood of the Belarusians have a few more important. And if people in the Republic of Belarus will "murmur", then most likely, the guests from the south very quickly leave ago. In Russia.

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