Caucasion the problem and the way to solve it

Caucasian problem and the way to solve itRecent activity in the North Caucasus — the murder of tourists militant attack on the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria — Nalchik, only confirm the current state of the Caucasus on the verge of explosion.

The counter-terrorist operation in 1999-2000 did not solve prepyadstviya, was eliminated part of the bandit forces, so-called. "Irreconcilable", while the greater part of the gang received amnesty and formed the local police, battalions of the "North" and "South" (Ramzan Kadyrov's personal guard), has become bureaucrats. So Makar, gangsters and whole Chechen people (with the small exception — were Chechens, who acted in the interests of all RF) Did not answer for a mass genocide, robbery and expulsion from the territory of Chechnya, Russian.

The pumping of the North Caucasus region means absolutely imperative formed parasitic ethnic structure of the republics of the Caucasus. Do not resolved prepyadstviya mass unemployment, the creation of jobs, a high level of criminality society. Criminal groups from South and North Caucasus has spread throughout the Russian Federation, creating pockets of the state of tension.

Moscow and local ethnic imperative structures cooperate in terms of the oppression of the Islamic underground. But the Islamists will only be more in Islam laid programm zeal for a just world order. People who are not afraid to go to the death for their beliefs, cause only respects. Many have already seen that surrounded the radical Islamists fighting to the last, not surrendering. They behave as Russian soldiers in their own best qualities. This problem can only be solved by force.

Plans resettlement of unemployed from the North Caucasus, which voiced Moscow and Hloponin, but even more strengthen the radical-nationalist position, will lead to increased ethnic and upcoming criminal gangster groups.

What you need to do to solve the problem of the Caucasus

— You can not separate the North Caucasus, as suggested by some Russian nationalists and liberal activists. This effort will be a failure of centenary Russian Empire and of the Red Empire to strengthen its positions in the Caucasus. We get a perpetual war zone, where there will be rivers of blood spilled. A war against the Ingush, Ossetians, Chechens, Ingush, support, Ossetians — South Ossetia. Georgian invasion begins on the terrain of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It will be possible the creation of the North Caucasian Federation, headed as the territory of Chechnya, which has made a lot of combat and weapons. Amplify the impact of the Turkish, British, American intelligence agencies. RF receive millions of refugees, including Russian, exacerbating the social situation and so difficult. Federation of the Caucasus is a parasitic type, because the ability of working life, and so the order of blurry, will be completely lost. Our homeland will surge of kidnappings, attacks on the Russian regions, a sharp increase in ethnic mafias in all major towns.

In the end, the Russian Federation will again have to fight a war, but with all of the Caucasus, which reclaims the tremendous effort and huge losses.

— Immediately change all the heads of the regions of the North Caucasus and the entire top of the administration on the Russian, the former administration to prosecute, there is almost no innocents. The order of the Caucasus likely only, when everyone will manage the Russian, the other — nepotism, cronyism.

— Set in the North Caucasus state of emergency for 5-10 years, "clean up" the whole area of bandit parts.

— Chechen people, except for a small, sparsely populated areas to evict Siberia "spetsposlenie." All guilty of murder, izymatelstvah, robbery gangs members in the lumen of the late 80's to the 2000's — a serious regime of detention. In the prison system to return the principle — "who does not work shall not eat," the penitentiary system should not only be self-supporting, and a profit of. Resistance should be fiercely suppressed. An example of the Chechen people will be for all peoples of the Caucasus usual sign of recovery of the Russian authorities and will be understood correctly. Eliminate the Chechen Republic, Grozny to the area.

— Eliminate all national-territorial formations make the field.

— National policy should be conducted in the spirit of Russian Empire and the Soviet Union is not: in the village can live by their own laws (to dance folk dances in the squares, sticks close to … punish her zapivoh, lazy, slaughter sheep on Happy holiday, etc.), but otherwise should act Russian law.

— The complete elimination of ethnic criminal groups throughout the Russian Federation, inhumane and rapidly, within a week. All appearances, addresses, names of the Interior Ministry and the FSB is.

— There is no "tolerance" for such a government "customs" as kidnapping, slave trade, illegal weapons possession. The operation to free the slaves in the areas of the Caucasus, the punishment of their "masters".

— Creating recovery programs from industry, agriculture, tourism industry and areas of improvement (for the children, the elderly, war veterans), all the ordinary inhabitants of the Caucasus regions must be able to work peacefully in their own land.

If the central government will continue to pursue a policy of "multiculturalism", which has failed completely in Europe, but not the policy of Russification of the Russian Federation (Russian Return superethnos their rights and responsibilities with the Russian masters of the earth from the mountains Caucasus to the Kuril Islands), the end and the inevitable destruction of the Russian Federation, together with the loss of all the old political elite.

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