Cavalier 2-orders of Victory — the number one and number 5

There was the 115th anniversary of the birth of a day or ZHoru Zhukov (19 November). And now you can meet such disputes between the military and civilians historians — Zhukov: genius or a villain? There are many points of view about Zhukov, the style of his work, and command and control, "butcher" — did not spare a soldier walked over dead bodies, all the victories won "on gotovenkaya" when it all to win prepared other military leaders, leadership talent Zhukov — this propaganda myth; Zhukov won the war — it is heresy, it won a fighter. And so on. But Zhukov — that of titanium, that he was not creepy none, the most absurd proposition.

After LIGHTS Fights

Jora K. was born in the village of Strelkovka Kaluga region. Three classes of parochial school finished with a sheet of praise. Skornyazhnichaya then in Moscow, just finished a two-year course of urban schools.

Holder of two Orders of Victory - the number one and number fiveOn August 7, 1915 in the Army. A cavalry sergeant in the summer of 1916 falls on the southwestern front in the 10th Novgorod Dragoon Regiment. For the capture of a German officer awarded the George Cross 4th degree. Shell-shocked. For injured in battle receives the George Cross 3rd degree.

The revolution in general and cavalry army removed. Hard unhealthy fever, Zhukov vorachivaetsya in their village. But in the summer of 1918 comes to a reddish Army. In the future, he became a member of the Russian Communist Party (Bolsheviks). Red Army soldier Jora Zhukov fought on the Eastern, Western, Southern fronts against the Ural Cossacks, under the Empress, with the troops of Denikin and Wrangel.

In the summer of 1919 participated in the battles with the Cossacks in the station area of thorns in the battle for Uralsk, for Volodymyrivka for Nikolaevsk. In autumn 1919 between Zaplavnym and Middle Akhtuba seriously wounded by grenade fragments. Treated. End Ryazanskie cavalry courses and autumn of 1920 he was appointed commander of a platoon, then — the squadron. A year later involved in the suppression of the peasant revolt in the Tambov region (the so-called "Antonov").

Magic is understandable and hard that death would overtake Zhukov at any moment for 6 years in more than 60 large and small battles. Every fight could be the last. And the upcoming military service Zhukov does not abound calmness and serenity. Here are her major milestones.

Since May 1923 Zhukov commanded the 39th Regiment of the 7th Samara Cavalry Division. A year later graduated from the Higher Cavalry School. Then — the courses of higher officers of the Red Army. In 1930 he received the 2nd Brigade of the 7th Samara Cavalry Division, commanded by Rokossovsky. Next is the Belarusian military environment under the I.P.Uborevicha.

In the period 1937-1938, both the repression of the commander to be arrested. Konstantin passes all the circles of hell, but it will not be broken, and Jerome Petrovic shot. Specifically, at the time of a meeting the party organization of the 6th Cavalry Corps, which understood the application of certain political officers and commanders of the "enemy corps commander Zhukov methods in the education of personnel" and that he "was a tight fit relationship with the enemy of the people." But party activists decided to "limit the discussion to the issue and to take note of explanation comrade Zhukov."

The fate or providence as though carefully guarded his own chosen for some higher purpose. In the summer of 1939 Zhukov defeated the group of Japanese troops of General Kamatsubary on Khalkhin Goal. Corps Commander for this operation was awarded the title of Hero of the Russian Union. Year later, he was commander of the Kiev military Especial neighborhood.

When the Red Army assessment team received the title of General of the Army. In this capacity, holds two brilliant command post game under the title "The offensive front with a break of fortified areas," featuring outstanding operational and tactical skill. What is put forward by Stalin to the post of chief of the General Staff.

Who was in the battle, THAT PAIN AND FURY Absolutely Learned

The case of the leader and commander never been lighter. That's what this says in his book, "Near to Stalin," the Kremlin guard A.T.Rybin:

"Yet no one historian failed to reveal the secret of their relationship, which had been though democratic, but once — hard-mysterious. As long as any of them will be able to unravel the theorists, try to enjoy the experience of a man who knew both. The commandant of cottages near Orlov served Stalin from 37 th to 53 rd year. Means had the right to mention the most fundamental in the disposition of the leader:

— He loved the compromising judgments like: As you say, and create.

In similar cases usually read:

— Such advisers do not need me.

Upon learning this, I sometimes argued with him, defending his point of view, Stalin was puzzled grumbled:

— All right, I'll think about it.

Could not endure, when he was entered, bending or come forward with his heels. Getting in to it had to be a tough step. If necessary — at any time of. Office was never locked. Now we add the subsequent judgment Orlov

— Stalin, Zhukov respect for honesty and patriotism. He Stalin was the most notable guest.

Together with the military leadership gift of this appears to have been quite that Stalin kept his natural anger at unprecedented prank Zhukov on December 4, proterpel a fifth day, and only at midnight on HF gently asked:

— Comrade Zhukov, as Moscow?

— Comrade Stalin, Moscow, we will not surrender, — assured Jora K..

— Then I'll go a couple of hours rest.

— You can …

Yes, Stalin was able to then resist the disturbance, but all the same offense is not forgotten. That's why for the most difficult operation of the war itself captain was awarded a medal only. "

And the first time, Stalin and Zhukov white hot in the seventh day of the war. Oh, so that the conflict Mikoyan says:

"Stalin called the People's Commissariat of Defense Marshal Timoshenko. But that is nothing certain about the situation in the West could not tell the direction. Alarmed by this course of affairs, Stalin offered to all of us to go to the Commissariat on the spot to deal with the situation. The office was Commissar Timoshenko and Zhukov Vatutin. Stalin kept relaxed, asked where the front command, which has a connection with him. Zhukov reported that the connection is lost and for the whole day could not get her back. About half an hour talked quietly enough. Later, Stalin exploded that for the General Staff, that for the chief of the General Staff, who was so taken aback that he had no connection with the troops, and no one is no one in charge. If there is no connection, the General Staff is powerless to control. Zhukov, of course, is not less than Stalin's worried about the situation, and that of Stalin was screaming for him offensive. This courageous man could not stand, burst into tears like a woman, and promptly went into another room. Molotov went after him. We were all depressed state. "

There must be a bad break: Stealther Anastas and straightforward Jora K. never sympathized with each other, not to say that they are secretly at odds.

Here is another testimony of the writer N.A.Zenkovicha who debated on the topic from VM Molotov:

Holder of two Orders of Victory - the number one and number fiveThe cost of a moment's stroke of the pen of Marshal Zhukov in making the surrender of Germany — the majestic feat of the people and the army.
"The Great Russian war , 1941-1945. in photo and film documents. " T. 5. M., 1989

"A quarrel broke out the hardest, with foul language and threats. The material Stalin Timoshenko and Zhukov Vatutin called names of their mediocrity, pettiness, company pisarishkami, portyanochnikami. The strains had an impact on the military. Timoshenko and Zhukov also uttered a lot of offense in the heat of the moment the address of the leader. The upshot was that Stalin sent Zhukov whitened by my mother and claimed immediately leave the room and did not stop them from learning the situation and make decisions. Amazed by such impudence war, Beria tried to stand up for the leader, but Stalin, no one said goodbye and headed for the exit. "

Here then on the steps of the Ministry of Defence Stalin made his famous "Lenin left us a legacy of majestic, and we, his heirs, all this is about! .." It seems to be better or worse, but in the whole course of the war specifically majestically Russian Zhukov Stalin trusted most complex, sometimes-difficult, if not entirely unfeasible assignments. And in fact never warlord leader did not disappoint.

Jora Roerich was a member of the Supreme Command, Deputy Supreme Commander, First Deputy People's Commissar of Defense of the USSR. He commanded fronts: the Reserve, Leningrad, West (right was commander in chief of the Western direction), the 1st Ukrainian, 1st Belorussian. Exclusively in one 1942 Zhukov personally spent four large offensives: Moscow, Rzhev-Vyazemsk, First and Second Rzhev-sychevskoj.

Apart from the operational commander Zhukov, according to the version put forward by him and Alexander Vasilevsky in flashback, is also the co-author (along with Vasilevsky) of the main Russian military plan for 1942 — a strategic plan for the operation "Uranus" to defeat the German troops at Stalingrad. However, this plan, which, according to the memoirs of Zhukov and Vasilevsky, stand them and Stalin's signature, so far not placed, despite the lapse of time.

And then it's time to recognize the majestic leader:

"War — it is a very difficult test of all the people. This mass casualties, blood, disability for life. It is a severe psychological impact on all people carrying the burden of war. This is gold for those who are engaged in trade instruments of war. In war, there are no absolute heroes, completely brave commanders. The heroes are those who are in just a minute the heavy conditions was able to pull himself together, to overcome fear and not to succumb to panic. Our business will continue to young people. Very basically, that they were taught in our failings and our successes. Science of Winning — not the usual science. But he who learns who want to win, who are fighting for a cause which believes in the justice always overcome. I am satisfied that on many lessons of his life. "

Revelation is well worth it. In any case, it sheds some light on the zeal ZHoru Konstantinovicha issue for many of the reality of their good wishes, left us in his main work "Memories and Reflections". The most common example. Zhukov wrote:

"Early in the morning on June 22 Commissar SK Timoshenko, N.F.Vatutin and I were in the office of the People's Commissar of Defense. At 3:00 I got a call 07 minutes at the RF Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral F.S.Oktyabrsky and said the system makes the Navy report on the approach from the sea a huge number of unknown aircraft. At 3 hours 30 minutes of the Chief of Staff of the Western Area General V.E.Klimovskih reported on German air raid on the town of Belarus. Minutka three Chief of Staff Gen. M.A.Purkaev neighborhood of Kiev reported air raids on the town of Ukraine. The People's Commissar ordered me to call Joseph Stalin. I called. By phone no one answers. Calling without annoying. In the end, I heard a sleepy voice of the general of the control of:

— Who says?

— Chief of the General Staff of Zhukov. I ask urgently connect me with Comrade Stalin.

— What? At the moment? — Surprised the head of security. — Comrade Stalin sleep.

— Rouse immediately, the Germans bombarded our town!

Minutka three Stalin came to the unit. I reported the situation and asked for permission to start a retaliatory military action. "

In this longish quote from the memoirs of the greatest leader of the only accurate place names and the names of the people. Everything else — the tragic true, with the light hand of the commander became the basis for all subsequent distortions and outright innuendo in the description of the war.

In 18 hours 27 minutes 21 June 1941, Vyacheslav Molotov delivered to the Kremlin quite clear accurate information about the time of Hitler's attack! It is now an indisputable fact of history! As is the fact that in his own memoirs Jora K. walked virtually all their troubles, mistakes, imperfections, including the assault on the forehead of eminent Seelow Heights, leaving only the personal ups and victory, which, of course, there was an overwhelming majority.

During 1943 Zhukov coordinated acts of fronts in the operation "Spark" in breaking the blockade of Leningrad. January 18 he was promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Russian Union — the first Marshal of the USSR into the war. From March 17, Zhukov — on emerging Belgorod sector of the Kursk salient. On July 5, coordinates the actions of the Western, Bryansk, Voronezh and Steppe Fronts. After the death of Stalin Vatutin ordered Zhukov to head the 1st Ukrainian Front. In March and April of 1944 K. Jora spent Proskurovo-Chernivtsi offensive operation and went to the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.

April 10, 1944, Marshal was awarded the highest military services — the Order "Victory" for the number 1. In the summer of 1944 Zhukov coordinated actions of the 1st and 2nd Belorussian Fronts in "Operation Bagration." In the final step of the war the 1st Belorussian Front led by Marshal Zhukov, held in conjunction with the 1st Ukrainian commanded by Ivan Konev Vistula-Oder operation, during which Russian forces liberated Warsaw, Cleave defeated Army Group "A" General J. Kharp and Field Marshal F.Shernera. During that Zhukov received a second order of "Victory" for the number 5.

The 1st Belorussian Front (1 million 28 thousand 900 people) lost 77 thousand 342 people (7.5%), while at the same time, the 1st Ukrainian (1 million 83 thousand 800 people) lost 115 thousand . 783 people (10.7%). So it is not always Zhukov "did not spare the soldiers." May 8, 1945 in Karlshorst (Berlin) Jora K. took from Hitler's Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel background unquestioning surrender of Nazi Germany and was appointed commander of a group of Russian troops in Germany.

But the great confidence in the leader of the first Russian military commander — receiving Victory Parade Russian Union over Germany in the stateliness Russian war, which took place in Moscow on Red Square. The parade marshal Konstantin Rokossovsky. It's not even a royal or imperial gift — a record on the tables of Eternity. Such actions only dignified leaders on the shoulder.

Holder of two Orders of Victory - the number one and number fiveMilitary exercises in 1940. Jora Zhukov in 60 fights has emerged as a military leader.

September 7, 1945 in Berlin at the Brandenburg Gate Victory Parade was held allied forces during the second world war. Russian Union of perceived parade marshal Zhukov. And it was the most important military leader of his height.

In civilian life is not easy, I did not pay PARTVZNOSY

In a peaceful life in ZHoru Konstantinovicha somehow immediately emerged and many sophisticated enough prepyadstviya. Accustomed for many 1418 days of the war to be everywhere and anywhere "king, god and the main military chief," the marshal did not immediately fit into the court coordinates of the Kremlin. In the summer of 1946 a meeting of the Head of the Military Council, which was tried "the case of Marshal Zhukov on materials Anastasia Novikova interrogation."

From the statement of the head of Air Marshal AA Novikov, written in the name of Joseph Stalin:

"Touching Zhukova, I first want to say that he is a man just power-hungry and self-loving, loves the glory, honor and servility in front of him and can not sustain the objection. Beetles like to know all the announcements of what is done at the top, and at his request, when Zhukov was at the front, to the extent that I have that I was able to figure out the respective feeding him information about what was being done at General Headquarters. In this meanness in front of you I am aware of his languid guilt. So, there were times when after visiting Bets I talked about the mood Zhukov Stalin, when and for what Stalin scolded me and others what I have heard there discussions, etc. Beetles are very tricky and subtle in cautious terms in conversations with me, as with the others tried to diminish the leading role in the War of the Supreme Command, and at the same time, Zhukov, undeterred, puts his role in the war as a leader, and even states that all major plans for military operations designed them. "

ZHoru Roerich was accused of inflating their own "victory of merit." Stalin personally determined claims to "own right hand":

"Assigns the development of operations for himself, which was not involved."

Confirmation cited in surplus. But it should be noted: at the meeting all the top generals, except the chief of the Head of the Personnel F.I.Golikova, supported Zhukov. Yet the members of the Politburo unanimously blamed "Marshal Victory" in "Bonapartism." It is possible that the top party bosses such makarom "paid off" for the marshal obstinacy and personal disrespect to them.

In June 1946, launched an investigation into the so-called "the trophy case Zhukov." It served as the basis denunciation adjutant Zhukov Semochkina. Frame Zhukov was militantly set to Comrade Stalin. Non-party delivered to the Allies in Frankfurt. Sold the car to writer Slavin. Was greedy and pocketed trophy values: furs, paintings, carpets, chandeliers, gold, jewelery, sets, etc. Spent many thousands of municipal funds for personal use. He gathered a huge collection of hunting rifles. Never personally pay party dues.

Obviously, Zhukov letter to the Central Committee of the CPSU (b), and Zhdanov someone rejects most of these defamatory statements. He writes:

"I ask the Central Committee to take into account the fact that some mistakes during the war, I did without malice, and in fact I've never been naughty servant of the party, the motherland and the majestic Stalin. I'm always honest and doing all the tasks Radzivil comrade. Stalin. I plead very guilty that did not give me all this useless junk somewhere on a warehouse in the hope that it does not need anyone. I give a strong oath Bolshevik avoid similar mistakes and follies. I'm sure I'll still need a homeland, the majestic leader comrade. Stalin and the party. Please leave me a lot. I will correct the mistakes and not let dirty highest rank a member of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks. 12.01.1948 year. Member of the CPSU (b) Zhukov. "

Removed from the post of Commander of the Army, Zhukov was commander of a time of Odessa, then the Ural military districts. His every move watched. Once the New Year to come disgraced ZHore Konstantinovichu General Vladimir Kryukov and his wife Lydia Ruslanova and General Konstantin Telegin with his wife. The singer, crossed the threshold of the house of the commander, pulled out of the package 2-grouse shot down and said loudly:

"I wish for you, our stately favorite to all your enemies look exactly like these two birds."

And the rest of the evening did not regret feet and voices. Led by Marshal and his guests all sorts of imprudent debate. And in the morning, and her spouse were arrested.

After the death of Stalin, Beria did everything to disgraced Marshal became the first deputy minister of defense N.A.Bulganina. They say that Jora K. own benefactor warned that it will soon "povyazhut" but Lawrence P. was very confident in his own strength. The group who arrested Beria was, and Zhukov.

Beetles can not stand in a series of elite royal generals, as all life was not surrounded by highly educated officers, and a faceless mass obedient, ready at the first cry of the party to betray, slander, condemn. But Zhukov was and remains the greatest military leader of all time, and no exposure, today or future, can not detract from his contribution to the victory. But that's why I can not understand and forgive truly majestic Zhukov that he (in the last days, hours of the war) took the forehead Seelow Heights — a powerful center of resistance, built by Germans, putting it hundreds of thousands of our soldiers.

In 1954, Zhukov personally spent teaching with the use of atomic weapons on Totsky range. More than 45 thousand soldier were heavily exposed to radioactive radiation. How many civilians were injured — no one knows. And when she was minister of defense, Jora K. almost the first order increment currency composition of the military. For the "suppression of the Hungarian fascist rebellion" and in connection with the 60th anniversary of day or birthday, he was awarded the fourth "Gold Star". But a year later, "corncob" sent "Marshal of the Victory" to resign.

In the above-mentioned memoirs Zhukov had time to make a very awkward curtsy Brezhnev, creating a flurry of sarcastic jokes that, like:

— Comrade Stalin, it's time to start "Operation Bagration"!

— Wait, Comrade Zhukov, you will need to consult with Comrade Brezhnev!

Creator of these lines fate gave friendly relations with the Army General Beloborodov.

"Athanasius Pavlantevich, tell about Zhukov. It is true that the generals and marshals considered him a favorite of Stalin?

— Maybe someone and felt like the same Konev, a lifetime trying to compete with his rescuer. After all, if I did not take Konev, Zhukov to discover deputy, Stalin would just slapped Ivan. No, Stalin had no pets. He just valued people on merit. A Zhukov that about him at the moment nor has it always been the first in the middle of equals. No one near him, I can not put. Everything in it is present: the talent and ruthlessness, and a fierce desire for power. Other such in our army was not. Perhaps there never was. And there will be more than ever. "

The only Marshal of the Russian four times Hero of the Union, the only Cavalier 2-orders of "Victory", the only Russian military commander, who is the huge number of military awards, more than anyone else whose name is immortalized, it closes a number of worthy: Great, Hannibal, Caesar, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, Napoleon, Suvorov, Kutuzov. In any case, XX century knows no other leader of this magnitude. And God willing, never more similar military talents and not useful.

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