Cavalry Third Reich

Cavalry of the Third ReichKnowing about Lofty Russian war only on Russian and Russian films, the citizens of the Russian Federation actually know nothing about — Wehrmacht cavalry.

The people in the minds of the Germans were always on bikes, armored personnel carriers, trucks, tanks, and only dismount in order to poobizhat farmers, or when keeping defenses. Wehrmacht motorization is very exaggerated, since in each infantry division was purely cavalry Squad — reconnaissance unit.

Its staff size was 310 people — were supposed to have on troop 216 horsepower, 2 bikes, 9 cars (or armored). This cavalry squadron reinforced 75 mm field guns or 37 mm anti-tank guns.

It was in the Wehrmacht and the separate cavalry division — in 1939 Cavalry Brigade — she participated in the Army Group North "in the fighting on Narew, the capture of Warsaw. In autumn 1939 it was transformed into a cavalry division, and she participated in the French campaign. It employs 17 thousand horses. Before the invasion of the Soviet Union, she came into the 2nd Armored Group H. Guderian, as part of Army Group "Center". Division fully well kept pace coming, along with armored divisions.

Cavalry of the Third Reich

The problem was only in the supply of horses in the winter of 1941-1942. it was transformed into a tank division (24-I, etc.). But in the middle of 1942 — one cavalry regiment was created in all three groups of armies — the "North", "Center" and "South". In 1944, these shelves increment to 2 brigades — 3rd and 4th. 3rd and 4th Cavalry Brigade, together with the Hungarian 1st Cavalry Division Cavalry Corps brought in "Background Hartenek" who waged war on the border of East Prussia, and in December 1944, he was thrown into Hungary. In February 1945, the cavalry brigade reformed in the cavalry divisions. The composition of the 3rd Cavalry Division 2 cavalry regiment, 1 artillery regiment, 1-n anti-tank battalion, one Cossack battalion, one battalion. Of the 4th Cavalry Division 2 cavalry regiment, 1 artillery regiment, one anti-tank battalion, 1 battalion svyazi.V March 1945, they participated in the advent of the Wehrmacht at Lake Balaton, in one of the fiercest battles of the war. In April retreated to Austria, there surrendered to the Yankees.

Cavalry of the Third Reich

In addition cavalry made in the elite division of the Third Reich SS — In 1941, still in Poland created the SS Cavalry Brigade in the summer of 1942, it launched the 1st Cavalry Division of the SS. In 1944, the two formed a cavalry division of the SS — 8th "Florian Geyer" 22th "Maria Theresa", both died in the surroundings near Budapest. Of residues, in March 1945, made the 37th Cavalry Division of the SS "Lutzow". Vela languid fighting north of Vienna in March 1945. The surviving remnants of the division surrendered to the Yankees in Austria.

In the Wehrmacht were the Cossack cavalry units — in August 1943 created the 1st Cossack Cavalry division, of prisoners of war and volunteers. Ingredients: 1st Don Cossack Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Siberian Cossack horse regiment, 3rd Kuban Cossack Cavalry Regiment, 4th Kuban Cossack horse Regiment, 5th Don Cossack Cavalry Regiment, 6th Terek Cossack cavalry regiment, an artillery brigade (two mounted Cossack artillery battalion), the Cossack battalion, Cossack battalion. The division fought the war in the Balkans against the guerrillas NOAYU. At the end of December 1944 — it was transferred from the Wehrmacht in the Waffen SS. In February 1945, it launched a database of the 15th SS Cossack Cavalry Corps, the number of 40-45 thousand people. Ingredients: 1st and 2nd Cossack Division, Plastunskaya team.

So Makarov, it is clear that the German command is not considered outdated cavalry arm of the service and is fully well they were used. Constantly increasing number of its own cavalry. Cavalry regiments, brigades, divisions were fully modern means of waging a war of maneuver and the German High Command is well understood. Fully successfully used cavalry and anti-guerrilla operations in the wooded area.

Cavalry of the Third Reich

Cossacks personal escort of General H. von Pannwitz. Of 1944-1945.

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