Chaplin asks orthodox patrols for all cities in the country

Head of the Synodal Department for Church Russian Orthodox Church and Society, Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin hopes that the initiative "Orthodox patrols" will pick up after Moscow and other Russian cities. On it informs RIA "Novosti".


"I believe that these are steps in the right direction. Now, many Orthodox Christians, in particular, the Cossacks, trying to unite to protect public order, their shrines, their temples. I hope that everyone in more places Russian Orthodox people will unite to support and protect the rule of law, to protect their holy places, "- said Chaplin.

Eve was reported that the activists of the nationalist movement "Holy Russia" are going to patrol the streets of Moscow. "If you find the perpetrators of blasphemous acts against the Orthodox shrines, insulting the orthodox faith, to show aggression to the priests, we reserve the right to take appropriate action," — said in a statement Orthodox vigilantes.

"It is time to remind apostates and atheists, that we are the masters in our land and to prohibit any blasphemous, offensive actions and statements with respect to the Orthodox faith and our people, whether they are: any" art ", marches, exercises, etc., carries a blasphemy, heresy, corruption, debauchery, "- said the representative of" Holy Russia "Ivan Otrakovsky.

In response, the head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alekseeva, advocated the creation of atheist folk patrols. In her view, the initiative proposed by the movement "Holy Russia", contrary to the Constitution of Russia. Alexeyev said that Russia — multi-religious and multi-national country. Accordingly, if the guards will protect the Orthodox shrines, the other religions, including atheists, too, need protection. She noted that people have a right to be atheists.


Blogozrenie: implanting Orthodoxy, Orthodox or Who needs patrols


Subject opposition of church and secular society in Russia has not ended after the verdict Pussy Riot. New reason to debate the idea of a planted authors Orthodox patrols.
One of the main news of the last week has once again become a topic related to religion. The head of the Orthodox movement "Holy Russia" Ivan Otrakovsky called Orthodox people organized in squads to enter the whole of Russia in shifts patrolling. "If you find the perpetrators of blasphemous acts against the Orthodox shrines, insulting the orthodox faith, to show aggression to the priests, we reserve the right to take appropriate action," — the statement says activist to Russian citizens. The call was heard, though not well understood.
Udro: I have no complaints about the item "protection of Orthodox holy sites", although if you really started to preserve the culture, you have everything to protect. As for the priests — too well, because as soon as the priests begin to beat Well potbellied for arrogance and love for profiteering. But with an insult to me personally — is not clear. We assume that an insult? Short skirts? I think so. Women's independence? Yes, definitely. Drunk? This is unlikely: in Russia drinking is fun, and it is sacred. And with the measures … I would like to know the list of most measures, and that the Cossacks, won pusek whips promised to withdraw, if you meet.

Broad support, which, as might be supposed, the authors calculated the idea of creating Orthodox patrols were not available, but if we assume that the main goal was to just open up the discussion, it was achieved.
Rat-amon: Not the fact that Orthodox patrols — is bad. Let's see how they will conduct themselves, and what effect is achieved. If crime and bigotry will be less — that's good.
Palomnic-sib: I have no doubt that the organization of these teams would have led to the fact that peace and prosperity came to the streets of our home towns. No matter how the enemies of the Church were shouting about the aggressiveness of the Orthodox, but any unbiased person it is clear that the Orthodox Christians — peaceful, quiet and law-abiding people. Therefore, if these squads will be created, consisting of strong believers young guys, the evil would not be so ungirdle and will not be so bold as of late.
Endless_flames: Initiative itself — the good and decent. With all this interest and intensifies the most — whether newly minted combatants act truly orthodox methods? Selfish question: your humble servant — not the musician ROC-oriented direction and the look is appropriate. Do not risk looking like now all honest brothers creative underground get a hot hand?
The idea of Orthodox detachments supported Vice Chairman of Russian Mufti Hazrat Rushan Abbyasov, who also did not rule out that it is possible to create and similar Muslim warriors. The Moscow city guide the establishment of Orthodox detachments on the contrary considered harmful. "It is, on the contrary, divides society. We have a multi-religious state, "- he said, in particular, the head of the regional security of Moscow Alexey Mayorov. Bloggers appreciate this turn of topics.
N_perfilova: And if someone does a different religion, not Orthodox? What, do not go out on the street?
The head of the Moscow Helsinki Group, Lyudmila Alekseeva, also believes that the emergence of voluntary Orthodox detachments can lead to negative consequences. Proposed the establishment of a human rights activist in opposition to orthodox atheist militia, and thus opened a new branch of the discussion.
@ Rogozin: Alekseev proposed a atheistic squads. Church once again decided to rob and blow? We decided to revive old?
Proponents of the idea of creating Orthodox patrols defended it's sometimes with such fervor that it becomes like fanatics. True, some believers have to consider in the murky waters of populism pitfalls.
Slavomir-vedun: I think that Orthodox patrols could have prevented many crimes, but more alarming. Somehow, now (after the deal Pussy Riot) in radio and television time invite the most inadequate and most fanatical orthodox. Why should I create in people the idea that all Orthodox in full inadequate? I think we should simply ban the hierarchy this "Orthodox missionaries" to go on the radio and TV, so that people will not develop a false opinion.
Only belatedly offer because the view from most of the active online population was still negative.
Vilinare: There is a sense that the militant activists who propose to establish Orthodox squads, most do want to get to the others, and patrols — a great opportunity for them to do it the crowd and with impunity.

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