Chelyabinsk scientists have established a link between environmental disadvantage and perceptions of life

CSU scientists have established that every second Yuzhnouralsky school student living in environmentally disadvantaged areas, is in a state of environmental stress. As a result — a teenager pessimistic about the life and the environment identified as being harmful, and people living in it, is seen as a victim of circumstances.

As the correspondent of "New Region", the last two decades of domestic and foreign psychologists are actively studying the psychological aspects of the response to the environmental hazard.

Researchers say today's society there was a special kind of stress caused by exposure to extreme environmental conditions, as well as the expectation of such a harmful effect and its consequences. One of the psychologists call this phenomenon "environmental stress".

However, until now the structure of this stress and its role in human life and the factors affecting the intensity, almost unknown.

CSU scientists set out to analyze the effects of stress on social and psychological adaptation of the South Urals senior schools. The study involved 553 students who live in the areas of environmental ill and 527 high school students from the cities and districts with good ecological situation.

Psychologists have created a "Checklist of environmental stress", by which it was found: in the context of ecological trouble proportion of subjects with high and above average ekostressa exceeds 53%, while in the second, successful group of more than 25%.

Researchers have also found that this type of stress affects the positive attitude to life and to other people, including peers, as well as the meaningfulness of life and optimistic perspective of life.

Environmental stress, primarily affects the self-identity, the scientists. "If the environment is assessed as a dangerous life, people who live in it, are seen as a victim of circumstances, the formation of a positive attitude toward self and others difficult, and life becomes more pessimistic outlook. Note that negative changes consciousness, life perspective and attitude to the environment are found among the survivors or undergoing other types of acute or chronic stress, "- says the study.

This, according to the authors of research, said the need for counseling programs to young people in terms of ecological trouble.

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