Chickens and dinosaurs — that common?

Scientists have deciphered the protein bone Royal Tyrannosaurus, which lived about 68 million years ago. The research experts have concluded that these ancient predators were the ancestors of modern chickens! According to experts, it is the scientific evidence that between dinosaurs and birds, there is kinship.

According to Mary Schweitzer of North Carolina State University, despite the fact that the bones of dinosaurs have long been studying, "always assumed that at the cellular and molecular level, nothing is saved."

It was thought that some proteins can be stored about a million years, but no more, in terms of the age of dinosaurs.

Mary Schweitzer so much surprised when she was able to detect fragments of soft tissue to bone Royal Tyrannosaurus rex, the remains of which, namely the skull, two femurs and two tibias were found in the Hell Creek in eastern Montana. They were buried under thousands of cubic meters of sand, mixed with mud, which are considered to be sedimentary rocks of the ancient bed of the river.

Thanks to the discovery Schweitzer's team of John Asara of Harvard Medical School analyzed the proteins that bone.

"Mass spectrometry confirmed that the remains found fossilized bones of a number of proteins of collagen — the substance that makes up most of the organic material of the bone. Actually, if the bone is removed from the minerals, it is just the collagen matrix

Scientists compared organic molecules preserved in the remains of the animal, with organic molecules modern fauna. Proteins ancient reptiles were similar to proteins of chicken.

Co-discoverer, Dr. Jack Horner, said that this finding probably will not last, but for the detection of such fossils have long to drill rock. According to him, the only way you can find the bones of ancient animals that were not exposed to air, water and microorganisms.

Scientific analysis has shown that the extracted collagen is structurally almost identical to chicken protein. Therefore, we can assume that T-Rex was fillets to taste better than chicken.

"Many scientists and used to be that modern birds evolved from dinosaurs, but their confidence was based only on the structure of the bones. There is now an opportunity to say that between them really is related, since there is the relationship between the sequence of amino acids in their proteins, "- commented on the opening of John Asar.

Scientists argue that thanks to this study, "the idea of the relationship of birds and dinosaurs goes from hypothesis to theory."

A new method of research can also confirm evolutionary relationships between long-extinct creatures. In addition, the experiment showed how the presence of even tiny traces of protein can help identify cancer and monitor its spread.

Already expressed the view that with such studies can construct the tree of evolution and link extinct creatures from occurring today.

Technology is still taking its first steps, much remains to be seen. However, it is clear that a new era of paleontology.

It is true that too should be no illusions: "Jurassic Park", unfortunately for many, yet will remain a distant fantasy. Despite the fact that it was possible to identify the sequence of the protein molecules of collagen Tyrannosaurus, it is not enough to clone dinosaurs.

The body needs to clone DNA, which has a special information. DNA — it is not a protein, it is not a very stable molecule, and it has never been found in the remains of living organisms, which are more than 30 thousand years.

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