Children are dying from vaccinations

In Khakassia there was a new case of infant death after vaccination.

In mid-January, a small village gate was excited news. Dead baby. Two days before Sergei Dayneko was vaccinated against hepatitis. Ahead of the Bell's parents were brought his son to scheduled examination in the district hospital. As told Andrew Daineko, father of the deceased boy's mother got up during the night to feed the baby in the morning Sergei died. 
Andrew Dayneko, said: "The eldest son cried. The wife got up. She woke me up and said: "All, Sergei died." I do not believe it at first. "

Call the doctor confirmed his death, the business engaged investigators from the Shire. Find out the cause of death boy — now the main task. One version — a reaction to a vaccine against hepatitis. A similar version of the advanced and in other villages six months ago.

Timur Smolin, head of the Union of Russian SU in the Republic of Khakassia, said: "In the initial investigation found the actions that the parties are totally different, relationship to each other do not have any. Found that the vaccine was purchased in 2010, district hospital, more than half has already been used. "

Wide response to this tragedy was in the village gate, due in part to the fact that just a week ago under similar circumstances, vaccination baby died in Beisk chest area. Shirinsky Investigation Department conducts all necessary investigations. The first official results, such as the results of the autopsy and the cause of death of the child, will be announced soon.

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