Children of the new millennium. Myth or reality.


More and more, I start to hear such statements from people working with children:

Children of the new generation of much smarter than the previous!
Gifted children of the new millennium where gifted children of the past century.
Children — Indigo, it's super kids!

And then, as the completion of such statements, today I managed to get to the seminar entitled "Gifted children of new consciousness"
On the one hand — it's great that teachers, psychologists, educators, as well as people far removed from working with children, but are interested in this issue come together in order to discuss current topics in education and training of gifted children.

For himself noted a few interesting points:
Not all participants talked about children — indigo as a matter of course. They doubted their existence and constantly asked again, just now talking about gifted children or just the children — Indigo.

Teachers spoke of the case ever being based on personal examples. People far from the kids just threw the theory.

The meeting, as such, did not solve anything, and nothing has changed, but it showed that there is a problem in working with children. More and more are beginning to appear "special" children, for whom it is impossible to find an approach based on the standard group work.

At the meeting also showed one of the episodes of the parents. Brief psychological theater production based on the book Clarissa Estess "Running with Wolves" setting is called The Red Shoes. Quite an extraordinary actress, I went through with it, the whole setting, and still more worried about not looking at the past with a 3:00 meeting.

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