Chilean volcano defied predictions of seismologists

In Buenos Aires returned to the volcanic ash cloud from Chile. Airspace over the Argentine capital closed. Canceled dozens of international flights. Problems and ground transport links. Highway covered with a thick layer of ash in the settlements end food and drinking water.
Passengers at the international airport in Buenos Aires look with hope to the scoreboard. The majority of flights canceled. Yet people keep quiet — only complain about the lack of information. Air traffic over the Argentine capital promise to open as soon as the weather improves and the wind will drive away the ash cloud toward the ocean.
"I'm waiting for almost a day of departure.'ll See what happens. Had been said, that the weather will improve, but so far the situation has not changed", — said one of the passengers.
Problems with transport links and on the ground. The roads are covered with a layer of ash. Emergency services are working almost around the clock. On some highways impassable. Dozens of settlements is essentially cut off from the outside world. Deliver essential goods to remote areas to help volunteers.
"We've got a problem with the supply of food. Roads closed due to ash. So we help people — to give them basic products and drinking water" — says the volunteer rescuers.
In need of humanitarian assistance, and the inhabitants of several Chilean cities. Because of a natural disaster fled their homes around 10 thousand people. Ashes and soot continue to settle on the ground. Volcanic material polluted river. Drinking water has become unfit for use.
"This pitcher — yesterday's water, but in this — today. Immediately see that it became dull. We have already sent samples for analysis to determine whether the liquid dangerous substances and whether it is suitable for drinking," — said the head of the public Hernan Solminiak work.
Chilean volcano Puyeue awoke last Saturday. He threw it in the sky column of smoke and ash up to ten kilometers. Seismologists have promised that the eruption will stop in two or three days, and serious consequences will be. But almost a week has passed, and now the locals are recognized: they are no longer expected to believe.


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